Venus Opposite Mars Natal and Transit: Recognize Your Friends

  • With an opposition between Venus and Mars in the natal chart, you are likely to wear your heart on your sleeve and show your emotions easily.
  • When the Venus opposite Mars transit takes place, some natives may find it hard to interact even with members of their own families.
  • In astrology, Venus pushes us to embrace life with sensuality and charm, to observe the beauty around us.
  • An opposition aspect is the astrological placement in which two planets are the furthest from each other.
  • The planet Mars symbolizes raw energy, desire for action, courage and assertiveness.
  • Celebrities: Martina Navratilova, Jimmy Carter, Jay Leno, Joan Sutherland, Bernie Sanders, Alphonse Mucha.
  • Transit dates: 09 November 2020, 01 December 2022, 11 December 2024, 19 March 2027, 24 March 2029, 03 April 2031, 30 July 2033.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus opposite Mars Natal

People born during the Venus opposite Mars transit need a partner who’s energetic and never submissive, a person who’d match their passion and with whom they’d feel like their life is agitated enough.

To put it in a more positive way, they can calm down as fast as their steam is starting to blow into the thin air.

Their straightforward ways of showing their affection can have people taking advantage of them because they can very intense and escalate any irritation they may be feeling.

This transit is a physical one, giving people a lot of energy that doesn’t have to necessarily released through sex.

The powerful conflict inside their mind and heart, as well as the fight between their dark and luminous side can have them extremely creative, entertaining, artistic, musical and joyful.

The Venus opposite Mars aspect is manifesting in a distinctive manner and it gets expressed through facial characteristics and the muscle twitches in the body. Their emotional issues are often related to sex, meaning them and their spouse can be incompatible from an emotional and sexual point of view.

They’re very sensitive and can be immediately hurt when others are being unkind with them. These natives are expressing themselves without too many restrictions but can be hurt when others aren’t giving them the proper response.

In case Venus in their birth chart is very strong, they may become the victims of abuse, especially if they’re women. If Mars is the more powerful planet for them, they may use members of the opposite sex in order to feel gratified and not take others’ feelings into consideration.

Their temperament is all the time swinging and they can be loving (influenced by Venus) this moment, angry and nervous the other, dictated by Mars. They’re full of passion, impulsive, tolerant, romantic and most of the time good looking.

Natives born during the Venus opposite Mars transit are usually fighting with their family, most of the time over their common funds. They have the tendency to expect a lot from other people and after be disappointed if not obtaining enough.

These people must learn how to cooperate with others and to compromise. It’s easy for them to be unhappy in love and may end up being disloyal and unfaithful.

Natives born under the Venus opposite Mars transit can criticize other people for their own mistakes. The relationship with one of their parents was most likely different or the love between them may be faulty. Aggressive and oftentimes superficial, their love life is rather agitated.

When it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, they’re on both sides. From time to time, this can be the result of a sexual experiment with someone who wasn’t in the right state to understand them.

Either way, they may often reminisce about these experiences in childhood and the emotions that are spoiling them to become adults. If they can’t deal with such strong feelings and mental states, they can go to therapy and lead a conventional life.

Their sexual and passionate energies can be put into artistic pursuits. Those of them who are too intense can decide to follow a career in music or painting, meaning they can become more controlling with their own emotions.

Those with the Venus opposite Mars transit in their sign but not their aspect may have problems with what’s coming towards them. However, they can have lower levels of energy and be more likely to just let go of their own life.

Venus opposite Mars Transit

The Venus opposite Mars aspect is increasing people’s sexual tension and more physicality. In case they’re with someone for a long time and feeling nervous, they can escape those feelings by being highly stimulated and more joyful.

A more tense connection could see many tempers boil their selfishness and their wandering soul.

During the Venus opposite Mars transit, partnerships can become compromised and people may want to make all of their dreams come true.

They may have a feeling that others are using them and they may have the tendency to compromise.

Everything they’re dealing with can be more difficult for them, especially when dealing with members of the opposite sex, not to mention they can behave provocatively and inappropriately.

When it comes to conflicts, it can be more difficult for them to focus on their work, as well they may be required to observe themselves and their own environment.

They should be extremely careful if having to deal with any business affair, since their own results may not bring them enough benefits.

No matter if single or coupled, they may have too many desires to be cared for by someone they’re not actually suited for. This is why women and people who love being dominated can turn them into prey and aggressive temperaments.

It’s important for them to remember whom their friends are, as well as to be polite. During the Venus opposite Mars transit, natives of all signs will have to change the course of their connections, but they need to keep a balance between them and their partner.

This process they’re working on can be bumpy, but it’s important for them to keep listening to instructions and focus on important matters.

They may occupy the domineering role in their relationships, yet in case they’re exercising compassion, they can also give their friends a hand when having to be assertive and express their desires.

Obviously, this may be a problem for them because they’re simply not patient and their desires seem to become more accentuated.

In case they can pretend to be patient and compassionate when interacting with other natives, they can really be helped to open. As well, they can understand from others, whereas their slow-pace and independent way of thinking is enough for them to slow their life a little bit and admire the view.

This thing denotes that everybody, regardless of their sign has arrived at a period of time when they need to have their Soul and Senses battling.

The result of this conflict depends a lot on their inner struggle and determines which one of them will win. They’ll have to face a lot of opposition and be disappointed when attached and in love.

It’s also a battle between their own wishes and desires, and they’ll find themselves tempted many times. A lot for them will depend on what they’re doing, whereas this type of influence will last for them until their future dreams are going to come true.

This transit is bringing about financial losses as well, social and personal issues. It’s malefic when it comes to commitments, or when having to allow their emotions to become desires and sensations.

During this period, natives of all signs should act in a very discreet manner and be careful whom they’re trusting, especially when the Moon aspects are unfavorable. All in all, this transit is not at all beneficial. Their sexual drive is usually all over the top for these 3 long weeks.

They’re usually imagining about sex all day long, and they can wake up in sweats, looking for an escape way out of this mind of theirs. However, this energy of theirs is somehow physical and they may not be an outlet, but if single, they can be extreme when it comes to the dating scene, also frustrated.

This would definitely have them connected with their own emotions, almost as the soul is for the body. However, their passion has to be expressed, so they need to exercise a lot and to train by going to swim, lifting weights and focus on their own levels of energy and leaning to be more submissive.

The Venus opposite Mars transit needs to have natives of all signs disciplined, many needing to try harder than usual. Such a troublesome influence will go in a few weeks, so no one needs to worry that much.

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