The Trine Aspect in Astrology: Two Planets at Peace With Each Other


Two planets enter a trine aspect when they achieve maximum synchronised vibrational state. In other words, they exist within a single element – Water, Air, Earth or Fire, and therefore exhibit the same motives, energy and influence.

This happens when any two planets reach a state where they are around 120 degrees away from one another, and once here, they are able to blend their energies almost effortlessly in the most natural of ways.

No other changes or adaptations are really necessary when in this aspect, such is the power of the trine.

Primarily, this gives us peace and harmony above all else, often negating more negative situations that might be caused by other aspects.

The most optimal combination for the trine is between the Moon and the Sun, bringing about more fortune than any combination of celestial bodies.

Trine Aspect AstrologyWhen a trine occurs within a combination of Air signs, the intellectual properties of the sign allow for quick wit and easy communication. The downside of this of course is that it can create a distinct lack of effort, purely down to how easy things become.

A rather unwanted effect of this can then be a lack of development of oneself – after all, it is only after pressure and difficulty that a person can grow, so this is something that one should not neglect even during a trine aspect.

It isn’t just in this regard that we have to be careful too. Trines provide us with an overabundance of energy, and as with anything else, too much is definitely counterproductive.

Water is a classic analogy for this – it is essential for life to exist, but too much and a person can succumb to water poisoning. Whilst trines won’t quite cause fatalities, its effects can be quite destructive if left unchecked. This is why it is so important to stay as grounded as possible during trine, and protect ourselves from too much of its energy.

By their very nature, Trines give a person the ability to accept situations and indeed their own characters. This happens on such a subconscious level that one does not often realise when this is happening.

When this is the case, it is difficult for a person to develop their talents beyond what they know as they are simply unaware of what the trine offers them.

Some examples of how trines can affect one’s life are if say, Mercury and Jupiter enter a trine aspect in Earth signs. This lends itself well to conversations regarding finance, maybe a person in this state could talk themselves into a pay rise in their work.

However, if the same two planets enter the same aspect but in Water signs, then this makes it far easier for them to open up to love and development of relationships.

These aspects affect the way a planet may influence a person – so for instance, if the planet of love, Venus, forms a soft aspect with Mercury, who’s primary characteristic is communication, then the powers of the two combine to great effect, allowing a person to articulate themselves well with their love interest of significant other.

However, if they form a hard aspect, then communication between two lovers can become a struggle.

In terms of astrology, two planets entering into a trine aspect are in total sync with a person born into the same celestial conditions.

The person in question experiences complete and utter ease manifesting the influences of the planets in trine, experiencing little difficulty in blending the powers of each.

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