Mars Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit: Overcoming Difficulties

  • The natal Mars Pluto conjunction means you are a courageous and wilful character, one who can endure through good and bad times.
  • Be mindful of the Mars conjunct Pluto transit because you can obtain many benefits if you remain perseverant and focused.
  • Mars is the planet of aggression and survival, prompting us to move past any obstacles and adversaries in life.
  • The conjunct aspect is the powerful alliance between two planets that are transiting the same zodiac sign, thus uniting their energies toward the same goal.
  • Pluto rules over obsessions, power play and manipulation and the cycle of creation and destruction in life.
  • Celebrities: Charles-Marie Widor, Brian Wilson, Alexander Fleming, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Paul McCartney, Joseph Gurney Cannon, Hillary Clinton, Jean Driscoll, Patsy Cline.
  • Transit dates: 23 March 2020, 03 March 2022, 14 February 2024, 27 January 2026, 11 January 2028, 24 December 2029, 05 December 2031, 07 November 2033, 13 May 2035, 14 April 2037.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars conjunct Pluto Natal

People born during the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect seem to possess a lot of energy they need to use in a constructive manner, especially if they want to keep their courage and being active.

However, if they decide to adopt a destructive behavior, they can become aggressive, mean and cynical. They’re known as spiritual creatures, able to control the power sent to them from the Universe.

Mars conjunct Pluto natal is making people with this placement more eager to achieve their goals. These natives are strong, passionate and courageous, but they tend to manipulate others to achieve their goals, which can impede them from succeeding and making friends.

Courageous and willful, they can endure through bad times and realize the impossible. More than this, they’re not afraid of any danger and even death, regardless of how threatened they may be feeling.

In case Mars in their birth chart is afflicted, their emotions can become blocked and they may experience all kinds of psychological issues. It’s very likely for them to turn their dreams into clear objectives, whereas the less evolved ones can become violent or involved in all kinds of criminal activities.

In case their Mars is strong, they’re more egotistical and greedier. A stronger Pluto gives them a will to have control over their desires and an ability to regenerate faster than others.

If inspired, natives born during the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect are stronger and more determined. On the other hand, they’re pretty close-minded and can insist too much on some issues, getting to the point of obsession.

They seem to have great talents as investigators and researchers, not to mention their mind is always fascinated by the human psyche, meaning they could do a great job as psychologists.

They’ll likely look for challenges all over the place out of their need to explore. In this situation, they need to be careful and not allow such an inclination to take over their life because always wanting more can make them feel unhappy with what they’ve already accomplished.

They have stamina that can’t be seen in others and can endure a lot to make their dreams come true. It would be better to never push them around or be aggressive in their presence because they’re starting to be more stubborn than ever when feeling pressured.

Always aware of others’ authority and power, they want themselves to be like this, meaning they’re difficult to let go of things and some resentments they may be feeling. They seem to react very intensely and emotionally when it comes to their instincts. The more they’ll mature, the more they’ll learn to detach themselves from what’s less important and gain objectivity.

The Mars conjunct Pluto in their birth chart is giving them enough physical strength they can use when having to be persistent, determined and resistant.

Their energy can make them more self-centered, also stimulated when it comes to the goals they’re trying to achieve and the benefits they could gain from collaborating with others.

When it comes to intimacy, they’re a little bit aggressive and a true force of nature, not to mention Pluto is influencing them to be more possessive and pretentious, meaning they may try to dominate in bed.

The more they mature, they’re starting to discover that they’re very interested in social matters, this way, making their own life more fruitful, especially when required to express their talents and high levels of energy.

When it comes to their personal relationships, these can be pretty superficial until they’re becoming more aware of how to use their strong energy. Very expressive and quick-tempered, it’s likely for them to build up a lot of frustration, hate, and jealousy inside their heart.

In case they’re not getting what they want by force, they’ll go for subversive strategies and make some changes. Their dark side can be a dominant, aggressive and rude one.

Their fighting spirit is strong, but they should save it for enemies and avoid using it in the presence of their loved ones.

If they want their relationships to be healthy, it becomes necessary for the individuals born during the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect to make their rawest urges work for higher purposes, like healing and helping others.

