Mars Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit: Stay Productive and Focused

  • Someone with a natal Mars Saturn opposition needs to stay away from negative feelings and not allow them to overwhelm them.
  • As the Mars opposite Saturn transit takes place, we need to take care of our impulses because some deeply hidden issues may surface.
  • The planet Mars controls our drive to act, our survival instincts and our ambitions, saying a lot about how we pursue our desires.
  • When two planets form an opposition, they reside in signs that form a 180 degrees angle between them, so they face each other.
  • In astrology, Saturn rewards us for perseverance and responsibility and punishes us for not conforming or when contesting authority.
  • Celebrities: George Clooney, Jack Russell, Jessica Savitch, Robert Downey Jr, Brooke Shields, Betty Friedan, Jeff Buckley, Marie Stopes, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ariana Grande.
  • Transit dates: 01 July 2021, 20 July 2023, 08 August 2025, 29 August 2027, 15 September 2029, 28 September 2031, 10 April 2033.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars opposite Saturn Natal

People born during the Mars opposite Saturn will compete for their fair share. Often, their desires and needs are going to be impeded by others.

While sometimes they may feel like a person is blocking their way. Anger is the effect of these malefic planets in opposition.

Commitments may put them in trouble. They’re managing to accomplish what they want when their mind is clear about the outcomes they wish to obtain. For this reason, they may recognize what’s necessary and work on it, also postpone.

They give a lot of importance to timing when having to deal with anger. But they as well have to give themselves some time to deal with their feelings and make plans.

They’ll always find enough patience and the initiative they need to accumulate over time and their experience. They can become angry with them and they’re acting nasty, lock them out and take things from them.

They may be the subjects of bullies, mental, physical and sexual abuse. The result of the opposition between these planets can depress them.

It’s important for them to not allow any negative feelings overwhelm them and be self-abusing. They should work on themselves and their self-esteem by adopting an open attitude and exercising as much as possible.

Their muscles and confidence will make a lot of people want to hurt them. When young, it’s very probable for them to get in trouble with authoritative people like their dads, law enforcement and teachers.

If things are happening this way, they would have become disciplinary masters, more patient and more tough. Their attempts to take action can be impeded by others, and their professional objectives are suffocated by bad luck and authoritative people.

Mars opposite Saturn may look to obtain a good reputation and power by using damaging methods, and they can be the victims of others who are looking for the same things.

They may experience problems when it comes to joint finances and income from corporations, which will result in them having strained connections.

These natives alternate between violence and apathy, they may as well lack a purpose in life and have the tendency to have their mind drifting. They have a pure enthusiasm, but it doesn’t last that long.

People born during the Mars opposite Saturn have to gain inner respect and stabilize the quality of the planet Saturn. If they want to channel their energies and terminate what they’ve started, they should focus on the matter related to the House of Saturn.

They’re most of the time frustrated, tyrannical and more than often aggressive, even aggressive actions to put their fear of inadequacy away. Their attempts to take actions are impeded by many other people, and their professional objectives are oftentimes by bad luck and those who are having a lot of authority.

They may look to obtain status and too much power most destructively, not to mention they can be the victims of others at the exact same time. Their relationship with their parents and especially their father is sometimes not so good.

There’s a chance for them to endure moments of physical aggression, done by themselves and others, whereas in the most extreme situations, they can be cruel and more interested in criminal activities.

They won’t make any effort and therefore, won’t receive anything in return. They may have issues with their psychological buildup when having to get back together with both their feminine and masculine sides.

Mars opposite Saturn Transit

The Mars opposite Saturn is known to bring about frustrations, a lot of anger and deceit.

People’s unfulfilled desires can disappoint them a lot, whereas the resulted anger can pose difficulties for them to express themselves, so they need to patient and disciplined.

During this period, some can be very frustrated, having many delays and having to face many obstacles in their way to success.

Others can make them seem more powerful and fearful, also their insecure feelings. They’ll face challenges when having to contain their frustration, but this is not the best idea for them.

They can’t hold too much of their energy inside and share with others, while they may outburst and have tantrums. They have to concentrate their energy most productively.

For as long as Mars is in opposition with Saturn, they can pay attention to their steady progress. They can as well end up to a turning point when it comes to business, especially when their projects haven’t been successful in the past year due to being abandoned and they’ve proven themselves to be a success.

They may feel a tension between them and their business associates, which can focus them to make more efforts.

The Mars opposite Saturn isn’t the best at negotiating contracts or being too diplomatic because they’re more sensitive to others’ strengths.

The tension inside their mind can reveal itself in physical ways, since pushing themselves too much against immovable objects and being unresponsive to threats, so they should be very careful if playing any sport and driving a car.

This aspect is evil, meaning they’ll be more liable to suffer from incidents and some strange physical traumas.

During this period, people should be discrete and not act out of impulse because this aspect is making them rash, not to mention they’ll be directed to have sudden and unpredictable desires to do very brave things or be foolish, even crimes that can have fatal outcomes.

They’ll find themselves irritated and sensitive to anger, so they may do something violent acts when they’re not controlling themselves enough.

In case the Moon aspects are malefic during this time, the period will be very bad for everyone, especially ever since other things are working against them.

On the other hand, if the Moon aspects are involved as well, this transit won’t work at its best, but it will wait until some other influences will be put in motion. If the situation is unfavorable and the opposition needs to be feared, a separation may take place and estrangement from the aspect itself may take place.

This is a strange and dark period, in which people should practice self-control and motivation. As adolescents, people want a lot of freedom, but they can’t escape authority. The Moon opposite Saturn is bringing these feelings in return.

For the following year this aspect, they’ll be furious, rebellious and their life experiences will advantage them.

Natives of all signs in the zodiac have to face all the power struggles, and each time they’ll move ahead in life, there will be many people to pull them back.

All of their efforts will make them have a passive anger, but on the surface. They can feel raging when being down, and if they aren’t able to control themselves, they can face a lot of problems caused by others. They should analyze the lessons they’ve learned in their life.

They need to look at the emotions from their past and see what happened. This way, they’ll manage to deal with the most difficult situations effectively. Without fighting, they can their own biggest enemy.

This energy of theirs is low and slow, so it can make them feel vulnerable, unfit, ugly and even unable to perform in bed. They’re not running marathons, but sprints. For this reason, they should avoid tending abuse substances.

When others are attacking them in a personal way, it can be painful and meaner than others. Many may look to bring a lot to damage to their career and fame. The karmic sub-levels expressing their feelings of hatred, jealousy, and anger may also be present in them.

As was mentioned before, they may, in the beginning, find it difficult to reveal their anger. They may need some time to have a look at what’s happening to them and when having to come out of shock.

However, they need to express their anger. Otherwise, their forceful and devastating energy will remain inside their minds, harming their bodies and negatively influencing their spirit.

As soon as they’ll get back their composure and feel whole again, they have to tell people they’ve been hurt when they were bullied by others.

They’ll burn a lot of energy through physical activities. A wise release of their energy with continuous effort is perfect.

Such exercises could be long workouts, swimming or jogging. It’s very likely for them to conflict with others by investing their energy in something productive. Self-disciplined and patient, their steely ambition can have them feeling very satisfied with themselves.

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