Neptune Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit: Materializing Your Ideals

  • In a natal chart, the Neptune Pluto sextile means you are highly attuned to your spiritual side and should let your intuition run freely.
  • Pay attention to the Neptune sextile Pluto transit because you will be more observant than usual and you might not like everything you see.
  • Neptune is the governing planet of the fantastic, of our dreams and imagination.
  • When two planets are in a sextile relationship, they are placed in signs that are sixty degrees apart and harmoniously influence each other’s effects.
  • Pluto governs creation and destruction cycles in our lives, money, sexuality and power play.
  • Celebrities: Willem Dafoe, Freddie Prinze Jr., Theresa May, Nick Cave, Duchess of Sussex, Bill Gates, Carrie Fisher, Martina Navratilova, Alicia Silverstone.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Neptune sextile Pluto Natal

Individuals under the influence of Neptune sextile Pluto in their birth chart are blessed with ideals unlike those met in today’s society. With the minds of visionaries, these people tend to push the limits of the standards and norms met today to change the way others think.

They practice methodical and efficient thinking instead of simply following blindly what politics, culture and other social constructs preach. What they treasure most are the boundless possibilities that the human psyche possesses as well as the importance of sincerity that should be cherished and preserved at all times.

There is a strong connection between humanity and the earth, a connection that these people strongly believe to be key to mankind’s evolution as a gathering of collective consciousness, the end goal being the epitome of understanding and existence itself.

Due to its nature, this planetary positioning strongly affects the general welfare of the world rather than the destiny of a singular entity.

It focuses on the development and evolution of mankind from a spiritual and mental point of view, to achieve a higher state of social, economic and political efficiency. It advocates for liberty and justice.

Those influenced by this aspect are highly attuned to their spiritual side, gaining insight or even clairvoyance and can easily dabble in matters of mysticism and science if one of these two planets is either angular or are in close relation with other planets.

People influenced by the Neptune sextile Pluto aspect are often seen as overly attached or even obsessed about keeping everything in order and neatly organized, but that’s not how they see themselves.

It’s simply a lifestyle, to find pleasure in making the complicated less complicated and more orderly. Certain conditions will be pushing today’s society towards a multitude of extreme changes to the very core of its foundation.

These individuals are given the task of guiding the population for it to reach its final evolutionary state. The end goal is creating a method of total spiritual, physical and mental bonding between everybody.

Their deep connection to the fate of the world provides them with keen insight towards the impending doom brought by the ever-growing industry.

Because of such a fate, the requirement for a common goal towards evolution and the development of natural energy efficiency becomes paramount.  The old, outdated concepts will become things of the past due to the visionary spirit that these individuals bring to the fray.

They’ll be creating methods for a better understanding of human needs as well as the needs of nature, all in order to bring prosperity and harmony in the mind, spirit and the world.

Neptune sextile Pluto Transit

Along with the events that will describe in this transit, you’ll most likely have to face life-changing occurrences, in the sense that the very core of your ideology will be changed.

This won’t necessarily be in a bad way. Your thirst for knowledge will grow, pushing you to chase after a deeper, more meaningful philosophy, expanding and upgrading your comprehension of people and the world surrounding you.

Your belief will be put to the test, challenged by new concepts that seem appealing and rational, inclined towards spirituality. You’re on the road to becoming an adaptable, flexible and compassionate individual, ready to tackle anything coming their way.

Fate has it that those with similar souls to yours gather around you, as such, your inner circle will be filled with people that share in your ideals and belief. You will all be striving to make the world a better place, however, none can hold a candle to your fierce drive for prosperity and balance.

They say two heads are better than one and that’s true, in this case, it might be more than just two, but hey, that’s even, better right?

The serene presence and motivation of your friends will push you into growing as a person, getting closer to your goal and establishing ways to improve life for all those around you, bringing your visions to reality for everybody to experience.

This planetary transition brings with it an empowering imagination, which will help you to more easily come up with ways to materialize your ideals. You might even be lucky enough to be the owner of quite the amount of wealth, enough to make your task easier to accomplish.

There’s pretty much nothing to stop you from fulfilling your destiny, especially when you can so easily lay out the perfect plan for it all. Your instinct always drives you the right way in your endeavors.

During the Neptune sextile Pluto it will be far easier for you to accept the world as it is, taking in the whole picture rather than bits of it and easily adapting to diverse situations, no matter how paradoxical they might be.

While you used to be a tad bit stubborn, this is no longer the case as you can more fluidly pass through conflict and issues now, rather than clashing with them head-on.

Your mind is more rational now, aiding you in managing issues much more efficiently than before. These are the right tools for the trade you’re about to engage in and you’ll use them wisely in your quest.

Your insight won’t only serve you to see your surroundings in a different light, but yourself as well, piercing the illusionary veils that have been clouding your sight up until now.

This will come in handy when you’ll be trying to differentiate between what is and what shouldn’t be and it will help you develop yourself, growing to properly fit into your shoes as one would say.

Spiritually speaking, during this period you will be more sensitive and prone to experiencing external stimulation at a higher level than ever before.

This is not something to shy away from, on the contrary, this will help you deepen your connection with the world and nature, enabling you to more efficiently do what makes you happy, bringing harmony into the world.

Seeing as how you’re not as easily shaken as in the past during this transit, there will be many extreme situations from which you’ll be able to benefit. Turmoil will no longer be something you’ll shy away from as you can now learn from it and grow from any sort of experience.

With Neptune sextile Pluto while in transit, you’ll enter a period of awakening. The horizons of your soul will be broadened and your belief, as well as relationships, will reach a new time high.

During this period, you ought to think about spiritual development rather than materialistic or physical endeavors. When it comes to love and affection, you’ll be able to feel and experience things that, while you yearned for, you avoided.

As such, it’s about time you put yourself out there and found someone right for you, to help and nurture your mind and soul as you deserve.

If things aren’t looking too bright for you in this department, don’t fret, such magical experiences require time to take root in your life, so exert patience in this regard.

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