Sun Opposite Moon Natal and Transit: Developing New Interests

  • In a natal chart, the Sun Moon opposition suggests realism and objectivity, even if these people’s ethics are not always understood by those around.
  • When the Sun opposite Moon transit takes place, we find it more difficult than usual to balance our professional and personal lives.
  • In astrology, the Sun is all about energy and vitality, freedom of will and how we express our personality.
  • When two planets are in an opposition relationship, their energies face each other directly, at a 180 degrees angle.
  • In astrology, the Moon is responsible with how we manifest our emotions, how nurturing and attentive we are and how we control our mood swings.
  • Celebrities: Evan Rachel Wood, Lady Louise Windsor, Joan Rivers, Luciano Pavarotti, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, Demi Moore, Evangeline Adams, Monica Seles, Kirk Douglas, Chelsea Handler, Gloria Vanderbilt, Queen Mary I of England, Henry Ford.

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Sun opposite Moon Natal

The polarity of the Full Moon in opposition with the Sun can keep natives with such placement in their birth chart strong and focused.

These people will most of the time succeed rather than fail. The Moon will help them have a better imagination, whereas the Sun will deal with their creativity, so they’ll get to be very productive, no matter what they may be doing.

As one of the most important aspects of the Moon in astrology, after the Sun in conjunction with the Moon, the opposition transit between these two celestial bodies make people stronger.

This is because both the Sun and the Moon are very important elements in astrology. As a matter of fact, all lives of human beings are influenced by how these two are interacting and transmitting their energies to Earth.

Those born during the Sun opposite Moon transit seem to always face an inner battle between what they need and what they want from life. Contrary to the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun, the opposition aspect is known to make its natives less focused and indecisive.

Their objectivity can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage for them because it would always pull these natives in two different directions whenever they’d have to make an important decision.

While thinking they’re doing something right, some hunches that they, in fact, aren’t would continue to haunt their mind.

While natives having the Sun conjunct Moon aspect in their birth chart may resemble Arieses a lot, those with the opposite transit between the same astrological elements seem to be more like Libras and to always analyze situations from more than one point of view.

When the Moon formed from all the debris left in space after the Big Bang, it became essential for the planet Earth’s placement in the Universe.

Looking at the first writings in stone, it can be noticed the humans’ need to look at the cosmic relationships according to the phases of the Moon, also its eclipses, making the study of cosmos an exact science.

People with the Sun opposite Moon in their birth chart are competitive to the point of conflict, also extreme and at the same time understanding.

When opposing others and having contradictory opinions, they’re becoming more able to understand their position in the world. This entire process can be stressful because they have this need to argue and to win any battle.

The struggle inside their hearts will be noticeable in their levels of energy as both the Moon and the Sun are responsible for how much vitality natives of all signs are possessing.

Those with an opposite aspect of these celestial bodies in their birth chart may have to go through many ups and as much as many downs in their life, not to mention they won’t be able to determine if they’re being physically or emotionally driven to get things done.

Most likely, they’d be ruled by both such urges and be extreme most of the time, feeling ready to work hard and to accomplish things one week, unmotivated and defeated the other. Having their energy fluctuating all the time, they would reflect what’s actually happening inside their hearts.

All the messages they used to receive in their past lives will probably come to them as opposites during the present one.

Some of the natives born during a Full Moon may have seen their parents as two separate and different personalities when young, which means they had to fulfill too many demands coming from the people who raised them.

They’ve likely felt emotionally frustrated by their father and had a stiff connection with their mother.

People having the Sun opposite Moon transit in their birth chart may never be truly happy on the inside because they’re always looking to obtain satisfaction from their surroundings.

Tending to get involved in serious relationships at a young age, they may think happiness can’t come to them if they’re not with a partner. Having complex needs and looking for love when very young, it’s very likely for many of them to get divorced.

These Full Moon natives should consider counseling for them to find the answers they’re looking for in life. Understanding their own subconscious needs is only possible through questioning their own conscious more.

