Moon Sextile Jupiter Natal and Transit: Opportunities to Expand

  • The natal Moon Jupiter sextile indicates a happy personality but also someone who is quite afraid of taking too many responsibilities.
  • Be mindful of the Moon sextile Jupiter transit because teamwork and abundance are favored, as long as everyone keeps their mind open to novelty.
  • In astrology, the Moon governs our emotional realm, our domestic choices, hidden desires and expression of feelings.
  • The sextile aspect is formed when two planets reside in signs that are two places apart on the horoscope wheel and promotes happy vibes, cooperation and good opportunities.
  • The planet Jupiter is an indulging astrological body which governs good luck, expansion, spirituality and long-distance journeys.
  • Celebrities: Charles Chaplin, Queen Mary I of England, Tobey Maguire, Tyra Banks, Wolfgang Mozart, Bono, Bernie Sanders, Freddie Mercury.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon sextile Jupiter Natal

Those having the Moon sextile Jupiter aspect in their birth chart are very optimistic and all the time happy.

Their sense of humor makes them popular, also the fact that they’re always transmitting positive energies. It’s not like they’re consciously doing this, they simply can raise the spirits of those who are down, without exhausting themselves.

They seem to have enough energy to deal with anything, no matter how depressing. They should be very happy about their friends and family, not to mention how much attention they need to pay to their relationships with women, no matter if these are their mothers, daughters or sisters.

These natives seem to be the perfect parents because they’re very good role models for their little ones.

Having the Moon sextile Jupiter transit in their chart, they may never be able to see the dark side of life and believe only in goodness. This is not at all bad, but they need to be as realistic as they can, avoiding too much optimism. Furthermore, they should not overindulge in pleasure because Jupiter can make them exaggerate with eating food, having sex and buying luxury things.

These natives should not avoid taking on responsibilities from time to time because they’re very good at helping others become better, which can influence them to become successful themselves.

If they’re giving their best to be good, their domestic life and personal relationships will greatly improve, not to mention they’ll feel good about themselves and be able to more easily deal with their everyday issues.

People having the Moon sextile Jupiter transit in their natal chart are great teachers, advisors, philosophers, and intellectuals. This aspect makes everyone more spiritual, cheerful and colorful from the inside.

More than this, it brings about curiosity when it comes to the academic fields, making individuals with it in their birth chart better at understanding complicated concepts and seeing the big picture.

This means they’re able to absorb a lot of information in a short period of time and can analyze many complex theories without struggling too much. When it comes to their personal issues, they’re protective and good at giving advice through meaningful jokes and stories meant to make others think in a more profound manner.

Therefore, these natives can offer their insight on life to others while supporting them to be free and to follow the truths they believe in the most. When this aspect is softer in a birth chart, the individual having it will tire him or herself following an idea in which he or she believes, not to mention natives with such placement can make promises and not keep them.

At least they’ll always have enough inner strength to overcome difficulties and to go in many mystical journeys.

The Moon sextile Jupiter natal makes its natives better at studying and helping others to become better, all this while making them more expansive, spontaneous and even intuitive. They may want to take part in many adventures when young and after enjoy a fulfilling, happy retirement.

Good luck will keep following them and they’ll be nice with others, but they’ll expect to get the same things in return. These people find it difficult to say “no” to their loved ones, which can sometimes be a problem for them.

However, they’ll manage to have only sincere and reliable friends who’ll look after their well-being. Since they’re open to sharing their feelings without feeling uncomfortable, they’ll make new friends everywhere they’ll go. Their generosity may be the reason why they’re attracting so much good fortune.

Being popular, it’s very likely for them to succeed in their career from a very young age and even to become famous. People’s souls are meant to deal with emotions and usually longing to feel anything to its fullest.

Many of the natives having the Moon sextile Jupiter transit in their birth chart may discover they’re talented at dealing with the public, which will convince them to become teachers or gurus who advocate more optimism and a positive attitude.

Some of these individuals will want to become publishers, religious icons or travelers because by doing so, they’d get a chance to express all the joy residing in their hearts.

Looking for their ideal partner, they’ll wander all over the world and discover many new things, which will make them very happy. They can sometimes overreact with their emotions, but usually, they’ll enjoy the balance between their feelings and realistic ways. There’s nothing wrong with being in a good mood and overly excited from time to time, especially since these things are known to bring about more generosity, creativeness and good luck.

Generosity can also be detrimental for those who are coming in contact with people that only know how to take and have no idea what giving means.

Moon sextile Jupiter Transit

The Moon sextile Jupiter transit gives people many opportunities to expand their horizons, especially through traveling, new discoveries or just by meeting individuals who are different than themselves.

Many may be recognized for their achievements during this period, not to mention their relationships will get to function better and teamwork will bring them a lot of success.

This transit is known to make natives more persuasive because it brings a lot of mutual understanding. Its influence doesn’t last for too long, but it’s all about feeling happy, energetic and optimistic about the future. This is a period in which people are more kind, generous and good.

This means it makes it easier for many to develop meaningful connections, even if only for a short while. Many will focus more on the greater good and leave their personal desires behind, which means they can fantasize about the future and plant the seeds meant to grow and to make their life more beautiful.

During this transit, almost all natives in the zodiac will want to have fun with others and to interact more, which is why this time is great for catching up with old buddies or spending time with family. It seems like all the relationships in a person’s life are warmer and more emotional when the Moon is in sextile with Jupiter.

It would be a good idea for natives to take advantage of this period and to make new friends because they’d be more open to sharing their feelings. Breaking the ice and being warmly welcomed by others are two things that pretty much characterize the Moon sextile Jupiter transit.

Therefore, this aspect is one of sociability, teamwork and offering others help. Those who are more generous during it will be repaid twice, in good luck and abundance. It’s a good idea to have friends over when the Moon is in sextile with Jupiter because homes are happier and more ready for parties during this transit.

When it comes to career, presentations or interaction with the public have more chances for success, not to mention those doing these things will possess a better ability for captivating their audience’s attention.

Many will wake up feeling great about themselves and ready for a new day at work to start. In the evening, they’ll probably meet with their buddies or go on a date.

Those wanting to close business deals should develop stronger connections with their associates during this transit because they’ll notice how cooperative and supportive others can be.

Therefore, relationships’ beginnings are very much favored when the Moon is in sextile with Jupiter.

This period is perfect for teamwork and group-meetings because everyone gets to be happy about working with others, about starting new projects and about expressing their impressive ideas or motivating others to be as productive as possible.

The day in which the Moon is in sextile with Jupiter should be used for planning as visions are clearer during it, not to mention any type of relationship, whether professional or personal, goes on very smoothly.

Everyone will be able to sincerely speak their mind, inspire confidence and to be kind. More than this, people can feel more enthusiastic and generous with both their time and fortune during this sextile.

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