Sun Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit: Have Patience and Lower Expectations

  • With a Sun Saturn opposition in your natal chart, you are well aware of your capabilities and what you can achieve but sometimes end up distracted.
  • The Sun opposite Saturn transit motivates us to succeed and helps us keep up our efforts no matter the obstacles.
  • The Sun represents the self in astrology, both in how we manifest our personalities but also in what hides behind our soul purpose.
  • When two planets form an opposition, there is an underlying tension between them which can generate either conflict or opportunity.
  • Saturn relates to our goals and ambitions, boundaries and limitations, governing what makes us conform to reality.
  • Celebrities: Hans Christian Andersen, Michael Moore, Keith Richards, Charlie Sheen, Shakira, Kurt Russell, Guy Pearce, Joyce Wieland, Henry Mancini.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun opposite Saturn Natal

People who were born during the Sun opposite Saturn transit are very criticizing of both themselves and their loved ones. Likely, they’ve always felt unappreciated and not worthy of love because their self-esteem is dangerously low.

However, they’re masters of criticism ad very studious, meaning they may achieve success and recognition from a very young age.

They seem to be aware of their capabilities and intelligence, but in a too judgmental and negative way, not to mention how much importance they’re giving to what others are thinking about everything they’re saying and doing.

The Sun opposite Saturn in birth charts is inhibiting its natives by bringing many challenges and restrictions into their life, ever since they’re very young.

As adults, these people are very down-to-earth and hurried to adopt a mature attitude. For this reason, many of their friends are older than them.

Their insecurities and fears are most of the time reflected in the way they’re reacting and interacting. When in school, they may have been criticized for being sensitive, which has made them negative and not at all confident in themselves.

If failing too much in life, it can be either because they’re not putting in enough effort or because bad luck keeps following them, but such issues can be resolved with some discipline.

Until they’ll learn to make compromises and to be more understanding, they’ll only get together with pessimistic and clingy individuals. The challenges and frustrations they’re dealing with are usually the result of bad karma and manifested by the men in their life, from their grandfathers to the grandsons.

These natives may have to carry the crosses of their ancestors, which will make their life twice as difficult than others’.

Others will be raised in a too strict environment and feel the burden of this situation when older. Because they’re reserved and formal, they’ll get married later than others, in the event in which they’ll decide to ever make the big step.

Attracted to either older or much younger people than them, some will fall in love with widowed persons, others with divorced ones. Those who will manage to have children may go through some very difficult times with the little ones.

The Sun opposite Saturn aspect is asking natives having it in their birth chart to be free and confident, also honest with themselves, which means they should make an effort and not care that much about what others are thinking of them.

These people may constantly have the impression the world is against their growth or development, and that their luck is never going to change for the better.

For this reason, they’re nervous, defensive and always organized for no one to catch them off guard.

The Sun opposite Saturn transit present at their birth is indicating their ego is not at all strong and that anyone can crush them with only one bad word.

In case the same aspect is functioning externally, the natives with such placement are terrified of people with authority and feeling like everyone is set to disapprove of their actions and to criticize everything they’re saying or doing.

However, this couldn’t be more wrong and detrimental for them because these kinds of thoughts have a paralyzing effect.

For this reason, people born during the Sun opposite Saturn aspect and having these ideas about themselves should learn their opinion on themselves is the one that matters the most and that needs to be taken into consideration.

When oppositions are present in birth charts, the natives with such placements are combining the energies coming from different forces such as the ones of day and the night, the black and the white, or the masculine and the feminine, denying the greatest qualities coming from both sides.

The Sun is an astrological celestial body meant to make people more creative and focused on whom they want to become in life.

Saturn is the planet of pain gained through lessons learned in life, also of those who are taking a lot of time to acquire new knowledge, but who are doing it in a very efficient manner.

People who were born during the Sun opposite Saturn transit will have to deal with all of their fears if they don’t want to fail in life too many times and to only limit themselves.

