Venus Trine Mars Natal and Transit: True Self Out in the Open

  • The natal Venus Mars trine suggests you really need to achieve fulfilment in love and be in a long-term commitment to feel happy.
  • During the Venus trine Mars transit, you really have it going on when it comes to social endeavors.
  • The planet Venus reveals our idealization of love and beauty, our hidden desires and relationship with possessions.
  • A trine aspect is said to bring good luck and opportunities but also put pressure on the individual to express their talents.
  • In astrology, Mars is pushing us to act, to be enterprising, to listen to our impulses and overcome any obstacles.
  • Celebrities: Elon Musk, Mick Jagger, José Mourinho, Victoria Sackville-West, Wolfgang Mozart, Greta Garbo, Jayne Mansfield, Natasha Richardson.
  • Transit dates: 28 September 2020, 09 January 2021, 18 October 2022, 09 January 2023, 08 October 2024, 25 January 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus trine Mars Natal

People with Venus trine Mars in their birth diagram are bound to live with blinding intensity and to benefit from adoration and awe from those around them. If this is you, you’re already aware of the harmonious personality you have which serves as a beacon for others to gather around and is hardly ever influenced by outside forces.

Those with Venus trine Mars in their birth diagram possess an array of gifts that make their social life the trip of a lifetime, literally, especially from a social point of view.

They’re attractive and their nature pushes them to be the crowd-pleaser, which brings them great fortune in relations of any kind.

While they’re seen to have great artistic abilities and inspiration, they often do nothing towards the growth of said skills, simply because they’re used to have good luck raining on them and things going their way without any effort.

Their love life is often fruitful and pleasant, but they are prone to engaging in short-lived relationships quite often if they’re feeling out of it, confused or depressed.

While they indeed find joy and fulfillment in love and long-term commitments, from time to time they will require a reminiscent of freedom and independence to truly feel happy. Their loving, intense, heated nature and their ability to please people, even sexually, make them the perfect partner.

Their kind and compassionate souls ensure empathy towards others, especially their partner. Although this doesn’t spell absolute certainty that everything will go smoothly, there will be the occasional cheating and issues in their relationships, but all in all, things will work out.

Due to them being true to themselves and sincere, they have faith that those around them are the same, as such, they cannot distinguish truth from lies sometimes, and might find themselves delighted and influenced by false compliments.

During a trine, people will often be given a period of flourishing talents and skills, but due to the influence of a planetary trine, they will also be prone to let said aptitudes go unnoticed, not taking advantage of them in the process and they will also lack diligence or the will to progress.

While their ways are generally gentle, in truth, people that have Mars trine to Venus or even in conjunction or sextile, have a hidden desire intense, heated moments in their love life.

Because Mars governs an aspect of intense emotions, these people are prone to engaging in fights with their partner, whether it’s for the pleasure of it or because there’s a conflict it depends solely on them, but some of these people believe in a healthy argument to keep the spark alive.

This also affects all other social interactions and relationships. It’s simply the way Mars influences the people born with it in their natal chart. Passion and intensity are what drives them to be who they are. Add Venus in the fray, and they become beings of pure passion and love, since this planet also governs affection.

This is most obvious in the early stages of life, most definitely during their teenage years when puberty was starting to arise, and feelings of want and desire grabbed the reigns and drove them to become the passionate and fiery individuals that they are today.

The lack of secrecy or any hidden agendas makes these people a magnet for social activities. People simply gather around these honest individuals simply due to their positive and pure energy and as such, friendship is of no worry to them.

When it comes to love, these people prefer faithfulness above all else. While they might have a multitude of lovers throughout the years, they will still prefer and settle for a long-lasting relationship that ought to end up in marriage.

Whereas Mars tends to push people into being intense and sex-driven individuals, in this particular positioning with Venus, they tend to exert more of an affectionate aura.

Venus handles matters of emotion, feeling, love, and so when Mars is trine to Venus, individuals will be kinder and more affectionate than they will be passionate and driven. Something else Venus is great at is polishing the artistic eye, the appreciation of aesthetics.

This means that artistic skills and talents will grow during this period, and people will be more inclined to develop them and express themselves in creative methods. This might also be seen in their career choices as well as other sides of life.

They can easily get into that art class they’ve been thinking about and excel at it too. Anything that has to do with the expression of one’s inner self through art comes with ease to these people.

Venus trine Mars Transit

This period has you enjoying life quite a tad bit more than others around you. Why? Simply because your nature leads fortune towards your life like a magnet. You’ll be feeling like your true self is finally out in the open, ready to live life.

Highly adaptable, you can easily tackle difficult situations or people to reach pleasant outcomes. While people usually follow you, you also tend to go after those fit to lead in hopes they’ll guide you down the right path.

You really have it going on when it comes to social endeavors during this transitioning. Getting out there, communicating and creating bonds will be second nature to you because this transition with Venus will temper your sexual drive and make room for a more calm, pleasant and kind personality that treats things with a gentler touch.

No longer will you be engaging in small talk with sex being the end game, you’ll be in it for the genuine friendship that could be.

This is a period of plentiful bounty for you. You’ll be getting everything you want, in career, social activities, and romance.

Your charismatic nature enables you to easily make advances on the opposite sex if you so desire. Monetary issues are a thing of the past since you can productively and efficiently handle such money-themed endeavors. Your imagination will also shine bright during this period, creating art in any way or form to show proof of this.

Physical affection, especially the sexual kind, will be a currency for joy during this period. Your passion will reach new levels and it’s high time you use it to enjoy life together with someone with emphasis on said someone.

If there’s nobody for you to enjoy time with, then the next best thing is taking all of that pent-up energy and focusing it on work. You can also use this well of untapped energy in the rest of your social outgoings.

Getting to spend some time outside the house will do you good, so why not put on a nice outfit and go have some fun with your friends or meet new people to bond with. Sharing your positive energy will serve you well towards feeling fulfilled, and you might even find a special someone in doing so.

With this planetary positioning, your imagination reaches a new peak. You’re prone to letting it loose and letting creation become a productive and creative outlet for your plans and projects.

Sculpting stone, painting a canvas, creating a choreography, changing things up at home, these are all good methods to let your passion take shape into the world and feel more fulfilled.

Friendships will also strengthen during this period. Keep in mind there might more to this than just friendship since you and your friend might feel physical attraction for each other. Your strong aura and their serene nature will work well together, with any fights that arise not lasting long.

Usually, it’ll be you starting the beef, you just can’t help it, but they’ll be the ones to calm down the fires when it gets too hot. There’s chemistry here, and you ought to work with it. Anything negative that may pop up, you’ll be able to work through with communication and understanding.

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