Venus Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit: Fulfil Your Soul’s Desires

  • When in a natal chart, the Venus Pluto sextile helps the person achieve great intimacy in life and build a strong relationship.
  • The Venus sextile Pluto transit helps us channel our thoughts with our emotions, to achieve our personal goals quicker.
  • Venus guides the way we think about love, how drawn we are towards beauty and our relationship with money.
  • When two planets sextile they are linked together in a way that suggests positive energies and tight cooperation.
  • Pluto is the governor of transformation, of stubbornness and inflexibility, money and power matters as well as creation and destruction cycles.
  • Celebrities: Karl Marx, Meg Ryan, Prince Charles of Wales, John Coltrane, Tyga, Larry Christiansen, Stewart Granger, Henri Cornelius Agrippa.
  • Transit dates: 02 February 2020, 10 December 2020, 18 March 2021, 02 October 2021, 01 May 2022, 13 November 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus sextile Pluto Natal

People with Venus sextile Pluto in their natal chart have an extraordinary, frequently misrepresented, bliss in living, driving them to be excessively liberal. Such people have solid emotions and interests and extraordinary devotion, trustworthiness and instinct.

They are seen to have dynamic and unique inventiveness, typically in music or craftsmanship, where they can utilize their aptitude to their heart’s content. They have the know-how of the rules of concordance and parity since these concepts identify with their imaginative standards.

These individuals have great budgetary and administration capacity, a sharp recognition and comprehend the ever-changing intensity of affection and feel that their marriage is foreordained.

These individuals are strongly defined by anything related to the intimacy of love. They live and breathe love and we’re meant to be in a relationship. This is a quality that will influence their relationships towards a brighter future.

The target of their affection can be considered more than lucky, as they will stop at nothing to ensure harmony, comfort, love and safety in a relationship.

While this is brilliant, their lover might sometimes find their intense way of loving a bit suffocating, but their approach is as such only when they believe something is amiss.

To them it’s all about what’s inside. They project outwardly in the physical world what they think and feel about themselves, as such it comes to no surprise how good looking they seem to those around them seeing as how highly they hold themselves in their mind.

The way they carry themselves, their fashion and behaviour all add up to an attractive individual that will turn heads.

Their high appreciation of what is aesthetic will push them into falling a tad bit too easily for someone that has amazing looks.

Venus sextile Pluto natives hold bonds in a higher esteem than anything else in life. Faithfulness and honesty are things they offer and expect from others, but sadly not everybody will be the same as them in this regard.

Their overall attractiveness and social charisma will make them the target of popularity, which they will more than enjoy. This truly aids them in engaging in matters of sexual nature with others.

And on this note, one could say that they are rather daring when it comes to choosing their partners and the activities they partake in bed.

This, however, can mean that they might be prone to cheating or choosing partners that have a darker almost dangerous twist to them. In the end, they can rest easy knowing that the chances for something bad happening are slim or close to none.

Financial matters are also prized by these people and they will go to great lengths to attain wealth. Luckily to them, they are often the target of wealth either by birth or by marrying in a financially accomplished family.

Being born without much money to spare will not stop them from acquiring it. They are known to work hard and earn their share, becoming more than worthy of what they have.

Being able to sometimes spend money on the smaller or even bigger things to feel better is of great importance to these individuals.

Venus sextile Pluto Transit

In the span of this transit, you will experience affection of such intensity it won’t even seem real. As if it were all a fairy-tale. There won’t be any time wasted even on discussing something remotely shallow.

During this period, you’ll notice how much you can come to appreciate the knowledge of self and others. There is an importance like none other in being able to understand those around you and feeling them for the bright souls that they are.

With this knowledge, there will come a sense of release from the negativity that a clouded head brings, since knowing others on a deep emotional level is to feel affection, bonding, and love and to feel such things is to truly experience life as it should be.

This might also mean that you’ll end up finding the one for you if you haven’t already. If so, consider this bond already solidified by your current outlook on life.

This particular transit highly develops your affection and further deepens it to highs you didn’t know were possible. All types of relationships will become more important due to your need to belong with others. Be careful if you’re currently not in a relationship.

During this period, you might find someone who you might become infatuated with possible to your detriment.

Such happenings will also make you prone to helping those around you that are in need. A sensitive soul will always be drawn by a cry for help and yours is nothing if not sensitive and loving.

While you are usually always there for people to listen to their needs, this time you’ll also be able to provide them with advice to aid them in solving their issues.

While they might not enjoy your methods or choice of words, the truth is often cold and hurtful, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember, your quite the charismatic and sensible individual so make use of that to smooth out the edges of your words and at the end of the day, everything should be fine.

This might mean you and your loved ones, even your partner if you’re in a relationship, will experience some rather unpleasant moments of uncovering the deepest and darkest parts of your true selves.

But for the greater good, this is advised, since shedding light on the problem is the first step to solving it and as such, you’ll get closer to becoming the best versions of yourselves.

The desires and feelings you are experiencing during the Venus sextile Pluto transit will be working together towards the same goal during this period.

As such, your newly found affinity for the matters of the soul will aid you in strengthening the bonds you have with your loved ones and friends and even help you in creating new ones.

In the same way, you might also enjoy the fact that there may be quite an array of new people in your life that you might want to befriend. Similarly, when it comes to your love life, you and your lover will especially benefit from all this positive energy and your growth together will be considerable.

Your straightforward nature and determined self will push you towards pursuing your interests during this period which will give such endeavours a more intense, raw feeling than usual.

People tend to be drawn to this aspect of yours. After all, who wouldn’t be attracted to a person that knows what they want and do what they have to towards that purpose?

Your intellect and intuitive character will come to your help in more ways than you’d think during this planetary transit.

Financially, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for prosperity. So much so that you might not know where to choose from. Simply concentrate on choosing what is best for you and your entrepreneurial future and others will willingly aid you in your endeavours.

This period is well defined by a growth in emotional sensitivity and intensity, as such, you might be prone to get into affairs or wish you could try out things with new people.

When it comes to feelings of attraction and romance, chances are that you’ll be finding the one for you during this period, if you haven’t already.

If you’re in a relationship, know that you will experience a deepening of your bond. Both you and your partner will have your love heightened tenfold which will be shown in bed as well.

You might feel tempted to try out new things that others might consider unorthodox but pay no heed. Simply ensure that both you and your partner are enjoying each other as much as possible.

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