Venus Sextile Jupiter Natal and Transit: Focus on the Bright Side

  • The birth chart sextile between Venus and Jupiter makes one exhibit a strong yearning for romantic experiences.
  • Be mindful of the Venus sextile Jupiter transit because you are more optimistic than usual and likely to get involved in things without thinking twice.
  • In astrology, Venus influences all that is pleasurable in life, from love to aesthetic preferences.
  • In astrology, the sextile aspect is responsible with opportunities and rewards people for their efforts, being a harmonious and mostly positive placement.
  • The planet Jupiter is the epitome of great wealth, whether this is through material forces or comes from the spiritual realm.
  • Celebrities: Edith Piaf, Richard Nixon, Marilyn Monroe, George Eliot, Van Morrison, Queen Anne of Great Britain, George Michael, Winston Churchill.
  • Transit dates: 23 January 2020, 14 December 2020, 10 April 2021, 28 October 2021, 28 June 2022, 04 January 2023, 05 May 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus sextile Jupiter Natal

People with Venus sextile Jupiter in the natal birth chart are individuals that brim with joy and originality.

Everybody’s talking about them and how compassionate, friendly and communicative they are. As if that wasn’t enough, unlike most other people, they’re already certain about what they desire from this life.

Their financial status is never an issue, however, while they can amass wealth quickly, they can just as easily spend it.

Their empathy and social skills provide them with quite an array of friends and are more than likable because of this. These traits also mean that these people might often engage in relationships of either a romantic or sexual nature.

Another common thing is their strong entanglement with religious matters. Their strong spirituality also provides them with inspiration that makes them prone toward art. As such, these people would do well to indulge in careers oriented towards this domain.

When these people’s energy is on a positive note, they can be some of the kindest, most outgoing and carefree that anybody can meet.

While they rarely offer help out of their initiative, if need truly be, they waste no time in providing aid. Their nature makes it so that they treat relationships with a positive, carefree outlook.

However, this can go out of hand and they end up not taking things as seriously as they should, which can, in turn, cause quite a few problems in the romance department. On the same note, they also present great talent for music and might be able to make it big in this industry if they so desire.

People with the Venus sextile Jupiter in their birth chart are passionate, determined and diligent individuals that won’t stop until they’ve reached the goals they’ve set in mind.

They are also shown to have a strong yearning for anything involving romance and feelings. They simply despise being alone in the world.

Something else this person seriously takes into consideration is a long-lasting commitment, however, their partner would do well to remember that they ought to offer the same kind of faithfulness and compassion if they want a fruitful relationship. These people can be quite affectionate and caring, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get down and dirty in bed.

Their charismatic persona makes them more than attractive to the public, subjecting them to the attention of others on more than a few occasions.

Tie this with their general leniency and humanitarianism mind set and they can easily engage in charitable endeavors.

The freedom-loving nature present in this transit will also make people prone to chasing adventure and traveling. While they enjoy the carefree lifestyle, they can also engage in matters of more seriousness, such as teaching others, reading up on the great philosophers of the world or even immersing themselves in law or writing.

These individuals might encounter difficulties due to their inability to stop themselves from enjoying the pleasures of life.

Overindulging might happen when it comes to having fun, and so they might get lost in the party, trying out all kinds of drugs, drinking a tad bit too much and maybe even falling into addiction because of this uncontrolled behavior. If happiness is to be achieved, balance and responsibility should come first.

Venus sextile Jupiter Transit

This period will bless you with gifts in the social and bonding aspects of your life. You will benefit from an even more attractive look and people will gather around your personality like moths to a flame.

Your goodwill, talkative nature, and bright vision is what’s going to grab everybody’s attention and compel them into being around you. Your emotions and feelings are enhanced and the probability of you engaging in sexual intercourse is increased.

This transit is perfect for trying out your luck in getting into a relationship if you don’t already have one, or even engaging in new friendships.

Adventuring out into the world isn’t out of the question. Actually, it is advised as it will provide a different perspective on life and new lessons to learn.

This is also a good time to thinking about how to efficiently invest your money, since most decisions regarding such endeavors are blessed for success during this transit, especially if it’s related to your studies.

While this is a time for prosperity, you should be careful as you might feel too much desire for overindulgence which might cause addiction depending on how you choose to proceed.

You should really focus on the bright side of life during the Venus sextile Jupiter transit. This is a time for joyful and exciting moments to happen, so take all the bad stuff that’s been happening to you recently and just throw it out the window.

It’s not so much that you’ll have to force yourself to ignore the negativity that’s happening around, it’s just that the good things will intensely outweigh the bad things without you having to do anything.

On this note, you’ll also be doing great on the social side of life. Your relationships with your friends will start to flourish as never before, working will no longer seem a hassle with how wonderful you’re getting along with your colleagues and romance will be brimming with excitement and pleasantness for you. It’s all in the way you carry yourself and the charisma and serenity you exude.

While you have plenty to provide to the world, you’re also not known to turn down the kindness of others.

Compassion, recognition and love are of great importance and seeing as how you’ll be experiencing plenty of those, you’ll be having no problems during this time.

Try getting out of the house and hanging out with those you care a bit more often since this is a time of communication and the strengthening of bonds.

Friends will often take the edge off and be there for you when the time comes. Learn to appreciate what you have going on for you and the people that are there for you.

The care-free atmosphere around you along with your positive outlook on life and amazing communication skills will make your financial and business-related endeavors take a fortunate turn, since you’ll be able to get everybody on your side to help you.

Friends and colleagues at work will surely benefit from your charismatic and compassionate aura and will feel at ease around you. This is to be an experience, a lesson to be remembered so that you can see and appreciate the world for its vastness and its beauty.

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