The Opposition Aspect in Astrology: Two Planets in Both Partnership and Confrontation


The name of the opposition aspect leaves little to the imagination – it is where two planets occupy a position approximately 180 zodiacal degrees away from each other on the horoscope wheel.

Given that the two planets directly face each other, this major aspect represents partnership and confrontation in equal measure. Because of this, it often manifests itself in the form of mood swings.

This direct conflict can create a disillusioned state of loyalty, self-doubt and unhappiness. In comparison to a square, which can push a person to act with purpose and engage in self-growth, oppositions are far more unstable, providing only uncertainty.

That said, if a person can harness oppositions well, it does give them the ability to take a more objective view on life matters.

Opposition Aspect Astrology

It’s important to note that two planets in opposition cannot be any further away from each other. While oppositions can create tension and uncertainty, they are incredibly effective at bringing two polar opposites together – which when harnessed correctly can be very powerful.

This will though require some kind of mediator – otherwise it would be akin to two world leaders with ideologically opposing views discussing political matters.

An example of this would be Mars in opposition to Saturn – Mars is all about getting going and creating some energy, whereas Saturn would rather that you take a far more cautious approach. Astrologically, it is a car crash waiting to happen.

Those who find themselves under the influence of an opposite aspect look for their own conflicts in other people, in an attempt to learn more about why they feel the way they do.

The opportunity here though is to bring two forces together for the benefit of both planets and the individual, by taking advantage of each side’s strengths. If not, this can cause a person to swing one way and then back the other way.

Astrologically speaking, the opposite aspect also represents a duo of oppositional forces within a person’s mind too.

A person who has a certain characteristic or holds a certain viewpoint assumes that the other end of the spectrum is somewhere else, and looks for this other side in someone else as they are unaware that it exists within themselves.

Where there are several opposite aspects in a person’s natal chart, they find it is most effective to learn, develop and grow through other people. This highlights a duality – where a person has no choice but to collaborate with those around them, or cut them off completely.

While this can be frustrating, a step back and a little objectivity can be the key to maintaining balance and achieving equilibrium.

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