Moon Conjunct Mercury Natal and Transit: Influences from the Past

  • With a Moon Mercury conjunction in your natal chart, you are likely very expressive and good with words, even if this revelation might come later in life.
  • As the Moon conjunct Mercury transit takes place, you are invited to express your emotions freely and to be more romantic than usual.
  • In astrology, the Moon symbolizes the receptive and emotional feminine nature, the motherly energy and domesticity of the home.
  • The conjunct aspect means that the different energies of the two planets can be expressed together under the same zodiac sign and work in the same direction.
  • In astrology, Mercury’s position indicates how your mental function is expressed, how decisive or indecisive you are and how you interact with others.
  • Celebrities: Muhammad Ali, Robert Redford, Leon Blum, Michael Bloomberg, Ringo Starr, Lyndon B Johnson, Peter Finch.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon conjunct Mercury Natal

The Moon in conjunction with Mercury in birth charts makes people more aware of their feelings and easy to talk to.

However, these natives can also have a tendency to think rationally about their emotions, until they end up lacking them completely.

This happens because the Moon is responsible for feelings and moods, whereas Mercury is the voice of logic and the planet that rules over how information is being processed and over how people are analyzing their impressions about others and the world in general. This conjunction resembles the Moon in Gemini more than a lot.

The personality of natives with the Moon conjunct Mercury aspect in their birth chart will very much benefit from the fact that they’re sharing their feelings, which can help them make new friends and gain the respect of others.

On the other hand, it may be challenging for them to do something for which they’re feeling absolutely nothing at all. There will be moments when their logic will be clouded by strong emotions, not to mention all this can easily turn for them into prejudices.

All interactions between the Moon and Mercury are influencing relationships, the Moon being responsible with instincts and emotions, whereas Mercury with communication and analytical skills.

This conjunction between these two indicates that natives having it in their natal chart can easily develop an inner bond between their unconscious ant their ego, also their consciousness.

When the Moon and Mercury are close in conjunction, those with such placement in their chart have the channel between the unconscious and rationality completely open.

While this celestial relationship is very beneficial, it also brings about each strength and weakness of the planets that are involved in it over time. Rationality will try to prevail and conflicts may appear when the messages between the Moon and Mercury are being contradictory.

Natives having the Moon conjunct Mercury transit in their birth chart are usually expressive and good with words. Their memory is almost perfect and they can immediately grasp the new information coming to them.

Loving to exchange ideas and to talk, even the shiest of them will have any conversation with their friends because storytelling is making them truly happy.

Most of the time, they’ll be talking about mundane activities rather than about philosophical concepts. They seem to use their right brain more than the left one, which means they’re talented with literature or psychology and not exact sciences.

It’s easy for them to succeed with any career in which they need to put their emotions into writing or into speech.

Those born during the Moon conjunct Mercury transit are inquisitive and easy to accommodate, but not very good at dealing with important emotional demands others may have from them.

They need variety and for things in their life to change, not to mention many of these natives simply love to gossip because their curiosity is tremendous. It can be challenging for them to make the energies of the Moon and Mercury work together and to bring about peace rather than conflict.

They need to analyse the messages their inner world is transmitting them and identify what the Moon is sending their way, which usually are matters related to instincts, emotional ways and security. Mercury has its messages to send, but these are more about logic.

These natives should replace the pure feelings they’re usually having with more questions about what these emotions can do for them. Furthermore, they need to define what their soul is going through instead of seeing it as a problem.

When the most sensitive, they’re also better at communicating, at solving different life issues and at having more confidence in their logic. Helping others and worrying about them comes naturally to these natives.

They seem to be very sensitive when it comes to their feelings, which indicates they’re usually anxious if pressured.

Also, dramatic, they may sometimes be too emotionally anxious that their moods are starting to change from one minute to the next. Even when feeling settled and at peace, their feelings can change very often and in a rapid manner.

The sensitivity of their emotions is proof that their intuition and psychic abilities are very strong. However, being too emotionally attached to people and possessions as well, they may become prejudiced when trying to determine how realistic their dreams are.

Besides everything mentioned, people born during the Moon conjunct Mercury transit are sociable and very good friends because their feelings for others are sincere.

They express their love by being caring, generous, compassionate and tolerant, which means many of their friendships and romantic affairs are meant to last for a lifetime. These natives seem to have a sparkle in their eyes and a very good sense of humour.

They simply love playing around and can adapt to any new situation or person, so many love them for being fun and interesting.

They know how to listen, even if seeming to talk too much because they’re curious about others may have to say about their opinions. Considerate and receptive, these natives have the ability to make the shiest individuals talk and be more open.

Moon conjunct Mercury Transit

During the day in which the Moon is in conjunction with Mercury, people are more emotional when communicating and thinking about their problems, which means logic is not very strong during this period.

Many will have difficulties expressing themselves, but not when discussing their emotions. This is the reason why this transit is extremely beneficial for writing in journals, going to therapy, talking with friends, poetry or doing anything creative for that matter.

Many will not be able to think clearly during this transit, but if they’ve faced the same problems before, perhaps when they were in their parents’ home, they’ll manage to remember how they used to address the same issues and use the same methods again.

However, the way they’re looking at the world will be changed. Furthermore, they may still bear many influences from their past, so when deciding to reject a person, it may be because their mother or father is talking through them.

The best thing for people to do when the Moon is in conjunction with Mercury is to use all of their need for socializing and turn it into an outstanding written material for others to read or into a speech.

This is a good transit for expressing emotions, especially those related to romantic relationships. Those talking with their parents and relatives will feel nourished from an emotional point of view.

Their imagination will come to the surface and their ideas will flow without interruptions. They may be tempted to discuss more personal things and to share their secrets. In the same way, others will want to remember things from their past because they’d be able to easily gain access to their memory by communicating more and more, each day.

This period makes minds more receptive and able to think fast, so a lot of natives in the zodiac will be very busy and more curious during it.

However, they won’t be able to focus for too long on doing the same thing or on the same subject. Their ability to memorize things will increase, not to mention it will be easier for them to communicate with younger individuals.

Everyone will be honest about their feelings and very preoccupied with their personal life during this transit, seeking advice from others, regardless if they need it or not.

Being emotionally sensitive helps their intuition and psychic abilities, but more attention should be paid as feelings can easily cloud perceptions.

Those who are dealing with a lot of pressure will become moodier, the only way for them to deal with this issue being socializing. The more they’ll open and understand others, the more they’ll stabilize.

People going on dates with individuals they’re not so attracted to may change their mind about their future with their dates.

Everyone has to be in touch with themselves during this transit if the dating game is involved, so confusion and insecurities from the past should be completely eliminated.

Those who’ve dealt with the same things before will notice their intuition is stronger and that they’re more sensitive to their problems.

However, they shouldn’t trust their decisions too much because this period is pretty blurry and they may get the wrong impression of others.

The day when the Moon conjunct Mercury is happening is beneficial for dealing with emotional problems because self-expression is increased now and the past can come into the light with many lessons that have been already learned.

Old patterns and behaviors in relationships may surface, also insecurities from childhood, but there’s no one or nothing to stop people dealing with these issues successfully while this transit is in place.

As said before, personal talks and writing in journals are suggested activities for this period, also anything meant to put feelings out there in the open and to heal old wounds.

The energies of the Moon and the planet Mercury are perfect for emotional connections, but people should remember their logic isn’t too strong if these two celestial bodies are in conjunction. Big decisions should be postponed until the time becomes favorable for objectivity.

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