Moon Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit: Becoming More Mature

  • Someone with a natal Moon Pluto opposition may face some difficulties in their relationships because of how moody they are.
  • When the Moon opposite Pluto transit occurs, many may find themselves doing what they don’t want to, or they may lose things they’re truly valuing.
  • The Moon is responsible for our feelings, mood swings, domestic chores, memories and motherly energy.
  • When two planets oppose each other, they reveal where one needs to balance counterforces in their life and where their struggle lie.
  • Pluto provokes us to change, to shake the foundations of our beliefs, to create and destroy for the better.
  • Celebrities: Johnny Carson, John Lennon, Ricky Martin, Russell Brand, Nina Simone, Prince, Janet Street-Porter, Athol Rusden, Eddie Van Halen.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Pluto Natal

Those who were born during the Moon opposite Pluto transit can see the root of any problem and fix it without leaving any trail behind.

It’s like they’re those perfect TV show hosts who know what their public wants and how to offer it before anyone else has even realized they can read minds.

Being extreme with their moods, it’s very likely for them to face difficulties as far as their relationships are going. Others may become terrified of how intensely these natives are feeling any emotion.

Looking at all the opposite aspects in astrology, the Moon and Pluto one is the most similar to the bipolar disorder because it brings about extreme emotions and a behavior just the same.

This doesn’t mean people having it in their natal chart should feel in any way ashamed with how intense their feelings can be as this would only prove how much they care about their loved ones.

These natives shouldn’t allow others to tell them what feelings to have, especially when more sinister individuals are approaching them to discuss such things.

Perhaps they’ll try to see what they’re feeling or make them terrified and guilty for no reason for them to obtain some money or to just destroy what the Moon opposite Pluto natives are feeling.

There are many individuals who only want to manipulate others and to control them to steal their thunder and to make them believe in themselves less and less.

Each time the Moon and Pluto conflict, people need to do their best to survive such aspects because they’re getting to feel emotionally disturbed, physically ill and more dramatic than usual. Those who have repressed their feelings for a long time will have these emotions of theirs coming to the surface in a stronger way than usual.

This transit makes natives having it in their birth chart analyze their feelings more, but this means they’re also more able to identify the causes of their problems during it.

However, when intense emotions that have been accumulated in time are starting to erupt, people may find themselves to be violent and eager to make life-changing decisions based on their impulses.

Because they’d get to feel everything more intensely, they may become jealous and more mysterious, also fascinated by secrets. Many will accuse them of having exaggerated reactions and of being too dramatic, but they won’t admit it this about themselves.

People born during the Moon opposite Pluto aspect may also feel blocked from an emotional point of view when having to share their deepest emotions. They may not trust others from a very young age and feel ashamed or scared of allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

Overprotective with their feelings, they may wish to always have the power and to be in control. When upset, they may exaggerate this feeling and end up depressed, so others should expect them to cry, be jealous or obsessive, to lose all of their hope and to no longer make eye contact with anyone.

If happy, they can be all over the place and turn into real maniacs who are overwhelming others with their high levels of energy.

In this situation, they may need to get more sleep, especially if they don’t want to make poor decisions and to act according to what their impulses are telling them to do.

These natives need to be aware of the fact that they have the power to make their lives better just by expressing their most profound feelings. In case they’re not confident enough to discuss such things with their loved ones, it would be a good idea for them to try a therapist.

The more extreme ones can end up suffering from psychosis or being dangerous, not to mention anxiety, addiction to different substances and thoughts of killing themselves can take over their mind. In such situations, it’s recommended for these people to see a psychiatrist.

Many of the natives having the Moon opposite Pluto aspect present at their birth tend to manipulate others, especially when trying to keep their loved ones by their side. While they may have great success in interacting and understanding how their own emotions are working, they can still end up feeling powerless.

The Moon opposite Pluto in their natal chart makes them feel this way and also way too serious about any of the feelings they’re encountering.

They may see emotional encounters as matters of life and death, not to mention they’ll have this tendency of manipulating others into being intimate with them.

It’s easy for these natives to handle any strong emotion and not feel overwhelmed because they simply love any transformation.

They’re sensitive and obsessive, so they may not have a problem sacrificing themselves for their partner’s happiness. However, for this to happen, they need to be with someone completely committed to them and sincere about it.

Moon opposite Pluto Transit

The Moon opposite Pluto transit is known to make secrets come to the surface and emotional conflicts to take place.

Many may find themselves doing what they don’t want to, or they may lose things they’re truly valuing. In other words, the main theme of this aspect is having what’s not wanted and letting go of what’s desired.

Emotions are more intense during this period, but in conflict with the ones of other people, which means this transit is being dominated by struggles for power and mind games. Many will have this need for controlling their loved ones by making them feel guilty for no reason.

All the emotional problems of many will get to reveal themselves during the day in which the Moon is in opposition with Pluto, which is not necessarily bad because people get to be more aware of what issues they may be having with others.

Natives of all signs will be either manipulating or get manipulated, too possessive and jealous, also in control of others or being controlled themselves. If aware of what’s truly happening, they’ll become more able to identify the roots of their problems and eliminate them.

This way, they’ll get to become more mature and sincere in their endeavors. It’s suggested for natives of all signs to be emotionally sincere during this transit and to not keep too many secrets.

This period can bring about a lot of drama and intense emotions, some getting to be extreme about what they’re feeling, to a point in which they can no longer control themselves.

Many individuals will have their moods changing most dramatically, so they’ll get to feel sexy and happy one moment, repulsive and depressed the other.

Others will feel like there’s no more hope for them, also fearful, jealous and obsessing over people and some of their goals.

This is why they should share their feelings during this period. If not trusting any of their friends and family members, they must visit a therapist and talk as much as they can about their emotions.

During this transit, people are more vulnerable to manipulation and can end up being controlled by others. They may get strongly influenced by domineering women and insisting salespeople who are using all kinds of strategies to make them feel bad about themselves.

For example, those trying to sell something can easily make their prospective clients feel inferior and guilty for not buying their products.

Some individuals may think they’re being ignored by their loved ones, especially if they’d try to suppress all of their most intense emotions. Many may resort to manipulation when no longer being in control of the way things are going and even their reactions.

It would be a good idea for everyone to not act according to their feelings when the Moon is in opposition from Pluto because they may end up being too controlling and ashamed of it. Since their judgment would be clouded by their moods, they should avoid making any important decisions.

The day of the Moon opposite Pluto transit brings to the surface old fears and intense emotions from the past.

Therefore, natives of all signs should not take things as they are and deal with others without thinking twice because they’d be operating only at an emotional level, which means suspicion and doubt would dominate their mind and cause them to no longer think clearly.

Things and people they may find attractive during this transit can turn into their obsessions as this planetary aspect would influence them to not do anything halfway.

Those who are romantically involved should make sure they’re not too intense with their partner, especially if their relationship is brand new. As far as work goes, they must avoid obsessing over one project only, not to mention they may have problems following another person’s lead.

The Moon opposite Pluto transit makes people lonelier and fascinated about their fantasy-world, therefore, more subjective when dealing with the outside world.

It would be a good idea for many to let others take control when the Moon is opposing Pluto and to work more on what they can accomplish alone. Otherwise, there’s a good chance for them to scare their associates, employees, colleagues and even potential lovers.

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