Moon Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit: Idealizing Your World

  • The birth chart opposition between the Moon and Neptune is suggestive of a flirty and agitated individual, someone who doesn’t take no for an answer.
  • Be mindful of the Moon opposite Neptune transit because it’s not really the best time to make long-term decisions.
  • In astrology, the Moon dictates our cravings, our emotional needs and how we balance these in our mood swings.
  • In astrology, the opposition aspect is known as a hard aspect that sees the energies of the two planets involved trying to confront each other.
  • The planet Neptune governs the invisible world of dreams and spirituality, helping us make sense of what can’t be explained by logic.
  • Celebrities: Paul Verlaine, River Phoenix, Robert Downey Jr, Mary MacArthur, Emma Thursby, Kate McGarrigle.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Neptune Natal

People born during the Moon opposite Neptune transit may be misunderstood by others and feel very confused about all the problems in their life.

This planetary aspect at birth can be very challenging, so natives having it should be more self-aware and ready to analyze any situation coming their way.

As soon as they’ll manage to identify their weaknesses, they’ll start to really enjoy their fulfilling relationships with others and the success they’ve managed to obtain.

They’ll most likely face some difficulties because they’re too sensitive and possess a very rich imagination. As a matter of fact, the same imagination of theirs is often making them see things the wrong way.

For example, someone may sincerely ask them what their plans for the day are, and they may think that person is trying to sabotage them. It’s normal for these natives to often feel like others are persecuting them and to be defensive.

Others may interpret any affirmation coming from others as flirting and begin to fantasize about having sex or being with the person who started a conversation with them.

Many of these natives will be paranoid or idealize everything, just because this is the deceptive way in which this transit is influencing people.

Being dreamy and having high hopes, those with a difficult Moon opposite Neptune transit in their birth chart can easily end up being disappointed.

However, they can also get back their inspiration without too many efforts, even if they may be living in a continuous turmoil of feelings.

They want to be emotionally inspired and nourished, which means they often get to feel stuck in a pit that doesn’t seem to have a bottom.

It’s very likely for them to have unrealistic dreams and to search for rewards that are only proving themselves to be elusive when they’re investing all of their efforts into something.

Often slaves of their own emotions, these natives have a very difficult time understanding themselves.

They may have a very rich and kind soul because the Moon opposite Neptune transit is influencing them to be this way, but they can also quite easily feel overwhelmed by an emptiness they can’t explain.

Usually, they’re looking to give and receive unconditional love, even if they may have problems trusting others. Their wish is to believe in their loved ones, but as soon as this is starting to happen, many of them are becoming suspicious and worried that they may be too gullible.

It’s very likely for them to waste all of their time with all kinds of emotional outbursts, especially when they’re working for many of their unrealistic objectives. While hard to believe, their relationships can be tricky because they’re not allowing their loved ones to truly reach their soul.

It’s difficult for these natives to stay committed to only one direction in life. The men having the Moon opposite Neptune in their natal chart may avoid discussing topics that aren’t so pleasant for them.

As a matter of fact, both sexes may not talk about what seems to be bothering them and difficult to digest by many. They may face real issues when having to deal with cold facts brought on by the harsh reality.

Tending to see their past in a more colorized way, they’re usually imagining the perfect future for themselves and can forget to live in the present.

When feeling emotionally down, they may procrastinate for weeks. While compassionate and caring, they may not want to ever get involved in other people’s problems because they’re aware of how lost they could end up feeling if doing so.

Their psychic abilities are helping them absorb the thoughts and feelings of others, which means they’re very sensitive about their environment, the situations in their life an those who are interacting with them at any given moment. When misunderstood, provoked and attacked, they’re starting to feel sorry for themselves and to isolate in fear.

This aspect is famous for making its natives mentally ill, addicted to drugs and poor. Those who are dealing with such problems because of it should search for what’s causing their troubles to appear and why they’re sometimes confused and misunderstood by others.

Being conscious of how Neptune is influencing their life could have them winning half of their battles.

Trying to be more self-aware could help them see what’s real and what’s fantasy. When interacting with others, they need to make sure they’re expressing themselves very clearly.
It would be okay for these natives to ask any question when unsure of what to feel and think. They should accept their sensitivity and compassion as positive traits, not as something that’s making them feel inferior.

Furthermore, these natives need to protect themselves against negativity because they’re more prone than others to end up being deceived or to get involved in scandals.

Moon opposite Neptune Transit

The Moon opposite Neptune transit makes people more aware of their own emotions, but also vulnerable to what others are feeling. Many will become easy prey for those who are trying to take advantage of them, so it’s suggested for these natives to not interact that much with others during this aspect.

Their feelings will be confusing and very strange while the Moon is in opposition from Neptune, so they’ll need to be as realistic as possible, even if this may seem impossible.

Their impressions of others will not be at all accurate and they may feel the need to escape the real world into a fantasy one.

People should not make any important decisions about business when the Moon opposite Neptune transit is taking place because they wouldn’t have enough information and their choices may end up being uninspired, not to mention they’d get deceived more easily.

Their dreams and objectives will impede them from seeing the truth and they’ll perceive the world in a wrong way, which can easily lead them to disappointment.

It would be best for natives of all signs to avoid taking on responsibilities during this time and to focus more on their spiritual development. Their soul would be asking them to take the right path of higher fulfillment, but they should be careful not to escape reality too much, especially those of them who are less realistic.

The Moon opposite Neptune aspect makes people more sensitive from an emotional point of view, even to the point where they can no longer understand others or their feelings.

This means they should pay more attention when interacting with people and not get a faulty impression about them.

Their psychic abilities and intuition will be influenced by the opposition of the just mentioned celestial bodies to no longer function properly, not to mention many individuals will get to feel an unexplained terror in their subconscious. They can have awful nightmares that will only be eliminated through hypnosis or other psychic solutions.

Furthermore, this transit is making people idealize others more and not see the negative traits of their loved ones, which leaves room for scandals and disappointment. This is the reason why everyone needs to be assertive and sincere during it.

Feelings and impressions others are having shouldn’t be taken too seriously because it can be very easy for many to become suspicious, less motivated, fearful and worried that no one loves them when the Moon is opposing Neptune.

Those who aren’t feeling very well should pay attention to their health because it would be easier for them to get sick during this time. Furthermore, alcohol and other illusory substances may have stronger effects, so addicts may end up overdosing.

This is a perfect aspect for being more creative and compassionate. Those doing charity work and taking care of the sick may notice that good things are starting to happen to them.

It’s a good transit for watching TV and taking long bubble baths because relaxation can help anyone see things more clearly. The Moon opposite Neptune day is not good for interacting with others as moods are strange and no one possesses a good perception during it.

Many will only see what they want to see, so their vision won’t be at all clear. When working, they may misinterpret what their colleagues are saying and make things happen the wrong way.

When it comes to friendships and romantic relationships, the Moon opposite Neptune transit impedes people from hearing what others are saying and makes them more eager to have things done their way.

This period is known to have all natives misreading others, which means important decisions should be left for when the opposing aspect between the Moon and Neptune is done.

Perceptions will become clearer in a few days after the transit, but during it, everything will be confusing and difficult to follow.

Those having to make important choices about their professional or even personal life are suggested to ask their friends for advice before taking action because if they’ll think for themselves, they’ll surely make regretful decisions.

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