Sun Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit: Living Life at Its Fullest

  • The Sun Jupiter opposition in the natal chart is suggestive of an ambitious and outspoken individual who is often pushing their ideas on others.
  • Be mindful of the Sun opposite Jupiter transit because there is a greater risk for certain behaviors to cause problems and for people to feel offended easily.
  • In astrology, the Sun is the most powerful body and is linked to how we express ourselves and defines our broad personalities.
  • An opposition aspect is a tense placement but can also act as a positive trigger to break free from unwanted obligations or restrictions.
  • Jupiter is all about luck and sense of duty, respect for authority and desire to change the world for the better.
  • Celebrities: Sting, Anne Summers, Zac Efron, George Melly, Bob Geldof, Steve Earle, Ian Richardson.
  • Transit dates: 14 July 2020, 20 August 2021, 26 September 2022, 03 November 2023, 07 December 2024, 10 January 2026, 10 February 2027, 12 March 2028.

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Sun opposite Jupiter Natal

The Sun opposite Jupiter in birth charts is giving people a clear vision and more opportunities.

This kind of person is never prepared to have their demands refused, especially when competing with others, whether for fame or just to prove they’re better than others at a sport.

Natives born during the Sun opposite Jupiter aspect are agitated, very optimistic, eccentric, self-centered and pretentious. They should avoid trying to get rich too quickly and by suspicious means, also joining cults because their judgment can be clouded.

They may try and force their views on others and this way, make them really angry. Having the tendency to over-indulge in pleasure and to take many risks, these urges can cause them problems when it comes to their health, more precisely with their liver.

These natives seem to be unrealistic and demanding, not to mention they’re often promising more than they can deliver, making others see them as unreliable. For this reason, they should establish their priorities in life and achieve what they want without hesitating.

When feeling the worse, they can push themselves and others too much, crossing boundaries and doing what they aren’t supposed to.

When the Sun is in a square aspect or opposition with Jupiter, it brings about many blessings as far as dealing with business is going.

Attracting more luck than usual, they’re more confident and courageous than usual, but they should pay attention not to over-estimate themselves. Feeling as strong as God and protected by superior forces, they may want to take all kinds of risks.

Moderation is not at all a word to describe the Sun opposite Jupiter transit, so people should set some limits for themselves during it, especially if they don’t want to end up injuring themselves. The harsh aspects between these two celestial bodies can push Jupiter’s need for expansion to the extreme.

People having the opposition aspect between them in their birth chart want to be free and too independent to ever accept suggestions from others. The worst thing anyone could do to them is to interfere in their romantic life.

Those of them with an afflicted Jupiter won’t be able to discern between the good and the bad as good as other people, so they should work on themselves more. They simply love giving advice to others, which means they could do a great job as counselors or in a profession that’s offering them a lot of power.

They may go through many ups and downs as far as their wealth and relationships are going, which can bring them many feelings of unhappiness and insecurity. It’s very likely for them to feel like they haven’t achieved that much in life or that they aren’t lucky enough.

As soon as integrating themselves perfectly into the world, they’ll get to feel more optimistic, generous and prosperous. For this reason, they may gain more popularity than usually, especially when looking to travel, to enrich their spirit or when getting involved in different social causes.

The Sun opposing Jupiter in their birth chart may be the projection of the patriarchal behavior of Jupiter, making these natives be more aware of their own big ego.

These people want to give their entire heart and material support to the ones who happen to be less fortunate than them.

Many will appreciate them for being sincere when offering their help, not to mention they can be seen by the ones they’re giving a hand to as Gods.

However, it’s very unlikely for them to offer their love only unconditionally. Their big ego will be more obvious than others, not to mention a square between the Sun and Jupiter could bring some of them a lot of fame. More innocent and easy-to-impress individuals will admire them for being confident and having a clean mind.
The Sun in square or opposition from Jupiter in some people’s birth charts are suggesting these natives should be humbler and recognize that limits exist in life. If not, they may fail completely and in a spectacular way.

At least they’re talented enough at regaining balance after a fall, whereas many of them will come out of difficult financial situations through gambling.

Sun opposite Jupiter Transit

During the Sun opposite Jupiter transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac may feel more limited than usual and thus, try to broaden their creative spectrum.

However, this could cause them to feel agitated and to work restlessly on their own projects, taking on more projects than they could handle, in circumstances in which they wouldn’t be prepared to handle too much.

Their ideas for as long as this period is lasting can be very big and they may possess an over-confidence that makes them seem arrogant or insulting. For this reason, they should try and be more objective, patient and disciplined when approaching any business.

This placement in the sky is quite unfortunate most of the time, causing problems for all natives because they’re more likely to face opposition and to have problems in either the relational or legal sector.

Those they love the most will disappoint them, not to mention they may escape too much in a fantasy world and realize later that this is bringing them many troubles, which can impede their expansion and development.

Having a tendency to spend more than usual and to live wildly, they may end up in very unpleasant situations. In case someone would complement them, they’d become prouder and start boasting too much. In this situation, many of them may do something against their own convictions.

This transit should be used for signing contracts or dealing with authority as many will encounter financial problems and meet resistance from people who are pretending to be their friends.

It seems the Sun in opposition with Jupiter is bringing about only good things to natives of all signs, but these should be carefully examined before doing something about them because some opposition from the transit will be met.

No one should be less than dignifying or expecting too much from others, they should also avoid making excesses, especially if they don’t want their health to suffer. They should be balanced in everything they’re doing, no matter how difficult they may find it to do just so.

During the few hours of this transit, many will be too optimistic, no matter the circumstances. They may see their own future through a pair of rose-colored glasses, feeling they should just serve what’s extra by over-indulging in extravagances.

They simply won’t know when to stop, so they should avoid expressing their emotions too much, also being too forceful, extreme and intolerant. Furthermore, they should avoid closing businesses because their judgment would be clouded and they may end up spending too much on what isn’t necessary.

Those who are timid and more conservative will be open to share their wins, which means the previously mentioned transit can be very helpful for them if they want to do some good and to help others be more confident.

More greedy and boastful people will have issues controlling themselves because this aspect will influence them to be excessive and to waste their money.

These same natives may encounter problems with their ego, not to mention the Sun opposite Jupiter aspect will force them to have a look at their own motives and personality, leaving some room for spiritual and personal development.

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