Mercury Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Sorting Out Priorities

  • If the natal chart contains a Mercury Pluto square, this person will become very opinionated, the more life experience they have.
  • Pay attention to the Mercury square Pluto transit because you are more likely to say things you will regret later.
  • The planet Mercury governs our conscious mental processes, how we communicate and interact with others, as well as our perception of the surrounding world.
  • When two planets are in a square relationship, their effects on people are tensed and so everyone seems to be acting as if at breaking point.
  • In astrology, Pluto reigns over the occult matters, the desire for power, creation and destruction.
  • Celebrities: Liv Tyler, Jessica Simpson, Rihanna, Louis Pasteur, Franklin D Roosevelt, Venus Williams, Omar Sharif, Brigitte Bardot, George Lucas, Jerry Lewis, Dennis Rodman.
  • Transit dates: 25 April 2020, 21 September 2020, 17 April 2021, 22 September 2021, 01 October 2021, 02 November 2021, 10 April 2022, 27 October 2022.

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Mercury square Pluto Natal

People born during the Mercury square Pluto are complex and deep thinkers. Their thinking ways and opinions influenced by strong or dangerous situations, like family crises or dark issues related to humanity.

These people have a penetrating mind when it comes to understanding the reality of situations.

Any rich experience of life can have them more opinionated and prone to criticism, meaning they’re intensely interacting with others.

Since they love to be objective in their speech, people born during the Mercury square Pluto aspect can be harsh with the way they’re talking, even though they can show tactful and diplomatic manners, but are often quiet, to not generate any conflicts.

It can be difficult for these natives to see things differently than their perspective, so they may need to convince others of their way of thinking. If allowing it, their mind can become very dark.

These natives are suspicious, careful, always keeping secrets and too ambitious, especially when too sure they’re the only ones who know things. They can send people to their place and correct them when it comes to their points of view.

These natives shouldn’t make anyone feel stupid for not being informed because ignorance can be a dangerous sin. It’s true they’re always authoritative and convicting, but this is fine if they’re trying to make it as politicians or teachers.

The first lesson for them is to get over themselves. After that, they need to address any problem when someone is challenging them.

They should just lash out and try to put their enemies in their place because this way, they’re able to also put themselves in a position of listening, considering and responding.

These natives can put others in their place, but they should not alienate large groups of people. More than this, they can be obsessive in the way they’re thinking, meaning they need to overcome this problem by developing their mental power and being more disciplined.

The square between Mercury and Pluto is giving its natives a harsher temperament and aggressive expression, so confrontation should be avoided when these natives are having fun with others.

While preferring to reflect themselves at how situations should be handled, they tend to be sensitive when it comes to penetrating different insights.

They’re rarely wrapping up what they know in something more conclusive for the society because they’re raw.

There’s the tendency in them to manipulate their partner to agree with them, so they have fixed points of view, allowing no more space for flexibility or change. When making an effort to have things done their way, they’re relying on their will and dominating attitude.

People born during the Mercury square Pluto aspect are defensive and oftentimes using force to defend their position. They can attract people like them to challenge their points of view.

Since they’re associating themselves and identify with what they’re thinking, they may try everything in their power to defend their principles. No one can doubt they’re very good around others and that they’re very smart.

The opinions of these natives are valuable and based on research and experiences. However, the way they’re communicating their ideas can be of conflict.

Their strong will can be used in a disruptive manner and they cannot think of a solution to a problem until they’ve made a verbal commitment, but they can take too many risks that aren’t quite necessary.

When it comes to the ways they’re psychologically communicating, natives of the Mercury square Pluto aspect can block them and may require professional assistance to release the tension they’ve accumulated.

They can use tyrannical, scary and witty means to address their enemies, but in time, they may discover how to be more diplomatic and be less stressed.

More than this, their opinions and points of view can go through important transformations when they’re interacting with others and doing some research.

Mercury square Pluto Transit

For as long as Mercury is in square with Pluto, the ideas and theories of many are stronger than usual. They may want to find answers more, so a look under the surface is surely necessary.

During the Mercury square Pluto transit, people are more obsessed with only one idea in their minds. They need to analyze every little detail that can help them with their studies and research, but have difficulties when it comes to everyday life.

People’s words can be powerful and they may need to pay attention when feeling emotional. Others may want to control the way they’re thinking and change their opinions, a thing they won’t accept.

This way, natives of all signs can end up involved in meaningless scandals during the Mercury square Pluto transit.

Perhaps they may need to be in control of the discussions they’re carrying. The day in which this placement is taking place is good for exploring one self’s emotions and thoughts, which can give anyone more insight when it comes to what they want to do and how they should direct their minds to be more productive.

This period is making minds suspicious, not to mention it brings about a lot of negativity. Many can discover others aren’t trusting them and annoy themselves as well.

This transit is famous for bringing about a stressed-type of mental energy. Things shouldn’t be seen negatively because this would only cause problems, not to mention everyone should be quiet.

When Mercury is in square with Pluto, natives of all signs in the zodiac are deeper thinkers and more intense when interacting with others. They may want to do research, but be careful to not become extreme.

Even if focusing on something boring or having a moderate opinion, there’s the risk for them to become too insisting when trying to convince others of their ideas. The more aggressive when trying to express their ideas, the more others will start to criticize and to fight them.

Being influenced by this transit, people are more defensive, but they shouldn’t allow their fighting spirit to back down.

More than this, they should avoid believing anything in books and newspapers because skepticism is being advocated. More suspicious of others’ hidden motives, some may obsess over one concept, either personal, social or political, not to mention they could dig themselves into it.

Over-analyzing and having obsessions are two of the dangerous characteristics brought on by this transit.

Some things can never be changed and this square should be used to understand all this. More than this, scandals with authority people should be avoided as much as possible.

After all, this transit is all about people minding their own business and about them working hard. It’s known to challenge the way people are thinking and how attracted they are to the dark side of the human race.

Truths may be more sought after than usual, the potential for uncovering secrets being what’s deepening the understanding of oneself.

Minds should be kept open and people should not argue just because they want to because this can help them transform their intellect for the better, as well as their ways of communicating.

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