Moon Square Jupiter Natal and Transit: Bringing Justice Wherever Needed

  • The natal square between the Moon and Jupiter means you ca be quite extreme in your choice and should consider the consequences of your actions more.
  • Observe how during the Moon square Jupiter transit we are more understanding and tolerant, lowering our expectations from those around.
  • In astrology, the Moon helps us connect our inner emotions with the outside world and governs our temperaments and mood swings.
  • A square aspect is formed when the two planets are 90 degrees apart and is considered to be a hard and tense astrological placement.
  • Jupiter is considered to be the planet of plenty, the governor of luck and expansion, an astrological body with great patience and tolerance.
  • Celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Giorgio Armani, Emperor Nero, Cher, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Bruce Springsteen, Georges Clemenceau, Johnny Depp.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Jupiter Natal

Those who happen to be born during the Moon square Jupiter transit are moody and for this reason, encountering many ups and downs in their life. But they also have their moments of sheer optimism and luck.

They tend to focus all of their energy on their relationships, and while they may encounter some turbulence in this area of life, they’ll still enjoy everything their loved ones have to offer them.

However, when their relationships are starting to be scandalous, there can be many other reasons for why this is happening to them. For example, they’re not very disciplined or in control of their own emotions.

Obviously, they aren’t conscious of this, which means it’s very difficult for them to discuss their habits.

Having an open personality, they’ll often be extreme in the way they’re caring for their loved ones, which means they need to learn how to take things slowly when interacting with people, especially if they don’t want to destroy their relationships.

Being extravagant is not bad for them because their loved ones will always admire their glamorous ways and the way they’re always speaking their minds. How they’re acting is often well-received if not exaggerated. The Moon’s influence can be excessive in them, which means their emotions are intense.

Of course, this depends a lot on other aspects present in their birth chart, but most of the time, people born during the Moon square Jupiter transit are over-reacting their emotions.

The Moon has always made human beings more fascinating, each in their unique way, so its influences are many. Feelings are meant to color people’s lives and to give meaning to relationships, but they’re not involved in every action these natives are taking.

For example, those born during the Moon square Jupiter are known to react and respond from an emotional point of view only to what’s meaningful. While both these celestial bodies are being protective, Jupiter is the ruler of expansion and pioneering projects, whereas the Moon is more preoccupied with domestic issues.

When opposed in birth charts, natives having such placements may want to travel to faraway places, but at the same time, they’re isolating themselves completely when at home.

Those born during the square aspect of the Moon and Jupiter are exaggerating many of their emotions to get noticed by others.

At the same time, they may be embarrassed in the presence of those who are acting the same as they do, considering them too dramatic or desperate for attention.

But no matter what, the Moon square Jupiter transit in their birth chart will give them a special charm and a popularity that can’t be seen in other natives.

Jupiter seems to always enjoy the presence of the Moon, even when opposing it. As a matter of fact, this last-mentioned aspect can make people having it in their birth chart more humorous.

Such placement is also known to bring about sexiness and more passion because the Moon is famous for influencing people to be more sensual.

When this celestial body is in square to Jupiter in birth charts, it influences people to exaggerate their emotions. For this reason, such aspect is known to make many later regret their hasty decisions.

Furthermore, those born during it can judge others too fast and be very irresponsible. They’re also self-indulgent and generous to the extreme, which means financial problems are never new to them.

While popular for their optimism, they’re not always stable as far as their relationships are going because they seem to have many moods and to oscillate between feeling very enthusiastic and not having the motivation to do anything.

For this reason, the Moon square Jupiter aspect in birth charts requires its natives to be moderate and to keep their life balanced.

Since it can minimize ambitions, it’s suggested for those born during it to have more determination, especially if they want to succeed in life.

Some of them may have been raised by an overindulgent mother or got separated by the woman who gave them birth when they were little.

They seem to dream about having an opulent home and spending their money without thinking about tomorrow.

