Uranus Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit: Challenge Yourself

  • The natal sextile between Uranus and Pluto means that your innate curiosity and thirst for information often guide your decisions in life.
  • The Uranus sextile Pluto transit prompts you to relax a little more and not be so frustrated about the things you can’t control.
  • The planet Uranus governs the deep shifts in our futures, technology and progression from the traditional.
  • In astrology, the sextile aspect is said to ease the communication between the two planets, which in turn take out the best in each other.
  • In astrology, Pluto governs the transformations we go through in life, where we seek power and control and what obsessions we develop.
  • Celebrities: Cilla Black, George Lucas, Mia Farrow, Harrison Ford, Lorde, Ariana Grande, Rudy Giuliani, Robert De Niro, Emily Dickinson, Mick Jagger, Kenny Everett, Diana Ross.
  • Transit dates: 20 March 2083, 28 May 2083, 09 January 2084, 07 September 2084, 28 October 2084.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Uranus sextile Pluto Natal

A person with this aspect in their birth chart is blessed with ingenuity beyond compare, which they tend to use to manifest their originality into the world, changing it towards a better future.

While their ideals can be seen as unconventional, they tend to charm people into their work rather than engage in conflict.

While on a quest to better today’s society, they will gather followers by the power of example and inspiration.

Their tools of the trade tend to be their strong analytical prowess and insight, making it easy to transform the old into the new. They influence others with their character and charisma and they end up jumping on board with their ideas as well.

Having these two planets in the natal diagram, people’s curiosity and thirst for information take on a new high.

A new quest is being accepted, one that implies gathering knowledge from all over the world, whether it’s knowledge pertaining to everyday life situations or going as far as dabbling in matters of occultism, it doesn’t matter.

These people are out there to get it all in their head no matter how unconventional or unorthodox it is. As such, with their boldness, they tend to improve upon everything they touch, while the changes are slight, the upgrades are more than considerable.

With all the corruption and hierarchy abuse in today’s society, these individuals take it upon themselves to change social constructs in a way that will benefit humanity and will last far beyond their own lifetime. In doing so they might be prone to joining organizations that may aid them or share in their interests.

The evolution those born under Uranus sextile Pluto bring is not only on a spiritual level, but also on a scientific one, engaging in an array of researches that dabble in the forces of nature.

They also seem to take great interest in matters of faith or a multitude of different beliefs due to their keen interest in a prolonged, if not immortal life as well as the unknown factors beyond death.

The welfare of all life, animal or human, and the betterment of all society are usually the highest priority goal for people affected by this planetary positioning.

Seeing as how the most effective methods to change society are usually found in politics, they tend to get involved in such organizations regularly.

They also do well in these sorts of activities, proof of that being the number of people that end up following in their footsteps, sharing their passion for a better tomorrow.

It’s all due to the strong characteristics and charisma that they tend to have. There just doesn’t seem to be an end to their fiery drive, and people love that!

Uranus sextile Pluto natives bring inspiration and hope everywhere they go, especially at home, to their loved ones, their friends and even their partner. To achieve their goal, a great deal of work and time will have to be put in towards such a realization, which is a given.

However, one shouldn’t forget to nurture both their mind and body, as well as their soul. As such, they should never underestimate the importance of a deep emotional bond.
For the same reason, they would do well in not taking romance lightly. Finding the perfect harmony between goals, work and affection might be difficult, but it is paramount for their wellbeing.

The influence that this sextile aspect has over politics and social constructs is crucial to pushing the world towards development with the help of government organizations.

Uranus sextile Pluto Transit

While Pluto is sextile to Uranus, chances are you’ll be on the lookout for new methods of expression, ones that allow you to more freely share your mind and feelings with the world in artistic, beautiful ways.

On your way to fulfilling your full potential, you’ll notice the presence of external powers over which you have no control. These are mostly political or pertaining to matters of culture.

It’s advised that in your encounter with such situations, you learn how to work together with these social establishments to bring balance in your life.

One of your strongest desires will be to grow as a person and amass as much knowledge as possible, attaining lucidity that can pierce through any confusion.

With this transit comes an almost supernatural intuition and consciousness of self which improves upon the joys and thrills of life.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to give proper attention to your needs and opportunities! this period will come with the promise of development and evolution, especially from a spiritual point of view. So, it’s about time you open the door to your new life of thrills and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

When it comes to everyday endeavors this aspect doesn’t bring much in the adventurous department.

But if you are interested in activities that stray away from the normal traditionalism you might be surprised with the amount of interest that you’ll be giving to this period.

Others might give you some weird looks but you’re loving the attention. It’s all about staying unique and you don’t care about the adversity that comes with it. You actually invite it, don’t you? With this you might also inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Adaptability will be your middle name, or first? Who knows? The fact is, there will be a lot of paradoxical events happening to you, but that’s what gets you thrilled.

This sort of situations challenge you and you love it, welcome it. Who’s to say what’s going to happen next, and that’s exactly what you’re waiting for!

During this period there will be quite the amount of chaos in your life that will push your instincts into overdrive.

This isn’t bad at all, it will simply stimulate your ingenuity and originality which will result in awakening your best traits and rid yourself of inhibitions. Any sort of illusions will be pierced and you’ll be able to get straight to the point in any situation.

In your journey, you’ll learn that one thing is certainly paramount and that is freedom. This one word will define every one of your actions and will push you towards taking drastic measures to ensure its presence in your life.

Pursuing the unknown with every opportunity and challenging yourself and others past their limits will not be uncommon during this transit and others that you will meet will aid you in these endeavors. You will be inspiring each other to more efficiently better yourselves, gaining an iron will in the process.

Since your mind is so open and welcoming for more and greater knowledge, it’s high time you started taking more interest in matters of the occult, science, technology and any sort of method or subject that will aid you in becoming a more knowledgeable and better person, both mentally and spiritually.

Doing so might seem like too much of a hustle but this period has you digesting and processing information like none other, so don’t miss out on it!

Socially speaking, your relationships, whether romantic or oriented towards friendship will be taking bloom. You’ll be finding and engaging with new people that will aid you in your development and share common interests with them. No longer will you be taken by surprise!

Why? Well, your gut instinct will be given a kick start, enabling you to almost predict what’s coming next. Trends might be set by you and your ideals and society as we know it might be changed by, guess who? You! So, go get them’, tiger!

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