Mars Square Uranus Natal and Transit: Keeping Things Private

  • In a natal chart, the Mars Uranus square suggests an individual who wants to change something in the world around them.
  • When the Mars square Uranus transit occurs, you can become more creative than usual and feel inclined to break rules to make things happen.
  • The planet Mars pushes you to make the best out of your natural assertiveness and to channel your impulsivity correctly.
  • In astrology, the square aspect can represent an opportunity to integrate energies from two different life areas and for these to work as one.
  • The planet Uranus characterizes the adventurous, ingenious and those who challenge the established way of doing things.
  • Celebrities: Patsy Cline, Niall Horan, Giacomo Puccini, Dean Martin, Jack Kerouac, Alexander Graham Bell, Julie Gayet.
  • Transit dates: 07 April 2020, 03 July 2021, 22 March 2022, 26 June 2023, 09 March 2024, 15 June 2025, 27 February 2026, 04 December 2026, 17 February 2027, 28 May 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars square Uranus Natal

People who were born during the Mars square Uranus want to stand out from the crowd. They should be careful to not become very stubborn and too dogmatic because this can impede them from progressing in life and deal with many challenges.

Those who were born during Mars square Uranus have a very creative mind and an energy that’s usually helping them achieve great things. However, this type of mental dynamism can make them dangerous. For this reason, the world may want to test their energy and explosiveness so that they can harness it.

These people tend to take any risk in case something exciting and uncommon is about to happen to them. As well, they tend to be involved in dangerous romantic affairs and neglectful marriages, also to live a very orderly life.

Natives born during the Mars square Uranus transit are prone to accidents, feisty, unusual, enthusiastic, perfectionists, agitated, anxious, as well as possessing a very strong will. They tend to never agree with their friends and business partners, meaning it’s important for them to learn what patience and collaboration are.

These natives want to change society by applying all kinds of drastic measures. Since it’s easy for them to become violent when annoyed, they should protect themselves against their hasty temper and impulsive behavior.

They may end up being the victims of violent actions, and if the 8th House is in discussion, they can even die as a result.

People who were born during the Mars square Uranus transit should be careful around machines or electronics that can cause them to be involved in an accident or even to pass away.

Traveling by air can be as well very dangerous for them. They don’t like routine and oftentimes can experience headaches generated by tension. More than this, they need to learn about their limits. Their intense restlessness, dynamism, and energy are influencing them to always be on the run.

If wanting something, they want it on the spot, meaning they’re acting decisively and impulsively, as well hurriedly. Never patient enough and restless, as well tense, they may find it very difficult to slow down their pace and relax.

Individualistic and free, natives who were born during the Mars square Uranus transit have a strong will to make something with themselves, but they can’t tolerate being restrained and having others restricting them.

They don’t like authority and have a rebellious side. It can’t be said cooperation with other people is what characterizes them the most because they’re frank and straightforward, which is usually making them seem impersonal when they’re pursuing their goals.

These natives can have an explosive temperament when their will is being blocked. Highly energetic, they need to be free and to do things at their own pace.

They’re not shy when it comes to obtaining what they want in life. Not caring about any rule or tradition, there’s no problem for others to see them as rebels or troublemakers.

Interested in living out their unusual wishes can have their friends and family upset, as well as the entire society.

Their profession and sensuality can cause controversies and even upset the order of things happening in their life. Acting in an impersonal way, also rapidly, they don’t seem to care about humanity.

They’ll have to accommodate getting bullied, but at least they’re tough. These people can use their impersonal nature when wanting to express their ego and to be more confident.

Being moderate can make them less upset and reduce the consequences of some nasty actions they may have taken. However, their electricity is not easy to be constrained.

For this reason, they should become more creative and innovative through acting, dancing, singing and working in the science field.

As long as they can express themselves directly and courageously, they can become happy and productive. It’s fun to be around them, this being the reason why they’re so popular.

Their need to have changes and excitement happening in their life can have them getting married more than once or not at all.

These people are more suited for open-minded groups that are thinking in a progressive manner, where they can express their originality. If forced to conformism, their rebellious strike can have them procrastinating.

