Moon Square Saturn Natal and Transit: Ending Toxic Relationships

  • In a natal chart, the Moon Saturn square suggests that one is often guided by some unresolved emotional issues.
  • When the Moon square Saturn transit takes place, people are starting to feel restricted and more depressed about their personal relationships.
  • The Moon represents the motherly energy, the domestic realm of the home, our emotions and temperament.
  • The square aspect can be defined as a battle of wills of the two planets involved which are placed in signs that are ninety degrees apart.
  • The planet Saturn is a reminder of our responsibilities and commitments, pushing us to conform to the expectations of those around.
  • Celebrities: Dorothy Parker, Steven Spielberg, Cilla Black, Judy Garland, Marie Antoinette, Franz Schubert, Marilyn Monroe, Aaron Spelling.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Saturn Natal

Those having the Moon square Saturn in their natal chart are very likely to create a lot of problems as far as their own relationships are going because they’re awkward and lonelier than others. Many of the emotional challenges they’re going through as adults are the result of what happened to them when they were little.

Those of them who had a confusing and sad childhood will get to suffer from depressive episodes and have feelings of unexplained guilt or anger as adults.

All this may be the cause of one of their parents being unemotional and detached from the family life, which made these natives feel ignored, neglected, unattractive and unloved.

In case their family wasn’t there for them during the emotional crises of their childhood, they may encounter serious problems in their behavior as adults.

Whether they’ve imagined or not that their parents didn’t offer them too much attention or support, they may have no respect for the world they’re living in and society as a whole, also for the people who raised then and others who’ve offered them mentoring.

This problem of theirs can be solved if their parents and teachers are offering them enough attention and respect. Romance or a strong friendship can make them feel like they’re belonging somewhere and to someone, which could be highly beneficial for them.

It would be a good idea for these natives to take part in group activities and to interact with others as much as possible, especially when going to different events.

If having some unresolved issues regarding their own emotions, they may get to feel limited and restricted when being offered very good opportunities. These problems of theirs may be the result of some sentimental failures in their past and unpleasant memories regarding their closest relationships.

It can be difficult for natives born during the Moon square Saturn transit to let go of feelings that have passed, which means all of their decisions and behaviors are usually influenced by the vivid memories present in their mind.

They’ve likely grown up feeling bad about themselves and not having too much self-confidence, so their view on the world may be restrictive.

This could be the result of some turbulent experiences they had during childhood. Maybe they were trying to hide their vulnerabilities by surrounding their hearts with protective walls, or perhaps they had the impression as children that their parents didn’t love them.

Some of these natives may have gone through the death of their mother or father, or perhaps those who raised them got divorced.

Many of the natives born during the Moon Square Saturn transit can be emotionally dependent on their family and not want to change this situation, no matter how old and successful.

Regardless of the problems they may be having regarding their feelings, all of the people born during the Moon square Saturn transit are pessimistic, moody, melancholic, sadder than others and not very energetic.

This specific position of these two celestial bodies present at their birth gives them a serious air and a desire to move forward in life, no matter what. The more temperamental they’ll be when young, the more problems they’ll get to have. It’s good to know their unexplained feeling of guilt will disappear if they’re deciding to be more mature about everything.

The Moon square Saturn aspect in birth charts is known to bring about a lot of insecurity, but individuals having it are also very good at learning from their own mistakes.

They know themselves very well and can work hard to prove how good they are at what they’re doing.

However, they need to learn how to deal with anxiety and depression because they’re prone to have these feelings more often than others.

Those with the Moon square Saturn in their natal chart can have many emotions from past experiences still present and fear what no longer poses a threat to them.

They’re known to feel depressed, melancholic, selfish, insecure and moody for no reason whatsoever, which means their dear ones may try to avoid them as much as possible because of their negative influence.

Some of them can suffer from the mother complex or be inhibited because this is what they were taught as children. These people tend to isolate themselves and to exaggerate with self-pity because they love playing the victims and the inferiority complex seems to be in their nature too.

For this reason, they need to learn how to deal with their frustrations and depressive episodes, especially if they want to start every day with a smile on their face and a positive attitude.

When it comes to their love life, they may be very shy towards the opposite sex and act like their own worst enemy by trying too much to prove themselves in front of their other half, while having no confidence in their abilities whatsoever.

