Mars Trine Saturn Natal and Transit: Focus on Commitment

  • With a Mars Saturn trine in your natal chart, you likely have an innate love for people and like to be surrounded by many at all times.
  • Pay attention to the Mars trine Saturn transit because you are more emotional than usual, although also very focused on what you need to accomplish.
  • The planet Mars is linked to the God of War, so governs our actions, courage and impulses, what we do to advance in life.
  • The trine astrological placement This is a fortunate aspect for harmony, peace and does much to improve adverse life situations.
  • In astrology, Saturn is a strict teacher, reminding us to respect authority, to remain focused on our goals and observe any life restrictions in front of us.
  • Celebrities: Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Marilyn Monroe, Giorgio Armani, David Beckham, Jimmy Hoffa, Clark Gable.
  • Transit dates: 22 March 2021, 26 September 2021, 28 September 2022, 29 November 2022, 31 March 2023, 13 October 2023, 30 September 2024, 09 February 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars trine Saturn Natal

Those born with Mars trine Saturn in their charts are more passionate, dedicated and resistant when trying to obtain success. They have a lot of sex-appeal, are charismatic and smooth. Their body is proportionate, strong and incredibly attractive.

These people are strong and can endure a lot of stress, hard work, dangers, and many responsibilities. Organized, they can do many great things in order to obtain power and authority, by taking very serious actions and being purposeful.

Their energy is usually invested in achieving what’s the most useful. Having a strong will, they’re systematic and patient, not to mention how much success they’re able to achieve in life.

These natives are active and ambitious when it comes to business and engineering. They’re pragmatic and keen when it comes to judging others.

They tend to be involved in activities that involve masses of people. Bold, patient and skillful, these people know when to fight and to withdraw.

Their domestic life and others’ respect are very important to them. People born during the Mars trine Saturn aspect know how to attain their goals by being persistent and progressive.

They as well know how to make plans and stick with them. When working on their projects and life, they’re going after security because they don’t like to risk. Hardworking and possessing a solid judgment, others may think of them that they’re only lucky.

These people’s toned body and attractiveness is given by their rawness and primal libido. Others are very attracted to them and it’s sure for things to stay like that for them. Also, they’re good leaders and examples for others.

As said before, natives born during the Mars trine Saturn aspect are hardworking and disciplined, which is earning them the respect and support of others. As well dedicated and loyal, they can be called true knights.

Their ambitions and hard work will always have them achieving their goals, which are usually practical and solid, especially for those who are engineers or working with machinery.

When dealing with their own projects, they’re never controlling or too authoritative. Their leadership skills, disciplined manners, and attractiveness are making them great for careers in management, business, finances and engineering. This transit is strong on metals, especially when it comes to steel and iron.

People born during the Mars trine Saturn aspect are good with all kinds of weapons, especially fire ones and knives. They know very well how to combine their ambition, desires and organizational skills.

There’s a lot of balance in their nature, which is allowing them to be pragmatic and to succeed at everything they’re trying to achieve. They can control themselves and handle any task but are expecting too much of themselves.

Natives born during the Mars trine Saturn aspect are better at working on their own, as well as reliable when having to complete their work.

Moderate when it comes to their temper, it’s rare for them to allow their emotions to surface, meaning they’re never impulsive when having to make decisions and take action. Others like them very much, even if Saturn can stop them from expressing their feelings that much.

These natives love being around others with similar interests as their own, not to mention respectful. Dependable, efficient and responsible, they can become successful with their ambitions, so they should focus on career, join the military, law enforcement and choose a governmental profession.

Their communication ways are usually respected by others, not to mention they’re good teachers or lecturers.

As far as their romantic side is going, this aspect in their birth chart is making them feel dry and cold. These people aren’t at all romantic, but they want their relationships to be secure in order for their family to have everything they need.

Mars trine Saturn Transit

The Mars trine Saturn transit is good for people to follow their passions. Things they’ve desired the most and are as well consistent can have them working harder than ever. As well, many people’s libido and attractiveness can increase, which is a good sign for all of their relationships.

If having to take action, they can encounter many problems and earn others’ respect, which is proving their level of commitment.

During the Mars trine Saturn, people are better leaders and more serious about their position in society. Whereas they can hurry and remember their responsibilities, they’re also assuming about them. Everything that’s important for them and those with authority can motivate them.

Efficient and concentrated during this period, people can take care of the most stressing matters and move forward in life. Devotion is what their romantic life is all about, whereas their partner will find their dedication and reliability will make them more attractive for their lover.

This transit is good for consecrating any form of partnership. If dating, many will be very interested in the physical features of their other half. More than this, they’ll want long-term connections and commitment because they’d be looking to get married and to procreate.

It’s very likely for them to be with someone who’s either very young or too old. This aspect is strong as the two planets involved in it are evil. It’s giving many a strong will and inspires them to be more enthusiastic, courageous, as well enterprising.

Some will be more tactful and interested in diplomacy, as well as insightful, skillful, steady and able to take all of their plans to completion.

This will give them a lot of authority, dignity and the ability to hold on tightly when the situation is difficult.

In case the Moon aspects are good and things for people are starting to take the right direction, this period will be identified as very efficient for fulfilling ambitions, meaning people will be more enterprising and risk in moments when others wouldn’t. Some may have all of their affairs in order, not to mention they’ll be assertive and dependable, respectful and honorable.

The Mars trine Saturn transit cannot work in the same way for everyone, and very efficient for those who are deserving of its vibrations and can turn their own emotions into purpose.

Just as long as the natives are having a good soul, its influence will act for them in a good manner. It is beneficial for those who have to do a lot of hard work.

The year following this transit won’t necessary be the one for expressing the fanciest talents, but many will be able to dedicate themselves to their work, in a sincere and dynamic manner.

This way, their colleagues will notice they’re dedicated and hardworking. The enthusiasm of all natives in the zodiac will have them motivated to do their best and succeed, especially if encouraged and living in comfortable surroundings. This can open many doors for them and they can become great leaders, in case they already aren’t.

When it comes to relationships, this transit is influencing people to be serious and to look for long-term relationships.

Those of them already involved may want to improve their connections by moving in together with their partner and even get married. In case some still haven’t discovered a special person, they’ll most likely look for someone who’s as serious about romanticism as themselves.

However, they should keep in mind romance exists only if they’re dedicating all of their hard work to it. When it comes to what this aspect is encouraging, these are dealings with money, real estate, and precious metals.

It is a good transit for legal matters, large businesses and setting up the foundations for what people are intending to do. For as long as is happening, many should expect to get along very well with authority figures because they’re thinking more rightly and can improve the businesses in which they need a lot of confidence and courage.

More than this, many are more disciplined and careful when planning, as well as serious and focused on achieving their goals. They’re serious and have the intention to reach all of their goals, not to mention they can handle all the details with care.

Physicality may not be at its strongest, but at least they’re strong and resistant enough to work very hard and for long periods of time. However, they should not forget to rest when required to.

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