They’re usually living a dangerous life, this being the reason why they’re prone to accidents. However, such events can help them find their spiritual energy and direction.

They need to be courageous for such an independent attitude, as well for maintaining their relationships strong. Their intuition can be of great help.

Mars square Uranus Transit

During the Mars square Uranus, people may want to escape any restriction, as well to become more rebellious. Acting without thinking of any consequence may have them involved in conflicts and quarrels.

Being more aware of the dynamism of this transit can help them become more creative and therefore, inventive so that their personal life is more invigorated.

The Mars square Uranus transit is keeping people guessing. Many may need to deal with all kinds of surprises and changes.

While these can capture all of their attention, escaping routine becomes a priority for them, especially if they’re feeling limited and stressed. Strange forces acting upon them can create surprises and disruptive events. Those who are expecting can be helped by their attitude to better adjust to this period.

Many natives may not be able to avoid risks and get pushed to the edge, which can make their experiences very interesting.

For as long as this aspect is lasting, people are allowed to have fun and break some rules. Their chaotic energy can’t be restrained, so they need to express their craziness, creativity, and originality, but in safe surroundings.

Those who are working in a too disciplined environment and are dealing with all kinds of superiors should find creative ways of expressing themselves, no matter if these are sexual, social or related to their hobbies.

For as long as the Mars square Uranus transit is in place, people need to be different and to learn from their own mistakes.

It would be better for them to be private about such matters and keep an open mind because their rash actions can have them getting ridiculed by others, and even bullied.

Their goals may be to take their kinky and dangerous wishes out of their system, but in a safe manner and without upsetting their loved ones.

Having an original way of thinking, they can create brilliant artworks and make scientific discoveries, but they should avoid being impulsive and take risks that can put them in danger.

Not focusing and lacking attention can have them involved in accidents, especially when they’re driving and working with electrical appliances and technological instruments. Therefore, they should avoid fixing what isn’t broken.

The year following this aspect may cause a lot of anger in the life of many, as well the year after. Many will be tempted to get annoyed with everyone for the smallest crimes, and they’ll probably get themselves into trouble more than once because of their short temper.

To some point, they may become their biggest enemies because they’re pushing others with their quick temper. Their passion can be surprising, which is making them difficult as lovers, as well as difficult employees.

Anyone they’re interacting with can end up being frustrated with by their tendency to express their unhappiness, as well as more stressed by their inability to stick with their plans.

They’ll have outbursts of energy that are going to help them take the initiative, yet they’ll lose their interest very quickly, after become irritated that others are expecting them to finish their projects.

However, the solitary life doesn’t suit them very well because they want to have fun and this is not the direction for them in life.

They should spend as much time as possible by themselves when making an effort to no longer upset others. Many should take responsibility for their actions. Their life will start to become better when they’ll be able to deal with the trouble they’ve caused, as well as work on remedying the situation.

The elevated level of people’s physical energy and the tension many are experiencing for as long as Mars is in square with Uranus is extremely difficult to be kept in control.

It may look like every small thing that’s going wrong with their life is simply going wrong, so there can be nothing they can do about it.

Some will overreact to these little things and expend their incredible energy when acting out on their frustrations, so they’ll throw tantrums and more stubborn than usual, even if not having such type of behavior.

They may shock others and also themselves, so they need to watch the unexpected outbursts that can make them, later on, have regrets. Their impatience, recklessness and impulsiveness, as well their actions can have them prone to accidents.

During this transit, people should be very careful if working with machinery, electronics, and automobiles because surprises are very likely to happen.

This is one of the most unfortunate aspects as it’s making natives act rashly and in an insane manner because they’re feeling overwhelmed with troubles from a surprising quarter.

Either way, the feelings of many will be under stress and the self-control will have them preventing doing things that can ruin them.

The Mars square Uranus transit is making people more prone to accidents, electricity and even explosives, all at the same time, so they should avoid exposing themselves to such risks.

The entire period of this aspect will be of overwhelming tension, so individuals should struggle to remain calm and be balanced because this will help them play out their divine strength. This aspect is dangerous and can be kept under control through spirit.

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