Sun Square Neptune Natal and Transit: All Consuming Events

  • The natal square between the Sun and Neptune means you need to be careful to what you are telling others, not to fall prey to misunderstandings.
  • Observe how during the Sun square Neptune transit it’s best to stay away from stressful situations and avoid big negotiations.
  • The Sun is all about a sense of purpose, about our intrinsic personalities and how we put into action our soul purpose.
  • When two planets square everyone needs to brace for a little drama as the two energies involved collide and try to dominate over each other.
  • Neptune is the planet of our subconscious minds, influencing our dreams and fantasies and how rich our imagination is.
  • Celebrities: Ellen DeGeneres, Marie Antoinette, Franz Schubert, Angela Merkel, James Joyce, Anjelica Huston, Joan Crawford, Princess of Hanover, Paul McCartney.
  • Transit dates: 11 June 2020, 09 December 2020, 13 June 2021, 12 December 2021, 16 June 2022, 14 December 2022, 18 June 2023, 16 December 2023, 20 June 2024, 18 December 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun square Neptune Natal

People born during the Sun square Neptune transit may need to deal with their vulnerabilities from a very young age. Being insecure and gullible, stronger individuals with bad intentions can easily bring them down.

Many may not trust them because they’re giving the impression that they’re never up to anything good. However, things are not at all like this, even if they may have an unexplained guilt ever since children and unconsciously ask for others to hold them responsible for anything bad happening.

They can be too often the victims of misunderstandings, unfounded accusations and too hesitant, which can lead them to be involved in scandals and quarrels every step of the way.

The Sun square Neptune transit in birth charts is known to create many inner battles for people with this placement, battles they need to win to feel confident and powerful.

When failing or being disappointed, their self-esteem can go downhill, a situation in which they need to do something or they can become very confused, isolated and so paranoid that they decide to escape their thoughts by consuming drugs and alcohol. During this aspect, things can get lost and memories can be forgotten.

If they want to fix all this, they need to fight their battles and to stand up for themselves when cornered. This is the only way for them to feel good about themselves and more confident.

Their life will likely become a continuous struggle in which they’re fighting misfortune. At least they have enough resources to keep themselves out of trouble. They’ll want to join any cause that’s fighting against injustice, censorship and illegal affairs.

Being the victims of betrayal too many times, they’re the perfect underdogs who know how to protect others happening to be weak, just like they used to.

They’ll be members of groups that are militating for social justice and help charities raise money for their causes, this helping them to address their terrors and paranoid thoughts, useless fantasies and misunderstandings.

The more they’ll stand by their own beliefs and morals, the more they’ll win the battles they’re subjected to.

Becoming stronger on the inside and eliminating any doubt they may be having regarding their abilities, natives born during the Sun square Neptune transit will manage to keep themselves healthy.

They’re usually prone to contract infections and to become contaminated, but it can also happen that some doctors are misdiagnosing them.

Neurosis and feeling like they have no energy whatsoever are also common for them. They should be careful if working with poisonous substances and gases, but also when taking pills, drugs and consuming alcohol.

If they want to improve their self-image, the best way for them to go is to use mirrors or video cameras.

While others can see them as very strange and they can be involved in many scandals, these things are only making them seem more mysterious and therefore, appealing.

People born during the Sun square Neptune aspect have a certain air about themselves and a magnetism that makes others want to know more about their story.

Many of them are excellent musicians, writers, and actors because their creativity is over the roof. In case they’re more interested in standing up for others, they should choose a career in politics, social services or just become activists.

Fascinated by spirituality, they can decide to become religious gurus or to focus their energy on mastering magic. They’re most of the time trying to hide their intense emotions because they know how feelings can cloud their judgment.

Neptune is influencing them to have self-destructive tendencies and to deceive themselves more often than others. Loving animals and very sensitive, these natives are considered weak and very confused when it comes to them to act rationally.

They’re often allowing others to depend on them and, in case Neptune is in an angular position in their birth chart, they’re sure to end up the victims of deception most of the time.

Natives having the Sun square Neptune in their birth chart are usually underestimating themselves, meaning it’s normal for them to fail when having to follow through their best intentions.

