Moon Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit: Remain Generous

  • If the natal chart contains a Moon Jupiter opposition, you are likely to exhibit an intense attitude that is often a little too much for your peers.
  • Observe how during the Moon opposite Jupiter transit, people have a greater tendency to spoil those around, to show their affection deeply and help others.
  • The Moon is responsible with the peace and balance of our emotional world but also with our mood swings and temperaments.
  • The opposition astrological placement is an aspect that causes resistance between the two planets and will make the individual strive for equilibrium.
  • The planet Jupiter compels us to assess our moral values, seek wisdom and have a positive outlook over our lives.
  • Celebrities: Kate Hudson, Jodie Foster, Marvin Gaye, George Oppenheimer, Charlie Sheen, Ronald Reagan, Jeff Buckley, Carole King.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Jupiter Natal

The generosity of people born during the Moon opposite Jupiter transit can work to their detriment.

Natives with such a placement in their natal chart tend to see only what’s good in others and to easily forgive being crossed. This can sometimes go too far, not to mention they have the tendency to promise what they can’t deliver.

While many may notice their intentions are only good, they can have the reputation of being unreliable and irresponsible.

They may often seem overwhelming and too intense, but it’s only in their nature to befriend others, so many can understand their true intentions, not to mention how popular they can be. It’s very likely they’ll face difficulties because they don’t have enough confidence or self-esteem to exploit their potential.

This means their energy can be consumed by doubts and questions meant to impede them from achieving their goals.

It’s like their emotions are not allowing them to see how creative and talented they actually are as their feelings seem to be only focused on the well-being and not self-improvement.

They’re protective of their emotions and sensitive, so they may reach the conclusion that all the pain in their life is caused by the relationships they’re having with others.

For this reason, there may be a lot of tension between them and their parents, also their lovers. Their colleagues and buddies may take advantage of them, not to mention they may argue a lot with their children.

These natives want to think everyone is good and trustworthy, this being the reason why deception can simply ruin their spirit.

It’s common for natives having the Moon opposite Jupiter transit in their natal chart to wrongfully judge characters and to perceive only the corrupted type of information.

They may decide that their social presence can become more imposing when they’re helping others or advocating civic responsibility.

These people see working for the community as a duty. Obviously, being there for others will make them happy in many ways because their self-esteem will tremendously increase each time they’ll be giving a hand.

They may have to reduce the restlessness that dominates their inner world when interacting with people. If unsatisfied with their relationships, they can focus all of their energy on new interests and hobbies.

While having a large group of friends, they’re still more focused on their partner or only one person who’s very special to them.

It’s almost impossible for these natives to hide their feelings because they’re convinced this would only make them more anxious about their relationships. They shouldn’t smother their partner with their possessiveness and obsessive behaviors as this could make them feel embarrassed by their intense emotions and exaggerations.

Most of these natives have an overindulgent mother, which means they’re eager to experience all kinds of emotions. Being restless on the inside, it can be difficult for them to just calm down and feel satisfied.

In case their mother is over-protective, which can happen a lot, they may have this need to protect those who are weaker than them. A little bit lazy, they need others to demand a lot from them.

While the Moon opposite Jupiter is a positive aspect most of the time, it can also bring about negative energies and bad behavior, making people having it in their natal chart addicted to anything that makes them feel good.

This means they can easily become dependent on forbidden substances, sex, and food, which will cause them many problems.

Furthermore, they should avoid being too nice and generous to strangers while their family is not getting enough of their attention. Their excesses can make these natives feel disgraceful, embarrassed and isolated from the rest of the world.

They need to do everything in moderation and to control themselves, especially if they’re trying to avoid self-destruction. It can be difficult for them to be more calculated because they have this urge to exaggerate, so the feeling of nervousness in their stomach may never cease to bother them.

During these moments, they should use their instincts to calm down and to feel settled down again. More than this, they must avoid the easy way out and find more durable solutions for their problems.

The same Moon opposite Jupiter transit makes them too attentive to others, which can be exhausting most of the time.

Many people in their life will most likely invade their privacy because they’re too open or obsessed with jealousy. This is a situation in which they need to establish some boundaries between themselves and others and to be more disciplined as far as sharing their feelings goes.

Moon opposite Jupiter Transit

During the Moon opposite Jupiter transit, people get to feel more friendly and easy-going. However, this can easily turn into depression if others are trying to take advantage of their kindness.

Moon in opposition to Jupiter is beneficial for spiritual development, no matter if done alone or with the help of a friend. It’s not a good period to meet people and establish new relationships because it’s very likely to interact with individuals who, without any intention of doing so, may bring up hurtful memories about the past and cause the process of moving forward of their new friend to slow down.

Growth is beneficial, but it can become weird and unsettling when built on the interaction with new people who seem to be the same as others who have only caused problems for a certain person.

The Moon opposite Jupiter transit helps many be more generous, open and in a good mood. These people will want to spoil their loved ones, to show their affection, but they shouldn’t do all this for those who don’t deserve their love or attention, especially individuals who are only looking to take advantage of others and to steal their energy.

This transit breaks limits and destroys filters, which means fantasies can become more accentuated during this period, together with the desire of giving a hand to the wrong people.

The relationships built and developed now will only remind people of their past and the way they used to be. This is why it’s a better idea for many to spend their time with those whom they’ve known for a lifetime.

Mutual trust can teach many precious lessons of life during the Moon opposite Jupiter transit.

Spending time alone and writing in a journal are not suggested in this period because such moments should be spent going to dates and meeting with special people.

This means the exchange of ideas, emotions, and impressions is more favored by the opposing aspect between the Moon and Jupiter. Those who won’t be protective of what they’re feeling may end up having their family and friends interfering with their life.

This transit becomes a problem for people unable to control themselves or who are addicted to something. They may react to others being suspicious and jealous by having an even more negative behavior.

The Moon opposite Jupiter transit can make individuals emotionally depressed because there’s this tendency of questioning everything during this period, from values to beliefs, even if it’s also a perfect opportunity to identify many of the unconscious motivations of one’s self.

It may be unsettling to experience it because it can lead to overindulgence. Looking at it from a different perspective, it can help many realize they’ve been much too generous with those who don’t deserve it.

It would be a good idea for people to be less independent at work if one of their colleagues is asking them to respect the rules.

While they may feel the impulse to refuse any responsibility, they need to be less proud and to establish their path in life because this transit will surely help them with this.

While the Moon is in opposition with Jupiter, many need to be less possessive with their partner and express their love in a different way because they’ll certainly exaggerate their feelings.

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