Mercury Square Saturn Natal and Transit: Pay Attention to What Matters

  • When in a natal chart, the Mercury Saturn square indicates someone who can focus very well but who needs to relax more.
  • The Mercury square Saturn transit prompts us to remain focused and to carefully listen to what others have to say to us because important news is on its way.
  • The planet Mercury governs how we perceive the surrounding world, how we mentally process information and how we express, verbally or otherwise, our thoughts.
  • When two planets form a square, their energies dictate action in the areas they govern but these actions can sometimes be rather contradictory.
  • Saturn promotes responsibility and conformity, helping us keep our promises and pushing us to make peace with our past.
  • Celebrities: David Cochrane, Hillary Clinton, Salvador Dali, Jeff Bridges, Johnny Depp, Maya Angelou, Judy Garland, Woody Allen, Kevin Kline, Sir Isaac Newton, Warren Buffett.
  • Transit dates: 28 April 2020, 23 September 2020, 06 November 2020, 25 April 2021, 10 November 2021, 24 April 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury square Saturn Natal

People born during the Mercury square Saturn aspect usually have many challenges to overcome in life. These can be related to the mind and their communication ways because Saturn is restrictive when it comes to life basics, meaning it’s testing natives for defects.

Those who are born during this aspect are being influenced in an evil way because this planet often delaying and impeding their progress.

These natives are inclined to be scared and too worried, even dark while Saturn is operating. This transit is not good for signing papers or corresponding, as well to deal with older people and solicitors, people who can be hurtful.

Natives of this aspect can’t agree with their loved ones from home, and can experience losses that are affecting their mind, also cause them grief.

For as long as Mercury is in a square aspect with Saturn, people born during this aspect can worry too much and be intellectually disappointed.

They should protect their honor and consider what others think of them, being careful no matter what they may be doing. However, they should not allow this depressive square to make them feel low.

More than this, they can end up involved in scandals and have their reputation hurt, especially if not paying enough attention or taking care to keep all of their actions in order.

These natives can be the best when it comes to their mental abilities, just like some school teachers who are only having very high standards.

At the same time, they’re the students who are working very hard to succeed and earn every time the points meant for disciplining their mind.

However, they can also be the ones who are giving up early and feel like they’ve lost the battle before it has started, meaning they’re not even struggling anymore. This is the moment when guilt and a bad self-reputation are starting to kick in.

Those who were born during the Mercury square Saturn aspect are smart, traditional, timid, always ready to work hard, not too open-minded and sometimes ready to scheme others or to lie.

It’s very likely they’ve had a very complicated childhood because their father hasn’t been good with them, meaning they can be defensive as adults, as well as insecure and very sad.

When it comes to their mind, they’re inhibited and too traditional, which is indicating they can be too rigid when trying to be disciplined and to observe matters of the Law. They shouldn’t smoke because their death and hearing may suffer. This aspect is meant for the “heavy” business people and politicians.

People born during it can work too much, not to mention they can as well worry about unimportant details. They can think negatively, but things don’t necessarily have to be this way.

Whereas it is fine for them to be skeptical, they need to refrain themselves from showing it. Keeping their minds open and being tolerant, they can expose themselves to original ideas, not to mention they can convince others of their ideas and keep them interested in learning.

They shouldn’t worry when feeling depressed from time to time because this is how their mind is renewing and their soul healing.

These natives are turning the challenges of their mind into strengths, by being disciplined and conscious. As said before, they possess a higher intelligence, are shy, motivated to succeed, close-minded, negative and sometimes lying.

People born during the Mercury square Saturn aspect can have an inhibited mind, not to mention they can be too attached to traditional ways of thinking, meaning they can become rigid when struggling for disciplined and when trying to observe the Law.

Because their teeth and hearing can be easily impaired, they shouldn’t smoke. Being focused on the details that seem unimportant for many, they’re good as politicians and important business people.

Not possessing a very rich imagination, they can obtain the green light from those who have a traditional way of thinking, especially when having original ideas.

When in authority, they may not consider other people’s opinions, not to mention they can get into trouble when having to write or to sign contracts.

They can rule when it comes to these skills, this being seen in the celebrities who ended up being famous. Having a closed mind and always being attentive to every last-minute detail, these people need to have a wider view when interpreting the world.

They can stop being so timid when going out of their comfort area, for example, when being members of the debate team or when addressing large groups of people.

With every step they’re accomplishing, they can learn how to have great friends and can trust themselves so much, so that they’re reaching the starting point they’re interested in.

Thinking negatively can be exaggerated in them, when they have to cope with too many responsibilities at the same time, or when experiencing hardships, break-ups, or when losing someone. All this, plus being lonely and isolated, can have them depressed and in need of medical assistance or from their loved ones.

Natives born during the Mercury square Saturn aspect mustn’t be suffering in quiet. They need to talk and to share their darkest ideas because this way, they can take a lot of weight from their shoulders.

The square placement of the Mercury and Saturn in their birth chart is also influencing them to attract people who are older than them, more precisely their male teachers, but respectfully.

It may not seem they’re respectful to these people in the beginning, but they really are. This aspect needs to be mastered but until then, the energy of other people towards the natives born during it can bring about a lot of insecurity and fear.

Their resentments can darken their aura, it can as well make them nasty. Every negative thought or word they’re having can be replaced with the positivity of mantras. Before sleep, these people need to encourage themselves by repeating positive chants.

Mercury square Saturn Transit

During the Mercury square Saturn transit, things should be kept in the right perspective because this period is perfect for getting what’s important done.

Those who are focused on doing things the right way will manage to retain the positive influence of this transit. They can be over-critical, as well as with themselves and with others because they’re looking for perfection everywhere.

Their words can challenge the concepts they’ve accepted for so long, which is indicating they’re never denying anything of importance.

For as long as Mercury is in square with Saturn, people need to be focused and to carefully listen to what important news is coming their way. Attention should be paid when it comes to paperwork or negotiations. Some people should seek professional help when in need of assistance.

No one can lie during the week following this transit because lies are recognized from afar. Many people can be called cynical but in fact, they’re only skeptical in a healthy manner. When it comes to how they’re seeing the world, they’d have problems with depressive episodes for quite a while. Luckily, the Mercury square Saturn transit doesn’t last for too long.

Natives of all signs shouldn’t allow themselves to be dark and be as disciplined as possible when it comes to writing, interacting with others and talking. They should finish what they’ve started because they’ll advance faster than usually.

More than this, they need to be cautious and communicate as shortly as possible to make any of their challenges a success and clear misunderstandings.

During the Mercury square Saturn transit, workings of the mind are being favored and most likely the ones done all alone. Those who are thinking negatively can find it difficult to communicate their plans and original ideas.

There aren’t many results to appear during this period, but this shouldn’t worry anyone. If the time is as supposed to be, results are sure to appear. People shouldn’t trust what others are saying, also not make promises either because they may say what isn’t right and dig themselves deeper into problems.

Relationships may get colder as natives of all signs are feeling sadder and more alone. This transit is moving very fast because people are only seeing what’s bad in everything and are acting out of desperation.

When it comes to challenges, they’re facing and the projects involving the mind, these can be very irritating and minor problems may appear. Everyone is more focused on details and they want to be more precise when making calculations.

Efficiency can prevail, but things are taken too seriously, and problems that aren’t actually there may appear into the life of many.

Some people may be too criticizing, meaning they need more objectivity when it comes to what they’re commenting on and what they’ve accomplished. More than this, they should trust their abilities.

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