Mercury Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit: Finding Your Way

  • With a conjunction between Mercury and Venus in the natal chart, you must be good at negotiating and have an inner talent for saying what matters, in the most diplomatic way.
  • The Mercury conjunct Venus transit prompts us to see beauty around us and we are less likely to fall prey to pessimistic thoughts.
  • The planet Mercury is responsible with verbal understanding and self-expression, helping us with the way we reason and how we communicate our thoughts.
  • The conjunct aspect consists of the two planets being in close proximity, in the same zodiac sign, so their energies are blended
  • In astrology, Venus deals with beauty, romance, sensuality and with the pleasure we derive from our possessions.
  • Celebrities: Robert De Niro, Katherine Mansfield, Kathy Bates, Howard Stern, Christina Applegate, Celine Dion, Johnny Depp, Gene Wilder.
  • Transit dates: 22 May 2020, 13 February 2021, 25 April 2021, 29 May 2021, 29 December 2021, 26 September 2022, 21 November 2022, 29 December 2022, 27 July 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury conjunct Venus Natal

The Mercury conjunct Venus aspect in birth charts is making people more caring, intelligent and honest. Diplomatic, these people can be all the time called upon to help their friends regarding any problem.

People born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect are positive, elegant, nice and relaxed, not to mention they possess an artistic mind and don’t like being rude. Good writers and poets, they can express themselves without any problem.

They’re most of the time saying what’s right and when they’re supposed to, so it’s easy for them to make money by communicating.

This aspect of their birth chart is not forcing anyone to choose any field of study or to debate about something. It’s the style in which they’re communicating that matters the most, not to mention they know how to be kind, aided by their relaxing tonality and the poetry in their heart.

Such talent they’re having when it comes to communication is making things easy when interacting with others if the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect is not receiving challenges from Saturn or another tough planet in their birth chart.

Many can find these natives to be elegant, fascinating and charming. As said before, they have their ways with words because their mind is constantly connected to what matters the most and to diplomacy.

They simply love organizing parties because they can express their thoughts most attractively, not to mention they can help others understand different concepts without sounding threatening. More than this, they can see things from more than one point of view.

For this reason, they’re good at negotiating and have an inner talent for saying what matters, in the most diplomatic way. More than this, they can understand what protocols are and how people should be approached.

These natives tend to see things optimistically because they most of the time enjoy doing what’s best for others. For this reason, others love, appreciate and respect them.

More than this, they’re good at teaching and making sales, as well in the diplomatic field or at transmitting any information. When it comes to romance and their friends, they can express their warmth without struggling too much and they can make others feel comfortable.

In consequence, people born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect are those whom others are calling on many times when wanting to organize parties or when needing support. They’re elegant, metaphorical and polite in the way they’re expressing themselves. This placement is also making them appreciate art more than anything else.

The purpose of natives born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect is to balance things, even if they’re sometimes unable to make decisions because they can see how others are in fact thinking and giving value to any opinion. Fair and sociable, they’re also a little bit lazy and sometimes prefer to just socialize than to work.

More than this, they’re important intellectuals and rational with their emotions, meaning they can think too much about what love means to them and lose the connection with it. For this reason, they’re only happy among intellectuals like them. In case the conjunction in their birth chart is being challenged, they may attract only tricky people.

Individuals born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect love people and developing relationships of any kind because they’re kindhearted. What they’re doing is most of the time is bringing about the balance and the beauty that can make them improve healthily.

Calm from a mental point of view, if the conjunction between Mercury and Venus in their birth chart is being afflicted, they’re the type that others are calling sociable and happy.

Creative and good art critics, they’ve most likely been appreciated in school for reading a lot and for having a lot of talent with the visuals.

Because Mercury rules over trade and Venus over money among other things, those who were born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect can do great as business people and negotiators.

They can be great journalists, politicians, artists, musicians, and sociologists, but this doesn’t mean they could not succeed in any career.

Mercury conjunct Venus Transit

During the Mercury conjunct Venus transit, people are more focused on receiving love and being appreciated by others. They’re likely getting complimented, invited to parties or given gifts.

Their creativity can grow to be more than they’ve expected it to be, not to mention many may enjoy writing poetry, handcrafting or making music. Words are meant to comfort and attract, whereas communication is easy and fun because everyone is looking to laugh.

Those who prefer to just see the beauty in everything and not the harshness are more interested in the artistic field and what’s generating diversions. The more analytical minds can think about their happiness and start to plan different ways in which they can make their life more joyful.

Social discipline is easier to achieve for as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Venus. People are talkative, having light conversations, making fun and collaborating. Many should decide to socialize and to communicate more easily, as well as tell their loved ones what they’re feeling.

For this reason, negotiating is advocated. From a mental point of view, some may not feel very disciplined because they’re preferring pleasantries overworking. Natives of all signs should expect to receive compliments, and if they’re not ready for it, they should just read the news or gain some knowledge on what they’re curious about.

More than this, the Mercury conjunct Venus transit is beneficial for closing businesses. Its week gives many the great chances to express their affections to both those who are far away and those at home.

Communication shouldn’t be limited, so love letters should be sent, as well as lists with how people want their lover to be.

Therefore, calling that special someone and sending him or her an e-mail is the thing to do during this period. Romanticism should be practiced, so letters should be sent because they can be very inspiring. No matter the type of communication, many will discover they have more eloquence and can express their love, making others smile and bringing happiness into their life.

Natives of all signs should keep in mind the Mercury conjunct Venus transit is not all about being in love, but more about sincere feelings. For this reason, it should be used for closing contracts as both parties can gain a lot from the deals.

People are thinking more about their ideals and can see the best in others, a thing that’s making communication happier and more positive.

Trades and negotiations are the things to do for as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Venus because everyone can easily communicate and bargains can be obtained without too much struggle. Disputes can end in peace and contracts can be signed without worrying.

Natives should befriend new people because they’re more sociable and their voice is charming. Favors can be asked, as well as lovers to go out on dates. Those who want to date should go ahead and do it, whereas friendships could be renewed.

The day in which Mercury is in conjunction with Venus is about being interested in beauty and pleasure, so light conversations are very likely to be truly enjoyable.

Everyone is interested in socializing and having a company, meaning working alone can be a drag. Communication is harmonious and sincerity when it comes to curiosity about what others are thinking always present. Some people could decide to travel and visit their loved ones or the beautiful places they’re curious about.

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