Moon Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit: New Initiatives

  • With a conjunction between the Moon and Mars in the natal chart, you are definitely an intense character, one who doesn’t take no for an answer.
  • Pay attention to the Moon conjunct Mars transit because during it, you might feel more agitated than usual and prone to mistakes.
  • The Moon is responsible with our emotions and temperament, with how deeply we feel the interactions with other people.
  • The conjunct aspect is the most versatile and powerful astrological placement, as it brings together two planets under the same zodiac sign.
  • In astrology, Mars governs how we act on our desires, how much impulse control we have and how assertive we are generally.
  • Celebrities: Celine Dion, Herbert Hoover, Ringo Starr, Robert Graves, Elsbeth Ebertin, Michael Moore, Angelina Jolie, Billy Graham.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon conjunct Mars Natal

When the Moon is in conjunction with Mars in birth charts, people with this placement are more passionate about their own emotions. They have a higher lust for life and a contagious positive energy that can awaken the passion in others.

When the Moon and the planet Mars are interacting, people become more emotional and instinctive as far as their relationships are going, being able to make the right decisions for their goals to be achieved.

This conjunction is responsible for the strong feelings natives are sometimes getting and with how they’re perceiving the world when having to make important decisions.

These natives are very honest and don’t mind sharing feelings with their loved ones. Life would much more difficult for them if they wouldn’t be able to talk about their emotions, which means many know them as these quick-tempered characters who are all the time having strong feelings.

Being so intense can make them feel scared and uncomfortable as well, especially if they also happen to be more passionate and confrontational.

They know that releasing such energies can make them reveal their quick-temper, have emotional and angry outbursts, also that when not agreeing with someone, they’re only acting defensively.

Too much sensitivity to what others are saying and suffering from anxiety as far as emotions are going can make people imagine all of their loved ones are criticizing or trying to destroy them.

Emotions are more animated as soon as the Moon conjunct Mars transit is starting to happen. Those having this aspect in their birth chart are warmer than others, but also fiery and very sexual.

Many of them possess high levels of energy and can take the initiative in any given situation, also because they’re courageous and fast to react.

They’re feeling pressured to succeed and to prove to both themselves and others how good they are, which is a good thing for their career, but bad for their relationships as they’re never relaxed and most of the time defensive.

However, this is only what happens with those having very high levels of energy and a desire to live life to the fullest.

These natives are skilled lovers and dangerous fighters who need to put their passion into something, or the energy of Mars in their chart will turn against them in a very destructive manner.

It’s good to sometimes be dramatic, but they shouldn’t become like this just to retaliate, and especially to situations that don’t require such a reaction. They need to understand and integrate with the energies of this conjunction and even to maintain a good relationship with them.

Focusing on their chaotic emotions can only make them more agitated on the inside and annoying for their loved ones. While they may wish for their connections with others to be smooth, they seem to have problems trusting and cooperating, both at work and home.

Being fascinated and at the same time repulsed by what emotional intimacy can offer, these natives are oftentimes incapable of dealing with their strong feelings because they aren’t mature enough, not to mention they can seem raging to many when they’re refusing to establish closer connections.

On the other hand, if rejected, they can feel deeply hurt and react with harsh words that can wound any person, or with tantrums if their needs aren’t fulfilled.

They seem to become very sensitive when refused, which is turning them into the most criticizing people on Earth and is revealing how low their self-esteem actually is.

Their biggest problems in life may be related to the fact that they’re self-centered and only focused on their own emotions. They seem to not see others have their needs as well, or that these can be sensitive from time to time.

Their world seems to revolve around themselves only, which means compromise never comes easy for people having the Moon conjunct Mars transit in their birth chart.

It wouldn’t be a good idea for them to use the excuse that they weren’t aware of what others are feeling because this would only be proof for the fact that they’re completely uninterested in what their loved ones need.

They need to accept others may react to criticism the same as them and that their closest ones’ wishes are as important as their own. The more they’ll make compromises; the fewer conflicts will appear in their life.

Their emotions may influence them to not see reality as it is, which means their decisions and actions may be confusing from time to time and when having no logic behind them.

However, this negative influence of the conjunction between the Moon and Mars can be turned into something positive.

People with this aspect in their natal chart are very honest and straightforward, not to mention they can always defend themselves and protect their loved ones, even if less sympathetic and compassionate than other natives.

They won’t hesitate to fight for the weak, but they can also become too enthusiastic about their own emotions, self-centered and aggressive.

Their courage and independence are revealing how much they hate routine and their need for excitement. Very spontaneous, these natives rapidly react to any form of stimulation. Physically strong and quick-tempered, their actions seem to be guided by passion and emotions.

The Moon and Mars have successful ways of collaborating as soon as people are making some adjustments about their heart’s matters and decide to let go of any feelings of anxiety and frustration while focusing more on what others need from them.

Only after doing this, they’ll manage to see the meaning of their life. They have a conquering spirit because Mars brings them this type of energy, together with their readiness to persist and to deal with any challenge meant to make them successful and to change their life for the better.

Moon conjunct Mars transit

The Moon conjunct Mars transit makes natives stronger, sexier and more courageous. This is a time for taking the initiative and being passionate about any emotion, also for relying on instinct and fighting the good fight for happiness at home.

The day in which the Moon is in conjunction with Mars can make people have confused emotions, so they have to be careful at work, around their friends and even when going out shopping as others can annoy them for no reason at all.

They may believe everything is fine for one moment, only for the other to become irritated and to snap at their loved ones out of the blue. Therefore, if they don’t want to clean the mess, they’ve made the next day, after the energy of this transit has passed, they need to be calmer.

The strong emotions during this period need to be invested in a fight for a good cause. Feeling angry, impatient and authoritative is only an indication for those having such feelings to just relax.

In case they want to remain agitated, they may end up doing something irrational. People’s emotions become more intense when the Moon is in conjunction with Mars, also their need to join new adventures, so it would be wiser for them to keep being cool and to not argue because they’re more hateful than usual and can cause accidents or injure themselves when storming out the door or driving home angry.

However, this transit is a good period for being passionate and starting new relationships, but for this to happen, life should be challenging and interesting.

Furthermore, such a time is beneficial for those who want to take risks, to express their feelings or just to escape routine. Many should take initiatives because they’re more courageous and capable of making good decisions when the Moon is in conjunction with Mars.

Their instincts will react fast, their libido will increase and the leadership role will fit like a glove for most of the natives in the zodiac.

This transit is meant for passion and emotions, also for lovemaking and words of love. On the other hand, it could reveal anger that has been repressed, which can become a real problem, especially if dealing with new people and relationships.

Everyone will be touchy and angry during this period, so words shouldn’t be just thrown out there and left to do any damage. Those unable to calm their feelings down should focus on their hobbies or the people they love the most.

It’s not a transit that brings about rationality, not to mention that if someone is causing problems, many will stand up for themselves and against these troublemakers because this would be the energy they’re getting from the stars.

However, it would be a good idea to only fight the worthy battles, not the ones regarding trivial issues. Those who are more impulsive and can’t perceive things very clearly may end up taking unnecessary risks or making regretful changes.

The ones who have just fallen in love could use this transit and get in touch with the person they like because the forces sent from the Universe will give them the necessary emotional state for doing just so.

Their past won’t come back to haunt them, no matter how badly they’ve ended some relationships and how much pain they’ve felt at some point.

The Moon conjunct Mars transit can make many people who are developing new relationships to think the person they’ve just met has some problems, this being the reason why this period should be spent indoors until clarity and optimism are starting to become the order of the day again.

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