Sun Trine Uranus Natal and Transit: Open Your Mind to The New

  • The natal Sun Uranus trine means this person is focused mostly on their future and not on learning from their mistakes.
  • When the Sun trine Uranus transit is in full action people are more open to traveling, meeting new people and trying new experiences.
  • In astrology, the Sun is inspiring us to produce our greatest piece of work and to follow our will and soul purpose.
  • When two planets are in a trine relationship, harmony and completeness could be on their way.
  • In astrology, Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs, of events that are progressive and unexpected.
  • Transit dates: 02 September 2020, 27 December 2020, 06 September 2021, 01 January 2022, 11 September 2022, 05 January 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun trine Uranus Natal

Those having the Sun trine Uranus aspect in their birth chart are individualistic and truly free, also able to express any drama they may be going through very accurately.

These people don’t mind if others are seeing them as unusual because they’re already respecting themselves as a result of their self-awareness.

They seem to possess a great intuition and are open-minded, not to mention they’re humanitarian and therefore, supportive. In case they’re deciding to be part of a movement, everyone can be sure of their complete dedication.

Strong from a physical point of view, having amazing healing and leadership abilities, they aren’t however, too diplomatic. They seem to be passionate about science and the occult in equal measure and when it comes to their career, they’ll most likely succeed because others are appreciating their honesty.

The women born during the Sun trine Uranus transit are fascinating men by being their best friends, whereas as wives, many may not appreciate them for their authoritative behavior.

Regardless of their gender, all natives having this aspect in their birth chart don’t want to think too much about the past because they’re hurrying to plan for the future.

Sometimes, their mind can race through the most innovative and progressive ideas, moments in which they can come up with impressive designs and the most interesting concepts.

They need to put down on a piece of paper all the fascinating thoughts they may be having because they can end up discovering that they’re highly inventive, even if at first it doesn’t seem so.

They’re passionate about technology and science, this being the reason why they should keep their skills in line with technology, without necessarily working on the latest programs and

updating to the services that have just been released. More than others, they could make use of computers to make their life better, yet they should be careful to never outdo themselves.

They seem to be naturally skilled when it comes to any technical issue and really love gaining new information about what happened lately in the scientific field. Not only they have the most impressive ideas, they’re also ahead of others when it comes to their way of thinking.

Others should be as patient as they can when around them. While they can see the world most eccentrically and innovatively, as well while receiving information through short moments of insightful thinking, they can also work with traditions in the most effective manner.

If they want to consume all of their electricity, they need to get creative from both a physical and intellectual point of view.

These people can be in great sync with the Universe, which is sending them the most down-to-earth thoughts and helping them have a stronger intuition, especially when the Sun trine Uranus aspect is being activated by other transits and progressive placements, moments in which they can come across great opportunities of putting their creativity and good ideas to use.

During these periods, they can be more aware of the path the Sun has laid out for them, meaning they could a spend a lot of time in meditation and receiving the proper channels of communication required for them to be insightful and to have their ideas made a reality.

Natives born during the Sun trine Uranus transit will discover it’s very easy for them to exploit their creative mind because this aspect in their birth chart is known to help them release a lot of their potential, especially when it comes to the areas of life for which they need to use their inspiration the most.

These people need to express their strong individuality and to work hard on their progressive ideas because humanity will forever remember them as very original.

Their perseverance and strong will always help them, meaning they may never feel like their life is putting any obstacles in their way, especially when they have to manifest their creativity.

Their thoughts can come to the surface in many forms, from their experiences with new projects, as well the old ones they’re already accustomed with.

It’s like their mind is constantly demanding of them to be detached from anything ordinary, meaning they’re in a permanent quest for doing the most fascinated things and at the same time incredible creators, without ever being egotistical.

True reformers, having high ideals and being truly generous, communication with others can bring them many successes, which is what’s making them feel good about themselves, together with the feeling that others are finding them useful.

Sun trine Uranus Transit

During the Sun trine Uranus transit, things are more exciting, people more intuitive and insightful, meaning they can discover great things about themselves and have revelations.

During this transit natives of all signs in the zodiac are more energetic and adventurous, which can lead them to take part in exciting activities like going to carnivals or enjoying hiking.

Others can succeed when working with technology or trying to program, also if having to study something new. This is a time in which everyone enjoys being around eccentric individuals and having interesting conversations, this being the reason why some will decide to take on new and thrilling projects.

Some can make new friends; others can enjoy some favors made by one of their closest friends.

This transit is known to bring unexpected benefits for many because everyone is feeling like possessing a stronger magnetism and a more open mind, not to mention they’d have very progressive ideas, be much more original than usual, even more productive and resourceful.

They may decide to travel and to make changes in their life, or perhaps they’ll interact with people feeling as original as them, to discuss all kind of subjects, from philosophy and religion, to occultism and fortune-telling.

During the Sun trine Uranus transit, the instincts of many are having them taking brand new directions in life, meaning they should decide to follow their strangest urges without hesitating.

However, they must be careful and not become too radical, even if they may be dealing with new and interesting projects that seem to suit them like a glove. They should spice up their life by trying a new restaurant in town when deciding to go out with their friends.

This would help them open their minds even more, not to mention the ideas going through their heads would be inspired by their surroundings and what they’re interacting with.

It’s very likely for some people to make great discoveries during the Sun trine Uranus aspect, so they should pay attention to what they’re being inspired to do or say. They could come across solutions to some of their old issues, whereas their thoughts would be so innovative that many will envy them.

This transit is one of freedom and gaining new knowledge. Many may gain a lot after investing their finances and speculating, especially those involved in fast import-export businesses.

This aspect is not only perfect for reforms and the development of the mind, but also for making natives more eager to make their surroundings better. Many will gain a lot with the help of their friends; others will most likely enjoy some romantic adventures that seem out of the ordinary.

Their world will simply turn and they’ll be able to make best about this circumstance. No one will mind being crazier and more surprising than usual because their nonconformism will come to the surface and be easily accepted by others.

For this reason, many should give up their routine and look at things from a brand-new perspective because they can understand great things about themselves and their surroundings.

Writers who are getting asked about how they came up with their ideas won’t know what to say. However, everyone seems to understand their point of view when they’re trying to express themselves.

If they’ll decide to put on paper the ideas coming to them during the Sun trine Uranus, they’ll have a very prolific following year, when new concepts will simply come to their mind, without investing too many efforts.

Their only duty would be to use all of their inspiration and achieve their dreams, even if they may seem to have thoughts that aren’t from this plane of existence.

They should just go with their creative flow and will most likely manage to put their most radical thoughts into words without offending anyone or seeming freaks who have no place in the society because they’re either too abstract or progressive.

It would be a good idea for them to keep their sense of humor all the time while being creative, also to have an open mind and to see behind the mundane. Hosting parties and doing something else besides everyday activities would make them feel better about themselves.

They should welcome their friends and these people’s guests into their home because it would be beneficial for them to make new friends during the Sun trine Uranus aspect.

Most of the natives in the zodiac will not only be more insightful during this period, also confident and able to express themselves in the most original and witty ways.

Perceptive, they’ll understand any science and even what’s about some occult practices. As a matter of fact, they’ll be attracted to study these subjects because they’d want to escape routine more than usually.

Therefore, the Sun trine Uranus transit is beneficial for inventing new things and taking part in new adventures, also for no longer being the comfort zone and meeting some impressive people.

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