Sun Square Moon Natal and Transit: Taking Care of the Little Things

  • When in a natal chart, the Sun Moon square means your desires are always in conflict with your needs and you are quite impulsive.
  • The Sun square Moon transit it is a good time for reflecting on what happened during the recent past and for being more cautious.
  • The Sun occupies a key role in astrology, symbolizing one’s will and personality, how they make use of their soul purpose.
  • A square aspect indicates the two planets are in conflict and so, people need to put extra effort to achieve anything in the areas governed by the two planets.
  • The Moon is the representation of our inner profundity, our emotions, instincts, how we feel about things and people.
  • Celebrities: Eleanor Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Caitlyn Jenner, Edward VI of England, Ricky Martin, Michael Douglas, Kate Hudson, George W Bush, Ariana Grande, Warren Buffett, Patricia Routledge, Kanye West.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun square Moon Natal

Those who were born during the Sun square Moon transit may express the inner conflict between their ego and feelings through their personality or when arguing with their loved ones.

The generation gap between them and their parents is usually more obvious than in others, not to mention it can also be felt in the relationship with their children. If having problems with their partner, they may end up divorced and financially ruined.

It’s normal for everyone to go through a lot of drama with the people who raised them and their partner, but those having the Sun square Moon transit in their natal chart seem to be pushed forward in life by such tensions. They can be called masters at comebacks because they seem to know how to escape any tough situation.

It’s very likely for the connection between their professional and personal lives to be very strong. Dealing with problems at home when children can turn them into very difficult partners as adults.

These natives tend to blame their parents for their difficulties, but their real issues would be related to the patterns their subconscious is following most of the time.

It’s very likely for them to get sick when unable to solve their conflicts with others, not to mention many of the people with the Sun square Moon in their natal chart may have to be the ones who are asking for reconciliation after arguing with some important people in their life.

Their needs and desires seem to always be in conflict, which makes this aspect similar to the Moon opposite Sun one, regardless of the many differences between them.

While the battle between what they want and what they need would be taking place on the inside and be connected with their natives’ relationships, they would still have to face many other obstacles coming from their surroundings, just like any other human being.

However, their main struggle would happen on the inside and make them their own worst enemy.

People born during the Sun square Moon transit seem to easily attract challenges because they’re unconsciously trying to relive all the tension they used to feel when children. Furthermore, many of their repetitive behaviors would continue to impede them from advancing in life.

This specific aspect of the Moon and the Sun will help them be in contact with their inner feelings most of the time, but this also means they’d have many conflicts with their family and especially the woman who raised them.

Their needs can often express what their soul requires the most, so they may get to feel very hurt when others are not accepting the destiny that they’ve chosen for themselves.

The Moon is known for helping all natives unfold their life and all of the invisible forces in nature, but its aspects are very important for the way this is happening.

Because it’s opposing the Sun, these celestial bodies represent the yin and the yang, the man and the woman, and even the unconscious and the conscious, this being the reason why those with the Sun square Sun aspect natal are always having an inner conflict between their emotions and desires.

They may want to be supported by others from an emotional point of view, not to mention their insight on life will be gained through emotional responses to different situations, hard work on themselves and the assessment of their own primal needs.

If on a journey to express their individuality, they can easily end up appreciating more the stability and care their family is offering them.

People born during the Sun square Moon transit are more attached to their past and can sometimes crave to physically interact with others.

The Sun is a ball of fire separated from other planets, so it has this ability to bring fulfillment to natives on its own, but the watery Moon will always ask for a balance between its forces and the ones of the Sun.

Sun square Moon Transit

The Sun square Moon aspect is known for bringing more tension to relationships. It’s a period in which people are more annoyed and at the same time desperate to do something about it. Many may become angrier because some of the closest people in their life are acting irrationally or their moods are changing too often.

It’s suggested for natives of all signs to just stop what they were doing and take a break during this transit. As soon as the Sun square Moon aspect has gained the attention of people, it’s starting to ask for some conscious efforts from their side, usually of being more understanding.

When it comes to this transit’s influence over all natives in the zodiac, it is a good time for reflecting on what happened during the recent past, for being more cautious when facing challenges and for making necessary changes.

If they’ll assert their will while the Moon is in a square position from the Sun, they’ll manage to determine when they’re supposed to stand up for themselves.

Everyone should expect to have anxieties during this period, also to be disorganized and undisciplined.

It seems the health of many is being threatened for as long as the Moon is in this position from the Sun, so they should pay attention to their diet and not to spend so much time around those who are suffering from a contagious disease.

Therefore, they need to be very cautious and not upset any of the systems and organs in their bodies because their circulation is weaker and digestion slower. Not paying attention to minor health issues can have them sicker and suffering from chronic diseases.

During the Sun square Moon transit, people may notice their fears and anxieties are worse, which means they should avoid making important changes, traveling to faraway places or starting new projects.

If the other aspects are all hard as well, some may have to deal with death in their family or close circle of friends.

As said before, the Sun square Moon position is very difficult, especially when other solar aspects are tough as well. Some may realize they haven’t paid too much attention to what matters the most in their life, while others will have to face negative reactions to their selfishness and arrogance.

This is the reason why natives of all signs should take care of the little things even before the Moon gets to be in a square with the Sun.

While this is happening, many are more sensitive to their inner conflicts and vulnerabilities of others, not to mention they can notice only the negative traits of their loved ones. The main idea would be for them to not react emotionally and to avoid taking things personally.

The Sun will highlight everything that’s negative about feelings and behaviors in an almost automated way, making this square aspect so difficult that natives need to push themselves too hard to deal with any problem emerging into their life.

They’ll not be able to properly interact with the people they’ve just met or get rejected by them for no reason. Therefore, those who have started new relationships before this transit may wake up during it that those they were connecting with are no longer by their side.

The Sun square Moon aspect can be called the toughest one, so it’s essential for natives of all signs to not oppose any energy that’s influencing their relationships during it, no matter how hurt they may be feeling by some of the words others have used against them. While things can look very good on the outside, they may not truly connect.

This is also a period of depression and physical exhaustion, but at least it doesn’t last too long. Soon after, people will be able to interact with each other without facing any issue.

Breakups that happened while the Moon was in square with the Sun may turn into reconciliations because partners would realize they overreacted when splitting up.

Those who happen to be single should just spend their time in bed during this transit because any interaction with others can have them feeling grumpy and moody.

Many people will snap at each other and be mean without even realizing it. It can be difficult to not take things personally while the Moon is in this position from the Sun, but not impossible.

Regardless of their sensitivities, people should just not pay attention to the nasty things others are saying about them. Furthermore, they mustn’t be bothered by any honest opinion expressed in their presence.

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