Venus Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit: Out of the Comfort Zone

  • With a Venus Uranus opposition in your natal chart, you are a gentle but rather naïve soul that can be taken advantage of easily.
  • Be mindful of the Venus opposite Uranus transit because your desires and impulsivity are exacerbated and bad decisions could follow.
  • The planet Venus is associated with self-worth, our relationship to possessions, and one-on-one connections.
  • The opposition aspect brings to the forefront matters of content and discontent, certainty and uncertainty and other life controversies.
  • In astrology, Uranus is the planet of liberation, rebellion, technological transformation and freedom from structure.
  • Celebrities: Steve Jobs, Princess Margaret, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Page, Megan Fox, Sean Connery, Jack London, Queen Maud of Norway.
  • Transit dates: 27 November 2020 and 23 September 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus opposite Uranus Natal

When Venus is opposing Uranus in the birth chart, the people influenced by this become highly unreasonable from an emotional standpoint.

This particular position of Venus in the natal chart comes with complications regarding the romantic area of your life.

This tied together with a desire for the unknown and foreign that has yet to be experienced will push people into taking major risks in their endeavors, regardless of what the voice of reason or others have to say.

Their strong yearning for freedom will often make them seem detached from the world and secluded from others.

While people automatically gravitate towards these individuals, their selfish, cold nature will push others, especially those of the opposite sex, away. Issues in any sort of relationship will be the norm and will often push them off the right path.

While they are gentle souls, these people can easily mistreat those around them due to their hard, headstrong personality that can easily overlook the needs of others.

This is also shown in their petty behavior when they don’t get what they want. Everything must go their way, otherwise, they throw a tantrum fit.

Venus opposite Uranus natives are seen to have a strong insecurity regarding their status in society which brings forth emotional instability and an erratic behavior at best, especially in tales of love unrequited.

Given their instability, when it comes to love, the behavior these people have will often create confusion. They can’t help being hot and then cold, going yes and then no.

This is caused by a common fear of the people. Fear of being pushed away, rejected by those they care about the most. And so, they’ll behave in opposite extremes. When they don’t get what they want, they’ll throw a fit.

When they receive too much of it, they’ll seem detached and will start feeling caged by too much affection. If their lover doesn’t catch on to their silent call for help, they will become aloof and even insensitive.

The conditioning of these individuals has it so that their relationships are ever-changing. Their unrequited love makes them angry and frustrated, while too much love makes them shy away from it.

They feel and appreciate love the most when they don’t feel suffocated by it. Because of this, it isn’t uncommon for people with this birth chart to experience on and off relationships.

Because of their nature, from the beginning, these people had the best of luck in creating relations with others that share their sense of freedom and personal space.

This means that their best shot at building lasting relationships is only with people that are either detached and unpredictable to maintain the surprise factor, or with people that appreciate freedom as they do, and wish to commit to such an endeavor.

A healthy method to keep boredom at bay and exert positivism in their love life would be to expand their sexual attraction towards broader horizons. Being straight might limit this individual’s accessibility for fun and new thrills to experience.

Getting in touch with this side of their might unlock new opportunities and even create long-lasting bonds in the meantime.

During this time, it is well-advised to avoid being a big spender. This period influences people into becoming erratic spenders which might make their cash flow fluctuate unfavorably. Keeping this in check will ensure they have remaining savings for rough, unexpected times.

Venus opposite Uranus Transit

During this transit, you are susceptible to engaging in unfaithful machinations. Your partner’s stubbornness in accepting some of your sexual propositions and advancements might also aid towards this end.

This will be a challenging time for your romantic life, and cheating will not be advantageous for your relationship.

While this transition can spell trouble and a lack of stability, this can benefit those that are single, encouraging them to explore possible relationships.

If there already is an existing commitment that is detrimental, then engaging in a new relationship might seem thrilling, and if the partner shares a similar belief regarding freedom, then you might be in for a long commitment.

It is wise to attempt an exploration of ways to contribute to your overall mood during this period as it amplifies your desire for experiencing new things and so, keeping to your daily routine might bore you a tad bit too much, which might, in turn, make you fall into a state of depression.

Maybe trying out something new, out of your comfort zone could be fruitful, eh? I suppose there’s no way of finding out other than trying. Maybe making a new acquisition or spending some time alone downtown from time to time might positively change your energy.

While amid this opposing transition, you are highly susceptible to a chaotic emotional state. Anything could stir up your fires and provoke you into starting a fight, even things that you would normally pass by without a second thought.

After the waters have calmed, you’ll realize how pointless, poor and awkward your behavior was, and you’ll be left thinking what the heck was wrong with you.

It would be best if during this time you’d try to catch onto mood swings early on and temper your mind to avoid any unfortunate scenarios.

You’re in danger of experiencing financial turmoil due to the influence of this transition. Why? Well, if you’re not doing that great in the love department, you might try to rid yourself of frustration or experiencing new things via your money, which let’s be honest, can be spent way easier than it was made.

Try finding more proactive methods to enjoy your time, that don’t involve much or any money spending.

While your nature right now is intensely inclined towards indecisiveness, you really need to make up your mind about committing to a relationship or being free and self-sufficient.

Even if a relationship is already present, there will be a constant battle within you, between the desire for someone and the yearning for autonomy.

If a long lasting, prosperous relationship is what you want, then you ought to comply with that desire and stay together with your partner rather than leave them in the dust to chase other leads.

This period also holds instability for the other aspects of a person’s life. Times might get rough at work, with finances and you might also start overthinking your every move. However, this isn’t necessarily bad.

This just means that you’re conscious of your current state which leaves room for evolution and improvement. Don’t shy away from what you’re lacking. Use this information to your advantage. Jump into the fray and leave it as a new, better version of yourself.

Nothing is certain for you and most other people during this particular position of Venus. Any endeavors, especially in social circumstances, with other people, will hold the possibility of a chaotic outcome.

All communication is in danger of being misunderstood, so you would do well to abstain from taking any serious, long-term decisions because they might not be the right choices.

While generally speaking you might be prone to experiencing poor outcomes out of your social involvements, some people might pop up that will present you with some worthwhile situations that ought to bring you some new, benefiting overviews upon life.

After all, the things you usually enjoy might not be valid during this time and your taste in overall pleasure and enjoyment might change.

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