Moon Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit: Making New Friends

  • The natal Moon Venus conjunction will make you very preoccupied with your image and with how others perceive you.
  • Observe how during the Moon conjunct Venus transit you can connect with others more easily so it’s time to make friends.
  • In astrology, the Moon has come to represent the unconscious, the marrying of emotions with reason, the feelings that drive us forward.
  • The conjunct aspect is the strongest blend of energies that can ever be between two planets which are placed in the same sign.
  • In astrology, Venus governs all romantic aspects in one’s life, values and possessions, as well as beauty and charm.
  • Celebrities: Catherine the Great, Michael J Fox, Brooke Shields, Brad Pitt, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Rihanna, Uri Geller, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Janet Jackson.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon conjunct Venus Natal

When the Moon and Venus are in conjunction in a birth chart, the person is blessed with a special power of expression and charm.

Such natives may find it easier than others to make new friends in any kind of environment. Sometimes, they can be too friendly and generate suspicions for the more curious type.

They’ll never wait for their new acquaintances to start a conversation with them because they have this ability to make everyone feel relaxed in their presence.

Giving a lot of importance to friendship and hating rudeness, these natives never want to pretend. They simply love taking action based on what they’re thinking at the moment.

Very popular and wanting to go out more than anything else, many will get along very well with them, not to mention they’re beautiful, both on the inside and on the outside.

They’re also preoccupied with the way they’re looking and very attracted to expensive clothes or the finest jewelry. Sexually attractive, they can immediately find a partner and make friends.

The Moon is all about the inner needs people are having, so when Venus is in conjunction with it, it makes natives with this aspect in their natal chart more eager to deal with their own emotions.

The Moon will always help them satisfy their every emotional need and to form partnerships. These natives are not only wishing for the company, they truly need it.

When making a new friend, they’re charming and very gentle. Furthermore, they can find comfort in food, which means it’s not too easy for them to be all the time fit.

Whenever feeling unhappy, they’ll try to relax by eating too much or spending considerable amounts of money shopping. They should avoid mistaking pleasure for love or use it as a way to replace closure.

Since they can easily get hurt by a harsh word, people with the Moon conjunct Venus transit in their birth chart are usually always watching out not to say something nasty that can make others feel uncomfortable.

They’re also very sensitive to negative energies, not to mention they can feel other peoples’ emotions. No matter if women or men, their maternal instincts will be very present in them, which means they need to have loving and warm relationships with their loved ones and especially with the woman who brought them into this world.

They’re sincerely interested in helping others, meaning they can make individuals connect by bringing into the light their natural charm and ability to understand what others may be going through.

When intimate, these natives give a lot of importance to their feelings. The Moon and the planet Venus are both asking to be emotionally stimulated and satisfied, which means people with the conjunction of these two celestial bodies in their natal chart give a lot of importance to all of the relationships in their life.

Venus tends to make them exaggeratedly self-indulgent and selfish, also detached from their partner. This is a situation that requires more discipline from their part as far as intimacy and sharing are going.

Many of their lovers may try and emotionally manipulate them to take advantage of their sensitivity, not to mention they can become manipulative themselves, especially when trying to get things done their way.

Since this is an aspect that aligns the “yin” energies and doesn’t define personalities, it’s still highly influential, even if in hiding.

Conjunctions are modified according to the planets involved in them, which means the Moon and Venus can be a heavy influence because both these celestial bodies are receptive to stimulating energies and easy to shake.

This will have an impact on the personality traits of natives with this placement in their natal chart.

Every person has a sensitive side and the Moon conjunct Venus transit in their birth chart doesn’t necessarily modify this side of them, but it surely makes it more noticeable.

Natives with this placement will be very happy when taking care of others and their surroundings.

They want to know everyone is happy, feeling loved and appreciated. They may have many pets and a garden that never ceases to impress their friends. Furthermore, they seem to possess a good eye for fashion and talent for design.

Many will say about them that they’re not ambitious, however, they seem to have a lot of passion and devotion for the activities they love the most, not to mention how loyal they are when it comes to their romantic relationships.

It’s very likely for these people to work hard for a luxurious lifestyle and for their loved ones to feel satisfied. They seem to know how to make money and to negotiate business proposals.

However, the Moon in conjunction with Venus has a few downsides as well, especially when other aspects are present here, or perhaps a conjunction with one of the fixed and difficult planets.

For example, natives who were born during this transit may not have enough motivation to work hard, they can be reluctant to conflict and uncomfortable environments, even superficial, and they may need a partner who doesn’t mind taking out their trash.

Moon conjunct Venus Transit

When the Moon is in conjunction with Venus, people may become more sensitive to the energy of lovemaking, but also to the more negative influences, which means they can get upset more easily.

Luckily, this is a transit that brings about more beauty and plenty of love. This period is also very good for socializing as it increases popularity and influences charisma in a very positive way.

People get to feel more relaxed around others or speaking in public during the Moon conjunct Venus transit.

It would be a good idea to make new friends or to begin new romantic relationships when these two celestial bodies happen to be in conjunction, regardless of the most favorable moments for such activities are the ones after a full Moon or an eclipse of the same celestial body.

When the Moon is in conjunction with Venus, love seems to be everywhere, social skills are starting to become better and people more open. No matter what they may be doing and in the company of whom, they’ll look for sweet energies and to spread their love everywhere around because this is what makes them feel great about themselves.

They can be more caring, attractive and imaginative, which means it’s easier for them to make an impression on others and especially their dates.

The period of the Moon conjunct Venus transit is very good for establishing long-lasting relationships because people are gentler and more generous during it.

Those who are attracted to individuals with some emotional difficulties will be able to give a hand for these last-mentioned ones to feel stronger and more stable. This transit gives all natives a good business instinct as they become able to analyze emotional reactions more easily.

Furthermore, it favors changes in appearance and moments of pampering. Many will have more fun taking care of others and acting as nurturers when the Moon is in conjunction with Venus.

It’s a good period for home decorating or tending gardens, also for having fun and paying attention to hobbies. However, the tendency to eat or drink too much should be avoided, together with the one of spending too much.

It would be a better idea to just help others be more relaxed, not to mention how enhanced creativity is when the Moon and Venus are in this aspect.

Any change meant to make homes more beautiful is truly welcomed, also affection and love. People should decorate their office with flowers, cook for their dear ones and do just about anything that helps them have a better mood.

This is not a transit responsible for emotional issues because it’s the natives’ responsibility to be steady when it comes to their feelings, also to help others be the same.

For example, those who are going out with insecure and timid people will find it easier to relax the atmosphere and to make their companions open up.

It’s also a period when everyone is more romantic, dreamy, imaginative and able to impress their partner. Poetry, love letters and romantic gifts are extremely favored by both the Moon and Venus when these two celestial bodies are in conjunction.

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