Moon Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit: Emotional Maturity Promoted

  • The natal conjunction between the Moon and Saturn means you can be seen as cold and detached because of how disciplined you are with your emotions.
  • Be mindful of the Moon conjunct Saturn transit because during it, you might think in extremes and choose to make some risky decisions.
  • The Moon talks about what makes us react emotionally, what makes us happy or sad, how compassionate or nurturing we are.
  • The conjunct aspect is a powerful and intense astrological placement in which the two planets are closely aligned in the same zodiac sign, their energies blending and working in unison.
  • The planet Saturn reminds us that we cannot run away from the obligations in our life and that there are moments in which we need to conform to others’ expectations.
  • Celebrities: Duchess of Sussex, Jay Leno, George Clooney, Joan Crawford, Katy Perry, Herb Alpert, Josémaria Escriva, Jay Leno, William S Burroughs, Kathleen Ollerenshaw.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon conjunct Saturn Natal

Natives having the Moon conjunct Saturn transit in their birth chart are going through some very difficult times when having to deal with their own emotions, the unexplained guilt they’re usually felling and depression. This placement at their birth indicates they may have a cold parent, usually the mother.

They need to feel emotionally secure by being appreciated and loved by others. It’s very likely they’ve matured too early and struggled to learn everything they could about relationships and how they can make their loved ones to nurture them.

Those who happen to have the Moon conjunct Saturn aspect in their birth chart may not trust anyone because they’re too defensive and obsessed to never have their sensitive feelings hurt.

Disciplined with their emotions, they can be seen as cold and detached, especially when they’re treating their intimate connections like businesses. They’re not unemotional, just afraid to not get rejected.

Many of them decide to adopt a very cold exterior and to make others believe they’re not capable of being nurturing and loving. This is happening because they’re terrified of expressing how much they need these basic emotions into their life.

Since the need for emotional nurture depends on how others are acting, they most likely have trained themselves to reject it when they were alone as children, so their defense mechanisms may have become impossible to penetrate as soon as they’ve turned into adults.

This may have caused them to be too objective and also unemotional in their reactions when dealing with their loved ones.

Being hard on themselves may in fact act as their strength, but only as long as they’re not feeling any unexplained guild and are mature enough. They should be careful not to become full of themselves and this way, to push the people who love them away.

Their instincts are to keep their friends and family too close sometimes, so these people may end up not making an effort anymore in the relationship with them. This is happening especially to those of them who haven’t been allowed to socialize too much when they were children.

Perhaps their home life was disciplined and ruled by a very authoritarian figure, or maybe they have religious parents who wouldn’t dare to act differently than what the Holy books are dictating them to.

Others may have had many arguments at home and strongly felt that their parents don’t love them, which could be more or less true. Such happenings can lead a person to no longer want to express him or herself, no matter if alone or surrounded by good friends.

Being emotionally detached can help them in their career because it makes these natives more practical and responsible. However, they should make a goal out of overcoming their shyness and low self-esteem.

Being more positive and ready to go out of their comfort zone, they can learn how to keep their relationships going for a very long time.

Open up to others will take them out of isolation, not to mention how good friends they can be for others when no longer depressed. If parents, they can bring Saturn’s maturity into play and bond with their children like no one else can.

People born when the Moon was in conjunction with Saturn can be too serious from time to time, so it’s very likely for them to get along very well with older individuals. But they should be careful with their seriousness as it can make them very pessimistic and feeling like they’re all the time failing in life.

It’s not unusual for those who are working hard to get what they want in life, so these natives should very much consider this before thinking they’ll never be successful.

Some of them may want to be in relationships that are requiring them to invest many efforts or are defective because only hardship can make them feel truly alive.

Their personality as adults will be very much shaped by their past, so they need to heal any wound from those times and to allow their inner child to make any transformation in them.

This could greatly improve their relationships. They’re able to establish a long-term connection with their partner, but only if the relationship is mature and deep, not to mention emotional and based on an equal give and take when it comes to all the possible levels, from the physical to the most spiritual one.

People with the Moon conjunct Saturn in their birth chart may end up feeling very guilty for enjoying any emotional satisfaction, which means they can live in fear and not experience many interesting feelings.

When others are trying to nurture them, they may be reluctant and think the other person is not sincere or very determined to be by their side for a long period. This is why they prefer taking the easy way out and withdrawing from any emotion that could put them at risk or be intimidating.

Moon conjunct Saturn Transit

The Moon conjunct Saturn transit is not necessarily a balancing one because it influences relationships to turn bad. It is a period in which people are feeling too serious, more restrained and conservative.

Their friendships and intimate connections may completely lack excitement, kindness, and naturalness because defensive feelings would take over their life, making them more cautious and reserved.

Furthermore, natives of all signs may have very low self-esteem, a thing that will negatively impact all of their relationships.

When the Moon is in conjunction with Saturn, people should focus more on matters that require them to be level-headed because they won’t be influenced by their feelings and could manage a business in a very practical way.

This period is also beneficial for the relationships with authority figures and older individuals, not to mention many will feel more responsible and ready to deal with new challenges during it.

Making plans and organizing things are also favored, so the more disciplined natives will get to obtain the best results from their hard work.

This transit will help everyone be realistic and more pragmatic. However, when it comes to emotions, this day is one of the most difficult one of each month.

Many will feel isolated from their loved ones and very lonely, even depressed and guilty of who knows what, but they won’t want to express what goes on in their hearts and minds.

They’ll simply pile up inside all of their negative emotions and not address them. This will get to happen especially in their home environment, so drama involving the family should be expected.

Others will be emotionally provoked by their partner to argue, which will bring about depression and resentfulness. Women are most likely to experience all this, so the female population may have a more difficult life during this transit.

Everyone should give their best to be as disciplined and emotionally mature as possible, for them to overcome any feeling of unexplained guilt and past sadness. The more they’ll reveal their vulnerabilities and open up to others, the more they’ll mature and establish stronger connections with people in their life.

The day of the month in which the Moon is in conjunction with Saturn, people all over the world will feel like there’s a heavy load on their shoulders and that their mind is constantly occupied with worries, which means socializing won’t work very well until the astrological aspect is done.

Depression and melancholy will be the most present feelings and as said before, unexplained guilt.

Things from their past may come into the light again and seem more important this time, so many will be left not knowing how to act because the present would have been their concern until this transit. They can even be fearful and dreaming about the most terrible things. At the same time, when awake, they’ll just have pessimistic moods and be anxious about anything.

Therefore, people shouldn’t push themselves to succeed when it comes to dating because they’d probably make the wrong impression. Instead, they should just focus on what’s happening inside their mind, to the images and people that are making them more emotional, or to their guilty feelings.

Most likely, they’ll realize that many of their problems are brought upon them by others. Regardless of how much trauma they may have had in the past, the strong ones will manage to deal with it, which will make them even better as human beings, partners and even parents, if they happen to have children.

During the Moon conjunct Saturn transit, people need to keep in mind things may be as bad as they’re seeming, no matter how much this would bother them. However, when the influence of this planetary aspect will pass, everything will turn to be more positive in their life.

However, during this period, many will be stuck and easy to stress. They may encounter problems at home or with their partner. In case they’re not feeling safe in the comfort of their own house, among their loved ones, they should think this feeling will pass and shouldn’t be given too much attention.

They’ll start to get along well with their family after the Moon conjunct Saturn transit will pass, so if they’ll have the chance to stay in bed during it, they could avoid its influence altogether.

Taking a day off would be a good idea as the next one, they’ll be able to do three times more work and more efficiently. Spoiling themselves and meditating are also suggested when this planetary aspect is at its fullest.

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