The Conjunction Aspect in Astrology: When Two Planets Combine Their Energies


Aspects play a key part in reading into any kind of chart, as they will often determine how a particular energy will manifest. Broadly speaking, they tell us whether something will be easy or difficult.

Two planets that find themselves in close proximity to one another while occupying a single zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, are said to be in conjunct.

This particular aspect means that their energies combine into something far greater than the sum of their parts. Of course, as with anything, this overabundance of energy can also be a bad thing.

Angles between 0-8o are what define a conjunction. It is commonly said that conjunctions are perhaps the most dominant aspect as they amplify the influence of the planets in question. Conjunctions also play a significant role within a person’s birth chart too.

Conjunction Aspect AstrologyNaturally, the overall effect of two planets in conjunction depends entirely on the characteristics of those planets. If the two in question work well as a duo and exhibit positivity, then they can form a massively uplifting energy that can springboard a person into life.

Conversely, if the two planets don’t bind together so well, then the impact can be equally strong but at the other end of the spectrum, creating discord and negativity.

So for example, any combination of the Sun, Jupiter or Venus is said to be the most optimal for harnessing the impact conjunctions can have. On the other hand, any combination of the Moon, Saturn or Mars is generally regarded as a recipe for negativity.

During a New Moon, the Moon and the Sun enter a conjunction with one another. If another planet joins the fray and creates a trio within a single house, this creates an aspect known as a ’stellium’.

Any occurrence of a conjunction should be considered hugely significant, given that it represents the joining and collaboration of two highly powerful energies.

Any conjunction involving any ’personal planets’ as we call them (those being Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun) or the Ascendent, also known as the Rising Sign, often form the most impactful of conjunctions.

These always result in strong flows of energy and communication (according to the respective sign and planet).

The defining characteristics of conjunctions are proactivity and a desire to showcase one’s persona. Given the relative power of conjunctions and the planetary energies involved, this can give a person incredible strength when harnessed correctly.

These influences can be strong and focused, though too much of this and a person can also become single-minded, with a lack of objectivity. In turn, this can lead to a poor balance in one’s life.

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