If they’ll insist on being alone and not get involved in family matters or the events their friends are organizing, they may not develop healthily from an emotional point of view. This would result in them not being empathetic, but more depressed and desperate to win the attention of others.

Emotionally immature, they may never establish real friendships, whereas being rejected can make them feel terrible about themselves.

They shouldn’t blame others for their own mistakes or give in completely to their feelings because they may end up doing dangerous or illegal activities. And this is only one example of how they could become self-destructive, which usually has its roots in childhood.

For those with such urges to become better persons, they need to be aware of the Moon square Saturn aspect in their birth chart and become more caring with others. Those of them who know how to take advantage of their emotional experiences can become very successful in life.

As a matter of fact, many celebrities happen to be born during this transit. Being more private and serious than other people due to the Moon square Saturn placement at their birth, they’re still not bothered by notoriety.

Moon square Saturn Transit

The Moon square Saturn transit is very serious and important, so it’s suggested for natives of all signs to focus on their biggest problems during it, also to try and spend their time alone rather than with those who know too little about their personal life.

It would also be a good idea for them to work harder than usual and to have a lot of patience when trying to figure their life out. The anxiety and the delays encountered during this period are known to pass as soon as the transit is over.

When the Moon is in a square position from Saturn, people are starting to feel restricted and more depressed about their personal relationships.

During this period, many may find it difficult to interact with others profoundly because they’d be feeling sad, lonely and guilty of things they haven’t done.

More than this, they may remember how they’ve failed in previous relationships and suffered because of it.

This transit is famous for bringing about grumpiness and low self-esteem, so natives of all signs may find it very difficult to share their emotions during it.

Some of them will distance themselves from their loved ones and become more isolated, especially those who are all day long being nagged by one of the women in their life.

This lunar position is usually marked by critical events, so people must be careful when establishing connections with others or when taking care of some of their domestic issues.

They may encounter financial problems and become depressed for trivial reasons because they’d be all the time worried and unhappy with everything that’s happening in their lives.

This transit is not beneficial for making changes or taking part in new adventures. Many may get sick, especially those who possess a more fragile constitution, not to mention everyone will have lower levels of energy.

Therefore, the Moon square Saturn aspect should be spent in bed and avoiding all kinds of activities known to cause the flu or other health problems.

As said before, this period is critical, so people need to take good care of themselves while it lasts. It’s considered dangerous because it can bring death and sorrow to many individuals. Many astrologers are seeing the Moon square Saturn transit as evil or as the planetary event that stands against progress.

It would be a good idea for everyone to be responsible for their emotional responses during it because if not, they may end up having problems with their relationships as a result of their immature emotions.

More than this, they shouldn’t blame others for their bad moods because they would only be wrong.

The good news is that this transit can end unhealthy connections and even addictions, even if it makes any partnership seem colder and people more nagging.

Those who happen to be very happy with their partner mustn’t pay attention to any bad thing happening during this transit, or that can put distance between them and their other half.

The Moon square Saturn transit is not beneficial for socializing or having fun because no one happens to be in a good mood while it’s happening.

Accepting sadness and that sometimes loneliness is a good thing should be tried out by everyone, for as long as the Moon and Saturn are in a square position from each other.

It would be a good idea to not get involved with new acquaintances because these relationships may prove to be detrimental and difficult to escape.

Many will be subconsciously drawn to those who are only limiting them or who can’t stop criticizing others for them to feel better about their own life.

Such connections don’t have strong foundations because they aren’t based on equality, not to mention the old relationships may be troubled during this transit as well.

People can become mean and criticizing from sweet and giving, which doesn’t necessarily lead to breakups and friends parting ways, but it influences many to no longer feel good when interacting with their loved ones.

It doesn’t matter how they’ve felt a while back and the efforts they’ve invested in certain relationships, this aspect is going to make them feel like they can’t handle some of their friendships and the romantic affair they’re having anymore.

They’ll feel like their commitments to others are useless and only bringing them emotional debts. Criticism will be taken in like bitter medicine and the heavy energies of the transit will be endured rather than welcomed.

The more sensitive natives are suggested to have positive thoughts about themselves, no matter what others may be telling them to believe.

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