Those of them with mystical inclinations may feel superior and more important than others, so they need to avoid joining a cult by any means.
Their imagination is rich, their romanticism and emotions different than others’ and they have this tendency to escape reality by being irresponsible and disorganized. It’s a golden rule for them to avoid any scheme that’s promising quick gains because they’ll surely end up getting nothing from it.

The women born during the Sun square Neptune transit will be involved only with men who are asking them to make sacrifices for them and who are deceitful.

Sun square Neptune Transit

During the Sun square Neptune aspect, natives of all signs in the zodiac are feeling less energetic, motivated or enthusiastic, especially if asked to work harder than usual.

They aren’t only terrified of making any effort whatsoever, but also more prone to get sick from both a physical and psychological point of view. Different events and people in their life can make them feel confused and disappointed, meaning they’ll have to fight more for themselves.

It’s okay to be insecure and to apologize for no reason during this period. Those who tend to see only what’s best in others can end up being very disappointed. The over-idealistic and gullible individuals will argue more with the ones they love.

The intrusive and destructive influences of the Sun square Neptune transit should be counteracted by always being one step ahead of any challenge.

It is not a good idea for people to do something stressful for as long as the Sun is in square with Neptune, also to close business deals or to negotiate because others may take advantage of their soft nature and deceive them in ways they’ve never been deceived before.

Many things happening during this transit can lead to misunderstandings and tremendous mistakes being made. Because people are easier to convince, they should not allow others to influence their life.

Many may do things that aren’t making them look good, not to mention they’ll have to deal with all kinds of strange situations in which either no one understands them or they don’t have any idea about what others are saying.

They should avoid consuming too many drugs and alcohol because their judgment can become too impaired. While it would be nice for them to benefit from all the support in the world, they must feel stable on the inside first.

However, for this to happen, they need to let their grip on situations be looser and allow things to happen on their own as well.

During the Sun square Neptune aspect, things in many people’s lives will be moving and changing, making them need to escape. In this situation, they must turn to their inner strength and avoid drugs or any other substances meant to cloud their judgment.

Instead, they could just work with their imagination and create a fantasy world in which they can retreat. In case this doesn’t work, traveling or watching a movie may be just the perfect solution for them.

This aspect is known to make romance more difficult because lovers aren’t able to understand themselves very well, not to mention their other half.

They should remember there are some boundaries to be respected in any type of relationship, especially if they want for things between them and their partner to truly work out.

It would be a good idea for them to spend some time alone and look inside themselves when feeling misunderstood. Another problem many may have to deal with for as long as the Sun is in square from Neptune is their hypochondria.

Feeling like having all the diseases in the world, they should avoid going to the doctor’s or undergoing surgery because they may end up with an infection caught up from the equipment used on the operation table, not to mention they won’t recuperate too easily either.

Being more sensitive to forbidden substances and alcohol, those already suffering from paranoia or depression should avoid consuming anything that can cloud their judgment.

When it comes to personal connections, these may become deceitful as a result of dishonesty. Many secrets will come to surface and creativity will increase in all natives, making this period perfect for any artistic pursuit.

More than this, entertaining activities and charity work are being encouraged, also fighting for social causes and being more spiritual or performing rituals, especially for those who have lost their faith.

Energy levels will be low and many people will become disappointed or discouraged for no real reason. They may want to escape the real world and go watch a movie or a theater play, but if they decide to do just so, they need to keep their responsibilities in mind.

Having a richer imagination than usual, they’ll want to be creative, yet they’ll feel stuck when trying anything.

They should pay more attention to the ones who seem to deceive because the Sun square Neptune transit can help them spot the most subtle lies. The square is the most malefic aspect between the Sun and Neptune.

In the case of those with an afflicted Neptune in their birth chart, things are even more serious. They may feel depressed most of the time and act rashly because this is what their emotions are dictating them.

When it comes to the same aspect influencing all natives, it’s making them more neurotic and physically weak, whereas those with an afflicted Neptune at birth may have a completely ruined constitution, to the point of physical handicap and muscular diseases.

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