The Square Aspect in Astrology: When Two Planets Work in a Pattern


As the name suggests, a square aspect happens when a duo of planets find themselves around 90 zodiacal degrees apart on the horoscope wheel. This is known as an inharmonious, conflictive aspect.

Given the houses and planets involved in square aspects, a person must expend incredible amounts of energy in order to reap any kind of benefit.

Square aspects cause boundaries and restrictions. Such a position requires a much more dynamic shift of energy from an individual, primarily due to the problems presented from the actual planets in question.

They will be in conflict, so the only means by which this can be resolved is by sheer hard work.

Square Aspect Astrology

Of course, the upshot of this is that square aspects force people to step beyond the realms of their comfort zones, to innovate and grow in order to work past the tension created.

With this in mind, it allows for individuals to harness their inner strength and vigour – but only if it exists within a person in the first place.

It isn’t uncommon to see individuals with incredible strength and subsequent exceptional lives have square aspects occur frequently throughout their natal charts.

Square aspects are often the reason why we find ourselves in a panic, exacerbated by wild, erratic thought patterns.

With this in mind, it isn’t the greatest of times to make important decisions, despite the energies of squares forcing such decisions sometimes.

The most efficient and sensible way to deal with square aspects is to get all issues out in the open, weigh up the pros against the cons, rationalise and reach a compromise that suits all.

Those with squares in their birth charts often find themselves with elements of their character at opposition with each other, which can only be fixed through a lengthy and somewhat strict regimen involving reflection and growth.

The conflict from square aspects is almost entirely caused by the confrontation between the contrasting energies of the two planets in question.

They are powerful enough to have an impact, yet at the same time there is something that holds them back too. A person’s imbalance in their life can be highlighted by readings of their natal chart too.

Unfortunately, we simply lack the knowledge or understanding of how we can successfully break through this force that holds us back.

We’re not even sure a person is aware of these contrasting energies on a surface level, but there are clues of this conflict that we can see.

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