Moon Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit: Emotions Suddenly Surfacing

  • The Moon Saturn opposition in the natal chart suggests you are not a big fan of responsibilities but will throw a helping hand when needed.
  • Pay attention to the Moon opposite Saturn transit because it’s known to bring conflicts in the workplace or with authority figures.
  • The Moon can offer some clues to our deepest and most hidden desires, our emotions and temperament changes.
  • The opposition aspect is all about divided loyalties and internal struggle as the two planets compete face to face on the zodiac wheel.
  • Saturn is the astral body of resilience and punctuality, helping us conform to the realities in our lives.
  • Celebrities: Jack Nicholson, Gordon Ramsay, George Michael, Lauren Bacall, Robert Redford, Barbara Walters, Bruce Lee, Derek Jacobi.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Saturn Natal

Individuals who were born during the Moon opposite Saturn transit are known to grow up faster than others, but behind Saturn’s tough mask they’re wearing, these natives are in fact hiding an inner child in need of a lot of love.

They’re usually scared of revealing this side of themselves, which means they’re most of the time seen as powerful and very independent.

Everything they’re suppressing may turn for them into depression or another mental illness, not to mention they can end up feeling like they’re not deserving anything good to happen to them.

The Moon opposite Saturn in birth charts is one of the most difficult aspects of the Moon because it makes people with this placement feel depressed and lonely.

What these natives want the most is to be emotionally nourished and supported by their partner. However, they may find out many obstacles are in their way when it comes for them to be loved and truly appreciated by others.

Just like all the other aspects of the Moon, this one is as well dependent on the relationship natives are having with their mother, especially when it comes for it to determine how these people are going to deal with their adult relationships.

If the Moon happens to be in difficult aspects with Saturn in their natal chart, they may need to practice trusting others because they’d be too terrified of people to ever develop strong relationships. Their fear would make them rigid and unable to express their own emotions.

The more these natives will accept to be cared for by others, the more their inner echo will tell them that all this is not going to last or that those who care about them are not being sincere. They may be terrified of becoming parents because they really don’t enjoy having responsibilities.

The theme that the Moon opposite Saturn transit is bringing about is all about emotional coldness.

Those having this aspect in their birth chart have been offered only conditional love when they were children, which means they’re expecting the same thing from others in their adulthood. When it comes to the hard aspects of Saturn, natives are more doubtful, not only about themselves but also about their expectations.

Usually waiting only for bad things to happen, they can easily end up attracting negativity. This is the reason why they should be more positive and wait for good things.

Those having some hard aspects in their natal chart are always cynical, skeptical and known to not change their ways for self-protection.

They may feel like others are neglecting them and acting strangely, so it’s very likely for things to happen exactly this way in their life. This vicious cycle can be broken only if they’re deciding to eliminate all the negativity in their minds.

For this to happen, they must adjust their perception and expect good things to come their way. If they won’t do this, they may end up feeling ignored and attract only negativity, not to mention how unhappy they may get to feel for the same reasons.

It’s very likely for them to not be able to easily share their emotions, which means their loved ones will see them as uncaring, dull and cold.

In such situations, they’ll get to feel all alone and left behind, which will furthermore lead to them being too shy, feeling guilty for no reason or unable to have any fun around their loved ones.

In case their moods are starting to turn into depressive episodes, it becomes necessary for them to see a therapist. If their natal chart won’t feature too many positive and happy aspects, they may be too serious and only focused on practicality.

Furthermore, they’d have a very difficult time expressing their emotions. Being aware of these issues of theirs will help them overcome the first stage of solving their problem.

Many of them may be terrified of losing their loved ones, so they need to be friends with reliable and trustworthy individuals.

While possessing many feelings just like everybody on this planet, these natives will still be surrounded by an invisible barrier that doesn’t allow them to express what’s in their hearts. Being hardworking and patient can help them be more relaxed and enjoy their relationships later in life.

Moon opposite Saturn Transit

The Moon opposite Saturn transit is known to bring about conflicts in the workplace or with authority figures.

During this period, natives of all signs are feeling like no one can understand or appreciate them enough. All their expectations may turn out to be the exact opposite of what they’ve imagined, not to mention their moods will truly impede them from getting what they want in life.

This transit is also famous for bringing about difficulties in communication and for making people act according to their moods.

Not communicating enough will cause natives to feel alone and sad, while their loved ones will see them as cold and unemotional. This is why the Moon opposite Saturn transit should be spent doing nothing.

During it, many will feel isolated and more pessimistic, not to mention their old emotions will get to surface and to impede them from being productive. More than this, many will get to be more judgmental and start to criticize everyone, including themselves.

Furthermore, nothing and no one will be able to please them, not to mention how their superiors will only ask of them to do almost impossible things. This transit is also known to make family problems seem more serious and life feeling like a burden.

People will project their feelings onto others during this period and not assume any responsibility. For this reason, the best way to go over this aspect is to focus on work and not on being nosy.

When the Moon is in opposition with Saturn, natives of all signs are feeling depressed, bored and very alone. They may distance themselves from their loved ones because they don’t want to share their emotions.

Being aware of this influence in their life can help them avoid any long-term and serious damage this transit can bring about. It would be a good idea for many to not socialize too much during this period because all of their loved ones would be colder than usual.

Some may have a morbid approach to life and see only what’s worse in others or different situations.

The Moon opposite Saturn transit is known to make all natives in the zodiac stick with what they already know and not at all interested in taking risks.

During this period, many can be narrow-minded and no longer aware of the big picture. However, they’ll focus only on what’s required of them and manage to do it perfectly. This transit is famous for making individuals take things literally and miss on any subtlety.

It’s very likely that during it, people are committing to others and some projects as a result of their emotional reactions, meaning their devotion won’t last for too long. Furthermore, this aspect is good for revealing many of the consequences resulted from strong feelings.

While the Moon is in transit for a few hours only, the phases of this celestial body are the ones posing the real difficulties that can be defeated only with hard work against anything negative, deceiving or sad.

The Moon opposite Saturn aspect is making relationships with females more difficult and is bringing about feelings of guilt. Many may feel burdened about their connections with those who are either much younger or older than them.

Others will get to feel sorry for themselves for no reason and just mop around the ones they love the most to feel better.

The Moon opposite Saturn is not at all fun, so it’s suggested for people to spend their time alone during it because their melancholy won’t do them any harm.

They’ll feel more isolated anyway, so they won’t be in any mood to meet with their loved ones, colleagues or business associates.

If trying to interact with others no matter what, their subconscious will push them towards people who are only making them feel bad about themselves, so the idea in their mind that life has no meaning will start to become stronger.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as thinking about such depressive things once in a while can be inspiring, not to mention how much it can help many appreciate the good things that will come to them in the future.

However, during the Moon opposite Saturn transit, natives of all signs will get to feel down, disappointed in themselves and they’ll spend their time with people who can only confirm these depressive thoughts.

Therefore, they shouldn’t take themselves too seriously and just work on the projects they’re meant to deal with on their own. At the same time, they should tell themselves that things aren’t as bad as they seem and be sure that their next day will be full of joy and positive energies.

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