Moon Square Mars Natal and Transit: Temper Your Emotions

  • The Moon Mars square in the natal chart means you can make others fall in love easily with your charm and sensuality.
  • When the Moon square Mars transit is in full action it may be challenging for some to keep being interested in the same things and to remain committed
  • In astrology, the Moon represents our deepest feelings and needs, as well as our instinctual emotional reactions.
  • In astrology, the square aspect is considered a hard astrological placement that usually spells conflict between the energies of the two planets.
  • Mars is the planet of the God of War, a ruler of energy, courage and determination, that pushes our survival instincts.
  • Celebrities: James Dean, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Bloomberg, Eileen Brennan, Oliver Baldwin, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicolas Cage, North West, Walt Disney, Dennis Rodman.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Mars Natal

People born during the Moon square Mars transit tend to exaggerate and to release their anger in a very passionate way, especially when talking about their feelings.

As far as romance goes, it would be better for them to be with a person who’s all the time ready to discuss emotions.

These natives seem to have a strong emotional connection with their own needs, which is great for the dynamic they’re looking to adopt and also for lifting their spirits, but it can also make them more stubborn and quick-tempered.

They should avoid being feisty because only this way, they’ll manage to have peace of mind and stability at home. While their relationships may have some emotional problems, this doesn’t have to necessarily destroy their connections with others. More than this, they mustn’t keep their feelings bottled up inside and find graceful, controlled ways to express them.

When being more dramatic than usual, they can make others fall in love with their sexiness and sensual attitude.

The Moon in a square aspect with Mars in their birth chart is saying their emotions can change according to circumstances, but also that they can easily get upset because they’re taking things too personally and are unable to keep their cool.

This specific aspect in natal charts is known to make relationships harder for its natives as they can be too sensitive and very demanding.

These people need to have things done their way and for no one to interfere in their affairs, which can make their life more difficult.

Those of them who are more mature will quickly learn how to not demand so much from others and to no longer be easily offended. If focused on the right things, their energy will last for a lifetime, regardless of the difficulties they’ll have to deal with.

However, when this aspect in their birth chart is not being paid enough attention, it can cause emotional turmoil and even some diseases to appear. These natives also need their relationships to be balanced if it’s for them to be truly happy.

The Moon square Mars aspect makes its natives emotional and more passionate than others because it’s known to take any feeling and mood to the extreme.

Therefore, those born under it need to cleanse the energies brought on by these two celestial bodies from time to time. If not, they may negatively manifest them, especially when it comes to their most basic needs, such as the sexual ones.

For example, men with the Moon square Mars aspect in their natal chart can become obsessed with women, while the ladies with the same placement can be too desperate to express their sexuality. In case they’d be unable to do just so, they may end up acting strangely, more angrily and nervously.

Regardless of their gender, individuals with hard aspects between the Moon and Mars in their birth charts have a strong need to protect their loved ones, but also to see these people evolve right before their eyes.

For this reason, they’ll spend a lot of money on their children’s education. It’s very likely for them to push their family too hard, just because they’re desperate to see them succeed. This is going to happen more to those of them with feisty mothers who can’t accept their children can sometimes fail, just like any other human being.

People born during the Moon square Mars transit are competitive, stubborn, determined to succeed, more irritable than others and often selfish. Their rawest feelings and urges can completely control their actions and thoughts.

Since it’s very difficult for them to be discreet, they need to learn more about self-control and respect. Their emotions are usually changing according to the circumstances in which they’re involved, but this can cause them serious health problems too.

Others can be too independent and determined to have things done their way only. These people will never be able to live a harmonious domestic life and most of the time argue with their parents.

As said before, all natives with the Moon square Mats natal can possess tremendous levels of energy if focused on doing the right thing. In case they decide to be demanding, sarcastic and intolerant, no one will want to be by their side for too long and they’ll end up forever alone.

The men born during this aspect may use the women in their life to achieve success, not to mention they’ll attract only domineering ladies who can also bring them a lot of trouble.

Since the Moon is the ruler of the public and Mars of sex, it’s very likely for natives having the square aspect between these two planets in their birth chart to become sex symbols.

The Moon is also the representative of feminine energies and motherhood, which means they may find it very difficult to overcome the issues they had with the woman who raised them.

Those of them who want to no longer be angry or nervous could try physically exhausting themselves by doing a sport, meditating and learning how to breathe. They need to control the powerful energy that flows through their bodies, especially if they want their loved ones to feel safe in their presence.

Their nature is to act first and to ask questions afterward. When threatened, they can become very sensitive, so they should avoid individuals who are only toying with others’ emotions. Their passion and impulsiveness should be kept under control or else they’ll make regretful decisions in life.

Moon square Mars Transit

For as long as the Moon square Mars transit is happening, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more motivated to take action and to make their wishes come true.

It may be challenging for some to keep being interested in the same things and to remain committed through it, though. This period is favorable for emotional responses rather than for realistic approaches.

While the energy in the atmosphere is exciting during this transit, people are as well more defensive with those who are asking too much from them.

Furthermore, this transit is also known to make emotional pain become physical and the home environment a mess. Many will act impulsively until the Moon will form a different aspect, but this doesn’t mean they should hold inside all of their negative feelings, no matter how much emotional damage these may cause.

This aspect is considered evil because it brings a lot of pain and many problems, but not to all people. The way it influences each person’s life depends a lot on how every individual is acting.

The advice is for everyone to not act on impulse or to do things without thinking twice because they may end up suffering as a result of their own decisions.

Instead, they should take good care of their health because they’re more sensitive to fevers and inflammatory problems during this period, not to mention their extreme excitement can have them involved in accidents or falling victims to violence.

It would be a good idea for natives of all signs to not travel or to sign important documents because they may not know what they’re doing and their business partners could easily trick them.

People should also pay attention when dealing with members of the opposite sex as this transit is favorable for arguments between people who are involved in an intimate relationship.

It can be a truly evil aspect for those who aren’t keeping their primal instincts under control because it’s known to make things uncontrollable with its tremendous force and negative vibrations.

The only way to get rid of all the anger during it is for many to admit their frustrations. More than this, they should listen when others are being open about their feelings in their presence.

If having some emotional problems, they may not pay attention around the kitchen and burn or cut themselves. When threatened or provoked, they should be courageous and ready to stand up against those who are attacking them, but not in an aggressive way.

Many will feel like nothing is going the way they want during this period, which means they may be in a bad mood for as long as it lasts and especially when interacting with new people.

It’s just their emotions won’t happen to be in the right place, so they may not give their affection to anyone and be stuck in the past.

Those who had a few disappointments with their previous relationships may go back to the old pains, while the ones who weren’t given too much attention by their parents will start feeling sorry for themselves.

In other words, their deepest pains will come to the surface, which means it wouldn’t be a good idea for many to start new relationships for as long as this transit lasts because they wouldn’t give their possible future partner a single chance, thinking they’d only end up hurt, just like before.

They should just wait for the day of the Moon square Mars transit to pass and during it, they could write in their journal everything they’re feeling and dreaming about. This could be very helpful for them to release any of the past sufferings they may still have buried deep inside their hearts and minds.

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