Mercury Trine Pluto Natal and Transit: Talking about Profound Matters

  • In a natal chart, the Mercury Pluto trine signals someone who is quite particular about their likes and dislikes in life.
  • During the Mercury trine Pluto transit, people are socializing more and are becoming more understanding than usual.
  • Mercury is responsible with how we express ourselves, how well we get along with others and how effective we are at transmitting what we think.
  • The trine aspect is considered to be the smoothest and easiest of all the astrological placements.
  • In astrology, Pluto governs our hidden needs, where we seek to gain power and how we react to deep and sudden transformations.
  • Celebrities: Liza Minnelli, Neil Young, Rupert Murdoch, Brad Pitt, Danny DeVito, Jeff Bridges, Eleanor Roosevelt, Renée Zellweger, Drew Barrymore.
  • Transit dates: 09 May 2020, 01 September 2020, 02 May 2021, 26 August 2021, 28 April 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury trine Pluto Natal

Those who were born during the Mercury trine Pluto aspect are competitive when it comes to serious issues, but this doesn’t mean their social life is being in any way affected. They give a lot of importance to their friends, but they may want to be next to someone who’s appreciating their profound way of thinking.

These people simply love finding out the truth and can be great spies, investigators or researchers. They know how to ignore the sounds in the background for long periods of time.

More than this, they can understand how to connect the darkest sides of life, as well as criminal tendencies with the underworld and mysteries of life.

All these skills they’re having are suitable for them if they want to become detectives, psychologists, astrologers or tax collectors. When having debates or speaking in public, also when writing, they can impress with their impressive intellect.

Because they love satire and have a dark sense of humor, they can specialize as psychologists. Also, politics would have them suitable as politicians because they’re convincing and can promote all kinds of principles, as well as ideas.

Those born with this trine aspect in their charts don’t like too many things in life, but they love a good mystery, not to mention complex subjects can have them investigating all sorts of issues.

These people are smart and not only good intellectuals, but they’re also possessing good instincts when having to set their priorities and to set things in perspective.

It’s like they have the eyes of eagles and can notice each and every detail from far, not caring if what they’re seeing is beautiful or not. As a matter of fact, they only want to see the good side of things and can notice what others can’t.

The strong vision they’re having can offer them great resources when it comes to researching and investigating. Their mind is resourceful, meaning those around them should be called when having problems.

These natives seem to know about different ways of handling any situation. They’re expressing themselves in a clear and articulate manner, not to mention intensely. People believe them, so they can be great politicians, lawyers, and managers, or any other profession in which they can put their minds to use in order to feel happy.

People born during the Mercury trine Pluto aspect have an interesting way with words, not to mention they’re capable of explaining the most complex issues in simple ways, in order for others to understand them.

The trine aspect and its energies are often too rare in order to be used to their maximum capacity, being subtle for a correct grasp and to be applied by many.

Its inclination is orienting people to study any science like astrology, and even religion, subjects in which the connections between mental abilities and the real world are being explored and properly understood when it comes to the power of the conscious mind.

The Mercury trine Pluto aspect in birth charts is related more to the intellect that’s working with the abstract, as well the connections between intuitive flashes and the pragmatism of being intellectually grounded into reality.

Those who are capable of interpreting the higher meanings of it can be grounded enough to deal with everyday issues and to focus their determination.

If not, things can fly too high and natives can become too undisciplined from a mental point of view. These people are fascinated by what they don’t know and want to see more, but they need to make sure they’re completely grounded in reality before starting anything.

They love competing and are always intending to win. Rarely, they can understand reality by interplaying energies. When it comes to most individuals born during this aspect, they are once again, attentive to details, bold, diplomatic, egotistical, smart and good at crafting.

When it comes to how their way of thinking, they can change their opinions too often, not to mention they can improve the power of their mind and the way they’re communicating. These people can focus and understand in a profound manner how to use their will.
More than this, they’re expecting a lot from others and can release the tension accumulated very easily. Their strong mind can be trained for projecting their psychic thoughts, but they need to be careful and not harm anyone, in any way.

It’s ok for them to communicate with someone through telepathy with someone who’s ok with it, but they could as well spread propaganda.

Mercury trine Pluto Transit

During the Mercury trine Pluto transit, people could sell and negotiate, as well as debate. Having a serious influence on people, it can have many meeting people who are affecting them in a profound manner, with certain ideas and plans, as well it can mark the beginning of friendships or successful business relations.

Those who are socializing just for the sake of it may no longer find this activity appealing. They know how to get into the heart of any issue.

Exchanging information with other people who love talking about profound matters with substance, they can have many interesting experiences in life.

If they want to know themselves better, they should make efforts and analyze themselves in a more profound manner. Because they’re communicating in a convincing manner, this period is perfect for them to deliver important messages to everyone.

During the week of the Mercury trine Pluto transit, people possess a very strong mind, meaning there’s absolutely nothing they can’t overcome or concept they can’t really study into its deepness.

Their observing powers and convincing abilities are at their maximum, meaning they can use the effects of this transit to their advantage. When people are talking, others are listening.

If something is asked, it can be obtained, as well if trying to be found, success can prevail. The mind of many is acute, as well as their ability to analyze people or situations.

When it comes to friendly conversations, these can make partners move their relationships to places with more meaning and intimate, because not only psychological aspects are being perceived, as well the smallest indicators and small details, which can have more meaning and are weaved into the big picture.

Usually, this period is meant for analyzing mysteries or the things that haven’t been noticed. Many are more able to discern between truth and lies, between their most appreciative skills when interacting with all kind of concepts that are impossible to be explained through the normal methods.

Many can obtain some gains if they’re on the side of the law that’s wrong. They can understand and perceive things in a more profound manner, especially when it comes to dubious activities.

However, their ability to have a true understanding is working best when research is being performed and when people are investigating, as well when secrets of the mind are being uncovered. This period is perfect for understanding Astrology in a more profound way.

When it comes to obsessions, these can work as far as discovering new things is going, whereas those who can block background noises can have a real asset.

For as long as Mercury is in trine with Pluto, people should seek psychological help and ask a psychic to help them with different methods, such as mind-reading, past life regression and recalling of dreams.

The day of this transit is perfect for mental activities that are involving research and investigating, as well as concentrating more.

They can follow thoughts and ideas that are developing in stages and are requiring a lot of focus.

Conversations are more serious, daring and even with effects of healing because people are looking at important issues from a more profound point of view. If traveling, many natives can feel enlightened.

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