Venus Square Jupiter Natal and Transit: A Time for Indulging

  • If the natal chart contains a Venus Jupiter square, then you must have a yearning for an expensive and rather fancy lifestyle.
  • Pay attention to the Venus square Jupiter transit because it can bring new opportunities for socializing and creating new bonds.
  • Venus governs your values, your relationships, beauty and personal taste.
  • The square aspect is a rather difficult astrological placement, as the two planets tense each other and their energies are pulling in different directions.
  • Jupiter is all about the strength of expansion, knowledge and authority, as well an increaser of material possessions.
  • Celebrities: Thomas Edison, Larry King, Dolly Parton, Boy George, Gustave Courbet, Princess Margaret, Jeremy Silman, Bobby Fischer, Walter de la Mare.
  • Transit dates: 23 February 2020, 16 November 2020, 08 May 2021, 30 September 2021, 25 July 2022, 09 December 2022, 11 June 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus square Jupiter Natal

Those born with this aspect in their natal chart can be rather proud, excessively hopeful, excessively passionate, liberal and sluggish. Overindulging in general consumption might spell trouble for their health.

These people can become rather introverted from a sincerity and communication point of view, often hiding their fears within themselves. They will search for new methods to spend time due to feeling way too eager all the time.

These individuals have a yearning for an expensive lifestyle but ought to be careful not to overextend their funds. Learning to adequately appreciate finance is a must as they tend to be careless in this department.

Socially and romantically speaking, such people might overstep their boundaries, involving themselves in one too many sexual adventures or activities that in the end hold no avail.

The Venus square Jupiter natives have a habit of going against faith-related standards and might even experience some monetary losses due to issues related to business or marital life.

These individuals will be blessed with good fortune in all of their endeavors during this planetary positioning.

While this is indeed a thing to truly enjoy, they should be careful not to overindulge in such a gift, for they might start developing a feeling of entitlement, believing that they deserve this fortune in any activities and will most surely fall short on hard work and diligence, becoming lazy in the process. Taking things for granted is never good, especially from a financial aspect.

While Venus is square with Jupiter in the birth chart, these people will be some of the most pleasant individuals to be around.

They benefit from having great aptitude for communication and overall socializing and are highly attuned to how social machinations work.

Engaging in activities with a positive energy is the way. But there’s a catch to this, they tend to rely on money for most things, believing that financial status can buy their way into being appreciated and respected. Simply focusing on their personality is a must, leaving such superficial thoughts aside.

The positive outlook these people have on life, tagged with their kind, gentle and charismatic personality make them an overall joy to be around.

However, due to the amount of people that will gravitate towards them, they’ll have a hard time making genuine friends.

They are highly imaginative people that can easily dwell in the artistic aspect of life by indulging themselves in acting, music, writing stories, becoming wordsmiths and can even excel at visual arts and all in all bring a positive and comedic vibe to anything they do.

A big issue would be in their lack of rigorousness. They have a hard time when it comes to staying determined and diligent which is easily reflected in their work life.

Schedules and routines in this domain will more than demoralize them. They’re simply not used to it since most of the time they get everything they want out of sheer luck.

As such, their love life along with their life at home will have to suffer. Parenting is difficult if there’s no determination and patience, which these people seem to lack.

A good piece of advice would be to be sincere with themselves and their partner and not to accept things simply for what they are. They should work for what they have and want to keep enjoying life.

Regarding this, these people always had trouble with their finances. They might more than often overindulge themselves in their pursuit for an expensive lifestyle and be left wondering where all their money went.

It would be best for them to carefully examine their spending habits to efficiently and purposefully spend their savings so that they won’t have to keep wondering just how they’ll make it on that trip overseas they always dreamed of.

Venus square Jupiter Transit

This square transit between Venus and Jupiter will bring forth great opportunities for socializing and creating new bonds.

In this regard, you should exert caution not to change yourself too much for others just so that you can please them. This is especially important in your love life. The possibility of you cheating is also high during this period.

Even though you tend to try too hard, you enjoy getting things done in a grandiose manner. More liberal than expected, you present a tendency of spending a tad bit too many resources towards your happiness as well as that of others.

During this period, you will have trouble setting up limits for yourself and others, finding it hard to say no when people ask something of you.

You have to make sure you’re enjoying life, yes, but keep in mind you also have to make sure you’re constantly able to provide for yourself and your loved ones or family, so keep your overspending habits in check.

Those that wish to be on a healthy diet will experience issues with this task as their overall culinary desires will become amplified tenfold which might cause issues to their health.

Speaking of greedy behavior, seeing as how money is generally handled by Venus and Jupiter deals in affluence, you might experience issues with spending money as well, overindulging in all the desires you’ve been having, desires which can only be fulfilled with money.

As such, not being able to indulge yourself in all the luxury, trips and expensive products and events will be your main bother in this period and it is paramount to work towards fixing this behavior.

You ought to learn to enjoy life without overspending money and also practice some self-restraint now and then. It’s for your greater good after all, as well as for those you care about.

You are generally seen to have a bright view on life, maybe a bit too bright. Things aren’t often as pleasant as they seem, you know?

Being this way might cause issues at work or in your projects, making you believe that your farfetched desires and goals are easily achieved, when in actuality it is not the case.

It’s high time you open your eyes to reality and at the same time get your cash flow and financial stability in order so that you don’t encounter any investment issues on the way.

You’ll experience pleasure from spending time with your close ones and you might feel that there’s a need for your wise advice. This might be the cause, but how you provide it might come off as conceited to others, so be careful how you choose your words.

During this period the biggest issue is truly your constant desire to indulge in the pleasures of life, whether they are culinary, physical, financial or superficial, you want it all.

You just want to feel good and it doesn’t matter what price you have to pay. Just so you know, the price will probably be some extra weight you’ll have to get off and probably a few financial struggles for the close future.

What you could do to mend things, at least mentally or emotionally, is to detach yourself from all the stress, use this over-indulgent trait of yours and make a gathering of your loved ones, friends and co-workers and take them all out to spend some time together, relax and enjoy whatever you can during this period.

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