While they may find it comfortable to not do just so, it would be a shame for them to not develop more for this reason. They must keep in mind their contribution to the world is as well important and that they’re capable of inspiring others to live a balanced life.

Sun opposite Saturn Transit

When it comes to the Sun opposite Saturn transit’s influence when happening, it’s known to limit natives of all signs, especially when they have to deal with new people and situations. Since many find it difficult to express themselves during this aspect, they can feel restricted and discouraged.

The limitation brought about by the Sun opposite Saturn aspect are precise and harsh. The day of this transit is usually frustrating, but at the same time good for all natives in the zodiac to realize their level of authority and how to use it efficiently.

The lessons learned during this period are usually taught by challenging individuals looking to see how others are capable of taking charge of any situation.

When meeting resistance from others, they’re usually becoming more motivated to succeed and to invest many efforts in making their dreams come true.

People will start to take their responsibilities more seriously and even to talk about them with others. Saturn is not a planet that blocks only self-expression, but also progress, not to mention those having it strong in their birth chart should not isolate themselves too much from others because they may end up feeling rejected by the entire society.

They may feel puzzled if looking for companionship and only coming across cold people, but this would be helpful for them if they’d want to escape all the demands of others, as well as their responsibilities.

During the Sun opposite Saturn transit, many may feel like their daily routine is more tiring and difficult to deal with than other times, so they’ll need to have a lot of patience and to lower their expectations.

This aspect is considered evil because it brings about poor health, opposition from others and challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

Many accidents may happen during this day, not to mention natives of all signs would be less wise than usual and despair for trivial reasons because they’d only see the dark side of any situation.

People will be depressed and struggle to survive their financial difficulties and even some emotional problems emerging in their life.

This aspect has an occult side as well because it represents the war between the higher and lower planes of existence, between what’s moral and the selfish behavior of natives, also between cautiousness and their giving nature.

The best way to manage this period efficiently is to keep calm and to trust intuition because it will definitely say what should be done. In case the lunar aspects are all the same, the transit is even more difficult and full of critical situations.

People will oppose their leaders during it, thinking their bosses and political figures in their society are not working for the common person and the middle class. Parents will argue with their children, whereas some natives will find themselves cornered by others, especially by their superiors and colleagues.

Teachers in schools and managers in offices will be more demanding, criticizing and focused on negative aspects than on the positive ones. While thinking they’re criticizing constructively, their words will be harsh and difficult to hear. For this reason, many may think they’re limited and act in a very humble manner.

However, this doesn’t mean improvement won’t be possible, but only if the energy of the Sun opposite Saturn transit is used correctly and many individuals are seeking advice from their elders.

Having low levels of energy and resisting everything new coming their way, people may need to force themselves to achieve what they want. It will be easy for them to eliminate all of their frustrations by working on their own and not asking anyone to give them a hand.

For as long as the Sun is in opposition from Saturn, everything seems to be against everyone because Saturn is known to obstruct and to bring about bad karma to teach natives some harsh lessons.

This is a heavy and serious planet that’s most of the time focusing on security and rewarding hard work, even if it punishes people in ruthless ways when they’re making a mistake.

During the Sun opposite Saturn transit, many will feel like others’ demands are pressuring and overwhelming, not to mention they’ll seriously doubt themselves and be pessimistic. No one will be able to help them, so they should work on their own and reflect in solitude.

Some will be more defensive than usual, also self-criticizing and seriously doubtful about their abilities.

They’ll likely need to be made attentive to the seriousness of some situations because they may avoid dealing with their responsibilities too much and not address important matters.

The day in which the Sun is opposing Saturn can still be considered a good one, even if natives of all signs are required to double their efforts to get things done the right way.

However, their struggle can make them more appreciative of what they’ve managed to achieve and feel more worthy.

In case the two days following this transit are going to be depressive, they need to think of different solutions for their life to become better as procrastination won’t give them a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, but only their hard work.

This aspect is not at all an easy one, so those who are feeling it very strongly should hold on and have some respect for themselves while facing all of the obstacles in their way.

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