Mercury Trine Saturn Natal and Transit: What Really Matters

  • If the natal chart contains a Mercury Saturn trine, you should pay more attention to details and not let yourself influenced just by appearances.
  • The Mercury trine Saturn transit people can achieve great things if they manage to focus for a little longer than usual.
  • In astrology, Mercury is responsible with areas of communication, mental processes, transportation, commerce and social interactions.
  • When two planets are in a trine relationship, things happen naturally and effortlessly as their energies complement one another
  • Saturn is all about responsibility and focus, conformity and limitations, helping us make the right choices.
  • Celebrities: Emile Zola, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez, Willem Dafoe, Uri Geller, James Woods, William Wordsworth, Marguerite Yourcenar.
  • Transit dates: 12 May 2020, 03 September 2020, 12 May 2021, 04 September 2021, 02 July 2022, 22 October 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury trine Saturn Natal

The trine between Mercury and Saturn is beneficial because is helping people keep their mind focused, as well their attitude honest. These people are ready to take any responsibility seriously and dig deep into any detail of life, being serious when trying to earn in their endeavors and faithfully discharging their duties by doing their best.

The Mercury trine Saturn aspect is auspicious for investing money, so that future gains are obtained by being careful.

All this means natives born during it can gain by working in the science and philosophy fields, as well the spiritual ones.

They will obtain many benefits from the studies and researches in which they’re involved. As said before, the time of the previously mentioned transit is perfect for sending e-mails and signing contracts, as well for meeting with professionals who are ready to help others to do only good in the future.

In case the aspects of the Moon are also good, the influence is mutually working towards satisfactory results. People can become more virtuous as far as their mental activities are going, as well as their working habits because they’re more disciplined.

At an early age, those who were born during the Mercury trine Saturn aspect are more open to learn and to look underneath the surface, to see how things are working.

Paying more attention to details, they can excel in fields like Mathematics and even architecture. They’re more able to work with tools and to enjoy building, from the planning to the results.

These people are great teachers because they’re able to discipline their materials and present them in ways that students can understand. When it comes to the structures good for their mental development, they need traditions and classicism, meaning they can learn about what’s old.

They may need to work with old people and be mentors themselves. Their stable thoughts or processes, as well as their patience can help them earn the respect of many.

When Mercury is in trine with a Saturn in birth charts, natives of such placement are more practical from an intellectual point of view, as well able to put their ideas into practice, in order to become successful.

Everyone can rely on them as far as work is going and they’re great learners who want to use their mind. They can succeed as scientists or other technological areas in which they can focus on each and every detail.

These natives are amazing when it comes to the business sector, which means they’re very good entrepreneurs and the most attentive learners when having to accumulate knowledge, so their ideas can solve them all of their issues when they have to attain success.

This doesn’t happen to them too easily because Saturn is all about working hard, having patient and being dedicated.

Being able to focus on and approaching things in a methodical manner, people born during the Mercury trine Saturn aspect are rarely making mistakes and need discipline in their lives.

They can understand the deepest thoughts and are direct in their speech, which can have them seeing life in a serious way and to not be admired for nothing. These people are reliable when it comes to how they’re judging, as well as concentrated on organizing their minds.

As young people, they prefer to be around those who are older than them. These people are amazing students who can learn a lot by being educated properly.

They can be important in the Army, Politics, Literature, Science, Business and Literature. Their success may come to them later in life, not to mention they’re amazing at crafts and attentive to details. More than this, they’re always in good health and possess the strongest morals.

Individuals born during the Mercury trine Saturn aspect can earn the respect of others because they’re loyal and reliable, hard-working and steady.

Not dull, they can produce the greatest results and be creative at the same time. The most famous personalities of this trine are great writers, poets and musicians.

When it comes to Politics and Business, they’re the best administrators, not to mention finances would as well be suitable for their skills.

Happy with a good career and a family, they also possess an amazing memory and are interested in old sciences. As youngsters, they may look for guidance, but when older, they’re teachers responsible for how others are being educated.

Mercury trine Saturn Transit

Since the Mercury trine Saturn transit is not necessarily a sociable one, it is good for making the most serious decisions and serious talks, as well for closing businesses.

As far as their common sense is going, they’re only focused on what’s practical, meaning this time is essential for them to sign papers in the real estate and for playing the stock market.

Those who have to transmit some serious news should try and do it because others will consider their sayings, and they may be more responsible when it comes to what they’re saying.

Their responsibilities may energize them and they may need to establish the order in their life.

Remembering what they’ve learned during the day of the Mercury trine Saturn transit, many can make better analysis regarding what really matters. They should focus on what’s truly important.

When putting their brains to work, they can achieve great things in life, whereas their friendships can grow to last for a very long time. These people may find themselves busy with family issues and with taking care of inheritances

Young natives should chat with the elders for as long as Mercury is in trine with Saturn because older people are acting as mentors for them.

Regardless of their age, they can earn the respect of others and at the same time seem authoritative. The day of this transit is great for the work of the mind and for analyzing facts with precision.

They’re thinking in a democratic and careful manner, not to mention they’re disciplined and their conclusions always logical.

Their conversations with others can be enlightened, especially if they’re with supervisors or people who have a better profession than theirs.

The day of this transit is perfect for practical and serious thinking, as well for organization, concentration and hard work. Its energy needs to be taken advantage of because it doesn’t last for too long and is happening two times a year.

It is a time when people need to wake up in the morning and to stay until late to work. They can accomplish great things while doing this, also to see what they need to do.

The projects that have already been defined and outlined can be taken to fruition, not to mention many will manage their time in an effective manner, no matter what relationships they may have at work.

When it comes to responsibilities, the Mercury trine Saturn transit is perfect for setting up the goals for the future, as well as gaining inspiration about problems that have been bothering others.

Many natives are more serious when communicating because they don’t want to waste the positive energy of this placement. The week after it, they’ll have more fun.

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