Moon Square Neptune Natal and Transit: Nostalgia Is Booming

  • The natal Moon Neptune square means you should avoid living in your imagination and push yourself more to interact with others.
  • Pay attention to the Moon square Neptune transit because not all is true and you may risk becoming disillusioned or even deceived.
  • In astrology, the Moon governs our emotional development and temperaments and consists of motherly, feminine energy.
  • The square aspect means the two planets generate a tense energy that requires integration of two different areas of life.
  • In astrology, Neptune is a gateway to our spirituality and dreams, it governs the arts and our illusionary means of escaping the real world.
  • Celebrities: Michael Douglas, Kanye West, Al Pacino, Serena Williams, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Yoko Ono, Justin Bieber, Anthony Hopkins, Rihanna, Warren Buffett, Salvador Dali, Brigitte Bardot.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Neptune Natal

Those having the Moon square Neptune in their birth chart are more sensitive, aware and compassionate than others. Usually having strong connections with the women in their life and the public, they’re most of the time influenced by these people, in terms of sociability and the way they’re feeling about themselves.

In case their mother has influenced them in a negative way when they were children, they may struggle as adults.

They may react to unpleasant situations just like when they were children: by retreating into an imaginary world where they can feel safe and have their emotions protected.

Those who had a healthy relationship with the woman who raised them will enjoy a good life and have clear emotions, even if they may encounter many challenges and have some problems with the women in their life.

People born during the Moon square aspect should express their emotions as often as possible because otherwise, they may end up imagining things and living in a false reality dominated by paranoia, sadness, empty suspicions, and many addictions.

By talking about what they’re feeling and their dreams, they’ll manage to have a more accurate perception of their surroundings and know how to effectively react when challenged.

They shouldn’t hesitate to show others their sympathy because they’d be very appreciated for doing so, not to mention they’d become able to easily understand what their loved ones are going through from an emotional point of view.

The biggest challenge when it comes to the Moon square Neptune natal is making a difference between fantasy and reality, also for no longer being confused about what the conscious mind can perceive and what it can’t.

Their emotions may change according to what their imagination is playing at any given time, so they may have their perceptions strongly altered by their fantasies.

They can perceive reality in a completely wrong way especially when it comes to their relationships, which can often cause conflicts for them and the ones they love the most.

When insisting they’re the only ones right, even if everyone else is against what they’re saying, they’ll argue with others, no matter if these are their family members or just friends.

It’s normal for these natives to often feel uneasy with what they’re feeling because their emotions aren’t completely integrated within their consciousness, not to mention they’re moody and tend to only function properly when people are following a behavioral pattern around them.

If they’ll decide to talk about their pains, many will listen to what they have to say. Being so open will help them avoid being victims, but it won’t make them heroes.

They’re the dreamers of dreams, those people who can tell any story and change according to circumstances. As a matter of fact, these talents of theirs are perfect if they’d decide to pursue an artistic career.

Those of them who are shy could overcome this issue of theirs by being more accepting of their image because Neptune is the ruler of mirrors and acting stages.

Practicing their speech and posture in front of the mirror or a camera could really help them be more open, not to mention they may discover some of their hidden talents as far as acting and speaking are going.

The square between the Moon and Neptune in their birth chart indicates they may have problems distinguishing between what’s real and not.

At the same time, it gives them many artistic talents and a very rich imagination. They could try and change reality to be more in sync with their emotions and when not being able to do just so, they may want to escape in a fantasy world and never come out.

Most of the time feeling like life is persecuting them, it’s very likely for natives having the Moon square Neptune aspect in their birth chart to not accept responsibilities.

They have this need to examine everything from an intellectual point of view rather than an emotional one, so their judgment is often based on what their reason is telling them to do.

Naively charming, they’re also not at all practical when having to deal with a problem, which means they’re their own worst enemies until acting in a more down-to-earth way. Not very good when it comes to domestic tasks, their home is often messy and unclean.

Their subconscious can be dominated by a complex of inferiority and also insecurity, so many of them may become addicted to different substances.

What their psychic abilities are telling these people can sometimes be very wrong, meaning they should pay more attention when performing certain rituals.

Some of them may end up so delusional and require institutionalization. Others may inherit a lot of money and just become parasites who are only getting together with friends and attending parties.

All of the people born during the Moon square Neptune transit attract the strangest individuals, so they have to widely open their eyes when making a new friend.

As far as their relationships with the opposite sex are going, they’ll have no idea what to do if their mother caused them a lot of pain and has been harsh with them when they were children. These natives are dreamier than others, also lazier and unwilling to take action.

The women are known for their intense emotions, but both genders may encounter problems with their circulation, especially if born in a cardinal sign. The fixed ones may encounter glandular issues, whereas the mutable can have their brain affected by all sorts of diseases.

Moon square Neptune Transit

During the Moon square Neptune transit, people may experience all kinds of emotions that are making them question what’s real and what isn’t.

It’s very likely for them to not perceive reality correctly for as long as this aspect is in place, which means they can fantasize about many different things and end up deceived when noticing they weren’t seeing anything.

For this reason, they should avoid being so serious or making important decisions for as long as the Moon is in square position from Neptune. Many will get easily hurt because this period will make them too sensitive.

More than this, they’d be truly devastated if someone would deceive or take advantage of them, which can happen very often because they’d be paying less attention to what others’ real intentions are.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to have psychic readings or to consider superstitions when the Moon happens to be in square to Neptune. Those who like to drink and to get high should avoid alcohol and drugs as the chances of overdose would increase as well.

Furthermore, they need to be careful when interacting with their loved ones because it would be easier for them to get deceived for no real reason. This aspect is known to bring about weirdness, this being the reason why many are seeing ghosts and spirits during it.

All natives will have very vivid dreams and perhaps some out-of-body experiences. More than this, they’ll be easy to impress and possess some psychic abilities they aren’t actually aware of, in the rest of the year.

However, they shouldn’t accept concepts and notions they’d usually reject because these may be coming from a false reality in their mind.

In other words, the Moon square Neptune transit is by no means favorable as it has too much strangeness. It isn’t good for going out either, no matter if the company is made from old or new friends. Everyone is just too emotional and easy to angry, not to mention many won’t be able to control their moods and sensitivity.

Everything said and done during this transit is simply wrong, meaning minds are too clouded and lost in fantasy for natives to interact and to get things done the proper way.

This aspect is famous for misinterpreting things and for living in a reality that isn’t in any way similar to the one of others. For this reason, those who can should spend their time indoors and do something creative.

The feelings they’d be getting, that something is wrong, will last for as long as the aspect is in place, and they won’t be able to determine what’s bothering them so much.

Natives of all signs should avoid believing they only need love during this period because they won’t find it, no matter for how long they’d look around.

They may meet with people they normally like and see them as terrible persons because their moods and sensitive emotions would influence them to think this way. This is why meetings and parties should be left for another day.

Escaping the real world can make them feel better, so they shouldn’t hesitate writing, sleeping, painting, reading or watching movies. Anything that can make their imagination run wild would be of great help during this transit.

On the other hand, many can be more sympathetic and remember their pains when seeing others suffering.

They should accept this caring and open side of themselves and just be by next to those who need them the most, especially if no one else would be able to give a hand and to offer their emotional support.

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