Moon Trine Jupiter Natal and Transit: Doing Your Best Socially

  • The natal trine between the Moon and Jupiter suggests you will benefit from abundance in life and should be calculated about your wealth.
  • When the Moon trine Jupiter transit is in full action people can build up honest and very productive romantic and business relationships.
  • The Moon is in charge with our feelings, how we recognize and embrace our soft side and our temperament.
  • When two planets form a trine, it’s all about positive vibes and a harmonious flow of energies.
  • In astrology, Jupiter is all about abundance, spirituality and trying new things, giving people this constant yearning for adventure.
  • Celebrities: Bob Geldof, Aaron Spelling, Toni Morrison, Drake, Barack Obama, Agatha Christie, Muhammad Ali, Dustin Hoffman, Karl Marx, Neil Diamond, Thomas Hardy, Prince Charles of Wales.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon trine Jupiter Natal

Natives having the Moon trine Jupiter transit in their birth chart are open-minded and positive, so they can easily make friends with people who want to be by their side for a lifetime.

Sincere and loyal, they seem to attract individuals with the same qualities. They aren’t smothering as they can respect any personal boundary and be emotionally independent.

Empathetic, giving, nice and having good intentions, people born during the Moon trine Jupiter aspect are always ready to give a hand to those in need.

They can be very devoted to their religion if inspired by their parents to take this direction. Possessing a rich imagination, they’re also good judges of character and situations. Attached to their home and family, they’re looking to have a peaceful and happy domestic life.

Many of them may become rich after inheriting a business, and some of the men born during this aspect may benefit from good opportunities brought to them by women, attracting ladies with a strong character and many high ideals.

They like watching sports, discussing religion, traveling and keeping a journal. Their life is usually blessed because they were very good in the past, not to mention their mother can offer them a lot of help when it comes to their domestic duties if she happens to be around. The matters ruled by the 9th and 12th Houses in their chart are usually going smoothly.

These natives are great animal lovers, not to stressed about any moral value, but regarded as moral by many of their friends. They seem to always be where they’re supposed to, which is making others admire them more and more, with every day that passes.

Jupiter is the ruler of publishing, so many of the natives born with during its trine with the Moon are fascinated by the news, involved in media or working for the press. Some of them may be famous, but those with no dignity may lose all of their fame in only one second.

They seem to not help themselves from attracting people who want to follow them, so the role of a leader suits them very well. Since both the celestial bodies involved in this trine are in a favorable position in their natal chart, they’re popular and attracted to a high position in society.

Individuals born during the Moon trine Jupiter are expecting their life to be successful and very optimistic because Jupiter is the ruler of luck, whereas the Moon favors their fortune.

They possess a creative mind and an imagination with good potential, so they must develop their artistic spirit. Even if doing something creative only as a hobby, they can greatly impact other people’s lives with their work.

As far as intimacy goes, they’re looking for a partner to meet their high standards, for someone with whom they can enjoy a deep connection that has a lot of meaning. They want to be satisfied with both an emotional and intellectual point of view, so they’re looking for a soulmate with potential and determination.

When the Moon is in trine with Jupiter in birth charts, those natives having it are positive and very generous. They easily relate to what others are feeling and don’t mind giving a lot to help others.

Confident that nothing can bring them down, they’re inspiring their loved ones to be optimistic and full of enthusiasm. This means they have a heightened civic sense, with generosity and religion influencing the way they’re acting. Because their imagination is usually taking them places, it’s easy for these natives to find good solutions to problems.

Being popular in their group of friends when young is preparing them for the fame they’ll probably have later in life. If they happen to become a celebrity, they should use this as a means to advance in their career. Just by being themselves, these people are leading by example.

Many respect them for their confidence and optimistic attitude. Always seeing the good side of any situation, no one can ever hear them complaining. They want to be surrounded by friends and the parties they’re hosting are usually helping them to become members of big organizations and associations.

Since their talents are always expanding, there are many things they could choose to do for a living. Their positiveness and optimism will make others feel very good in their presence, not to mention they know how to communicate.

A little bit too sensitive to negativity and influences from outside their environment, these natives are still resilient and wanting to solve their problems quickly to be able to enjoy life more.

Compassionate, generous and humanitarian, they never hesitate to be socially involved and to do their duty for the community. Many of them are religious idealists and living by the stories of the Good Samaritan.

Moon trine Jupiter Transit

During the Moon trine Jupiter aspect, natives of all signs in the zodiac are warm and generous. This time is perfect for sharing feelings and socializing, especially for those who haven’t found their other half.

Intimate connections are also favored by this trine because people are more open and honest, not to mention relationships started while the Moon is in such an aspect with Jupiter are usually based on the same amazing qualities.

The respect and mutual understanding between natives during this time will help them build strong relationships and business associations. Since equality would be present all over the place, many will attain success and satisfy the aspect in the most impressive ways.

For as long as the Moon is in trine with Jupiter, people should try their best to deal with many of their social and financial worries because they’ll most likely be happy with what results they’re obtaining. This period is very good for commerce and achieving goals.

Those who love to invest their money and to speculate should do just this as they’ll most likely gain more than twice of what they’ve invested. Some of them may inherit a small fortune or gain from their associations with others.

This is an aspect that’s usually leaving a mark because everything turns out to be good while it’s happening and it also promises a lot for the future.

However, all these things are obviously dependent on what the natives will decide to do and how they’ll deal with many of the opportunities emerging into their life.

Everyone should know this planetary placement is also an occasion for any spiritual endeavor, for the awakening of the mind, and also for thinking about aspirations because they’d be more devoted and sincere, so in other words, they’d have a higher level of consciousness.

All the generosity in people will make this period perfect for those in need, who will receive more than what they’ve asked for. More popular individuals will get to become famous because the right people will want to promote them.

Having better public profiles, many will advance in their careers, not to mention women will become more influential. This trine is known to bring about positive feelings and fulfillment.

In case it’s happening during an eclipse or another phase of the Moon, the wealth everywhere will increase, whereas others will get to make friends with very influential people.

For those who are interested in a specific person with whom they’ve interacted once or twice, there’s the possibility of a new romantic relationship with that individual. However, they mustn’t rush things and patiently wait for love to come their way on its own.

This time may be dominated by feelings of amazement regarding exciting emails and deep conversations. Many will feel at home in the arms of their partner, not to mention their feeling and thoughts would be guessed in only a few seconds, making them feel understood.

It’s a period focused on each individual because everyone gets to be in their right mind frame and have their emotions or values stimulated.

In a sense, natives of all signs will get to be themselves during this trine and for this reason, very attractive for others. They’d also be open to learn new things, which means their conversations would make more sense and they’d get to meet some of their mentors.

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