As a matter of fact, the more they’ll take selfless actions, the more they’ll evolve. It’s good for them to have ambitions and be competitive because this aspect in their birth chart will help them in such direction, yet only if they’re not the type to step on others’ toes to get what they want.

Natives born during the Mars conjunct Pluto transit should use their charm and sexual power as much as possible. However, they shouldn’t forget about their morals and ethics.

They can influence others to make the most beneficial changes for themselves, even if they need to pay attention to what they’re suggesting to those who are too easy to impress.

In case the Mars in conjunction with Pluto in their birth chart is being challenged and perhaps positioned in another conjunction with a fixed star or a retrograde planet, it becomes absolutely necessary for them to use their energy constructively. Their karmic problems may be related to serious issues like murder, rape and exaggerated violence.

Mars conjunct Pluto Transit

The Mars conjunct Pluto aspect is known to make all natives in the zodiac more eager for success and power.

During it, many will obtain what they want by being strong and persevering. However, they should be careful not to become completely resentful when it comes to making any compromise.

Besides this, they should try and not lose their grip on their motivations and the consequences of their actions because they can be extreme, too often. Because everyone is motivated when aware of their most profound needs, they can use the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect to transform their life completely.

During the Mars conjunct Pluto transit, all individuals, no matter their Sun sign or Ascendant, are more ambitious, sexual and interested in obtaining the power. Their selfishness can have them more ruthless than usually, even violent against what stands in their way.

In case they’re refusing to go after their wishes and dreams, their energy may become overwhelming for the people surrounding them. This can become more dangerous the more they’re starting to lose control over any situation in their life.

For as long as the Mars conjunct Pluto transit is happening, people can be selfish, but not in a harmful way. However, they still need to work on their own when it comes to following their true passions.

They’ll manage to overcome any difficult situation, not to mention they’ll be creative enough to make any major transformation in their life.

When it comes to their closest relationships, they’ll be more domineering and violent than others, this being the reason why they need to keep in mind that perhaps not all people are as fiery as them.

The week of the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect is known to bring about many ego clashes, so those who are thinking they’re defending themselves against threats may do nothing else than agitating things around them.

However, they’d still be helped by good luck and possess a good energy to continue with their endeavors. For this reason, they should make the best of this transit and try as much as possible to avoid arguments with anyone.

They should just act as a nice cashier in a supermarket and be polite. If refusing to channel all of their passion for good things, they may end up involved in more conflicts they can handle.

This is why many natives should focus on their exercise regimen during the Mars conjunct Pluto transit, refurbish their home or decide to run at a marathon.

Whatever they may want, they shouldn’t challenge others or stand up for things they’re not feeling strongly about because, in this situation, they’d only annoy their colleagues, coworkers, and bosses at work, also their loved ones at home.

More than this, they should focus to not be harsh when making decisions or taking action. In case they need to compete, many need to bring out their fighting spirit because they’ll surely win.

There would be nothing wrong with them acting on instinct and using the adrenaline running through their blood for any endeavor. However, they should avoid becoming nasty, rude or too aggressive. They can impress others in a great manner by making use of their power in the wisest ways.

Their strength will be greatly activated by the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect, also their determination. Many may decide to take care of their most important projects and struggle to make reforms happen.

Anything superficial and unimportant will be left aside because the intensity of this transit needs to be used one way or the other. However, some will feel angry and vengeful when criticized, so the more impulsive natives should be paid more attention during this period.

Some will study what’s hidden behind words and understand subtleties, no matter if they’re interested in science, arts or crafts. It will be easier for them to take their talents and resourceful secrets into the light. Others may want to make more money and start projects meant to bring them great rewards.

Since the Mars conjunct Pluto transit is known as one of success, many people will push themselves harder than usual and even use manipulation to obtain what they want. In case they’ll be able to focus only on themselves and see the big picture, they’ll manage to accomplish great things.

Their physical strength will be increased during this transit, not to mention they’ll be able to endure long periods of hard work. They can even become obsessed with their work, meaning they should relax their body more, especially if they don’t want to end physically exhausted.

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