It’s suggested for them to avoid any speculation when it comes to their finances. The conflict between their own emotions and pride can sometimes be too much even for them to handle.

Most of the time having opposing religious views from their family, some of them may be fanatics. Friendly and funny, many will want them around at parties and different social gatherings. Having a great need to wander, it’s very likely for them to get lost in a country very far away from their home.

These natives are also good at procrastinating and overindulging in food, which means they can develop weight and digestive problems from a very young age.

They sometimes don’t seem to know what their purpose in life is, which causes them to become apathetic and more prone to developing brain tumors.

Their changing ways will have them seem disloyal. It’s like they can’t commit to a person or situation for more than a few days. In case they’re becoming arrogant to their loved ones’ needs, they can end up alone and depressed.

While it’s easy for them to get their life back together after a bad event, others won’t be able to trust these people again that easily if they were never considerate.

For this reason, those born during the Moon square Jupiter transit need to work more on themselves and to build strong relationships.

Many of them will be fascinated by religion and spirituality, while others will want to be involved in all kinds of charity projects because this is what their moral beliefs are asking of them.

Moon square Jupiter Transit

While the Moon is in square position from Jupiter, all natives in the zodiac are less careful or focused on details. They can forget about both their own needs and others’. Being more enthusiastic than usual, they can exaggerate in the way they’re responding to different situations and moods.

However, they’ll get to have a good time because their generosity and efforts will be truly appreciated.

The Moon square Jupiter aspect is known to bring about a feeling of contentment and less drama.

For this reason, natives of all signs are suggested to socialize during this time. They may need to consume food, drugs or alcohol in excess, to deal with their constantly changing moods and to enjoy pleasure.

This transit is also known to make people lower their standards as far as relationships are going.

It can bring about disloyalty and embarrassment as a result of scandals between natives who love each other because many would feel more enthusiastic and confident to do just about anything and not pay too much attention to what others need. This aspect is considered evil, even if Jupiter is most of the time beneficial.

It would be a good idea for everyone to not get involved in any social or financial endeavor during it because many won’t manage to succeed, no matter how much they’ll try.

They’ll want to hurry too much and forget about some important details, not to mention they’ll be more extravagant and generous than usual, which will cause them tremendous losses.

The Moon square Jupiter transit is not good for making new friends either because this period is simply not beneficial for new beginnings. When it comes to health, it causes disorder for the blood cells, so natives of all signs should not make any excess with food and their lifestyle during it.

Furthermore, this aspect is also unfavorable for any domestic issue. Therefore, it would be better for people to just leave important tasks for another time.

They shouldn’t make changes or get rid of some things in their life because their emotions are too intense and their enthusiasm uncalled for, as long as the Moon is in square to Jupiter.

Things from the past may come to the surface, which means many will be focused on bringing justice to whatever seemed unfair. Others will want to date people who happened to be in their life at some pint because they’d have regrets and a certain nostalgia about how their previous relationships have evolved.

The Moon square Jupiter transit can be a time for making things right with any member of the family and for leaving insecurities behind. Furthermore, it can make negative situations that have happened in the past seem more optimistic if brought out into the light again.

Everyone will get to feel the influence of this aspect, not to mention there won’t be anything wrong with the fact that they want to revive old feelings or to look at old family photos.

However, they should be private about their past because no one would want to witness them reminiscing about things long-gone.

Those who happen to date new people during this transit may seem uninterested because they’d be focusing too much on the past and on reliving some moments that have already happened.

They should not involve others in this and keep their memories for themselves. When wanting to contact the new person who has entered their life, they need to make sure they’re channeled on the future and nothing else.

For all natives to get over this transit successfully, they need to be as generous as they can because this will make them feel better about themselves. Since they’re more extreme for as long as the Moon is in square to Jupiter, they should pay attention to how much they’re spending as well.

Their emotions may cause them to act on impulse, which is not at all beneficial for their wallets. They may be more interested in religion and spirituality too, also in becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to the social and humanitarian sciences.

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