They should analyze their inner selves by looking at how others are perceiving them and what reactions their loved ones are having when working by their side.

This will allow them to see things from different perspectives and to have a clearer view of who they actually are. The more they’ll become aware of different facts and the reality surrounding them, the better their instincts and intuition will get to be.
As young adults, they may play the role of skeptical scientists, but as time will go by, they’ll start to balance every conscious fact the Sun is bringing into their life with the mystery and the subconscious influence of the cold Moon. More than this, they’ll be more open to compromise and become more talented at negotiating when older.

Sun opposite Moon Transit

The Sun opposite Moon transit is known to bring about conflicts between emotions and logic to all the natives in the zodiac.

During it, most of the people will find it very difficult to balance their professional and personal lives. Furthermore, they may get to feel unappreciated by their loved ones, which means they should wait for this aspect to pass if they want to ask for some explanations.

The Sun opposite Moon transit takes place every month and makes natives of all signs see things more clearly, also aware of the truths they have to express. Being so insightful, they’ll become more able to take charge of any situation.

During this transit, people will solve their problems more easily and successfully finish their projects. In case they’d be feeling uncomfortable when the Moon is in opposition with the Sun, they could just have a closer look at themselves and their feelings for others because this will only help them have a clearer vision and feel more confident.

It’s very likely for many to have difficulties with members of the opposite sex or to feel attracted to those who are extremely different from themselves, this leading them to be involved in relationships meant to end as soon as they’ve started.

When opposing the Sun, the Moon brings about a strong energy and makes all natives of the zodiac feel like they’re living on the edge, to have problems sleeping and to be more emotional in their reactions.

Many of the projects they’ve started in the recent past will most likely end during this transit, either in a bad or good way.

Furthermore, this period is famous for bringing about an interesting vision of the other, no matter if he or she is a partner, a relative or just a friend.

This means people will be able to see both sides of an issue and be more aware. Such times seem to be perfect for being conscious about the most hidden truths and for reacting with strong emotions to different behaviors, either of others or of the self.

The Sun opposite Moon transit is making people more eager to succeed and to accomplish great things, but it’s very likely for them to find themselves being pulled by their feelings in too many different directions.

If their life wouldn’t have a balance between their personal issues and the work ones, they may end up fighting with their loved ones and not knowing what to choose for themselves: either love or their career.

If there’s for them to advance in life, they need to make all of their life aspects work together and not compete.

During the Sun opposite Moon transit, people may be greatly influenced by the moods of others and allow these to impact their relationships as well.

In case they’re having problems with their own emotions, it’s very likely for their romantic connection to feel like a negative one.

Another way in which the Full Moon or a lunar eclipse in opposition with the Sun is happening for people here on Earth is by making them develop an interest in something or someone new.

If this is the case, many will fall for the person or the activity they wouldn’t usually enjoy. However, anything or anyone new into their life will help them no longer be stuck in a rut, even if seeming very destabilizing in the beginning.

It can be said that when the Moon is opposing the Sun, everyone in the world is starting to exchange emotions just like the ball is being sent from one player to another in tennis.

People will overreact and have a difficult time remaining calm or objective because they’d be too defensive and thinking that others are only trying to attack them.

This won’t be a problem for their closest friends or family, however, not to mention the entire situation would get to an end after a few days, when the Moon would no longer oppose the Sun and they’d get to regain their sense of humor and cheerful attitude.

Natives of all signs need to keep their distance from those they don’t know very well during the Sun opposite Moon transit because this transit is better for hanging out with old friends. Furthermore, they should ask for advice from their old colleagues if tempted to argue with their bosses, at work.

Getting together with new people while the Moon is opposing the Sun doesn’t mean people will end up getting hurt, it’s just suggested for them to be more careful and stand beside their own emotional needs if feeling somehow inferior in the presence of those whom they’ve just met.

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