Venus Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit: Relieving Stress and Anguish

  • Someone with a natal Venus Uranus conjunction needs to find a constructive outlet in which to focus their stress so it doesn’t consume them.
  • Observe how during the Venus conjunct Uranus transit, we are more prone than usual to taking rash financial decisions.
  • The planet Venus imparts knowledge and wisdom on how to love and what beauty to appreciate.
  • The conjunct aspect is considered the most powerful aspect, which intensifies the energies of both the planets that reside in the same sign.
  • In astrology, Uranus is about creating sudden-even radical-change.
  • Celebrities: Nancy Pelosi, Louis Pasteur, Paul Claudelm, Jay Rockefeller, Anthony Burgess, Elizabeth Taylor, Stephen Sondheim.
  • Transit dates: 08 March 2020, 22 April 2021, 11 June 2022, 30 March 2023, 18 May 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus conjunct Uranus Natal

Having Venus conjunct Uranus in the natal graph animates your social and love life, however with a possibly fluctuating twist. Much will rely upon related planetary viewpoints or settled star combinations.

Positively affected, the Venus Uranus combination can carry energizing sentiments with enough individual flexibility to appreciate an impressive, exquisite life.

The nature of these people during this conjunction acts like a social magnet, attracting people with its shining, joyful aura. Their love life is as intense and unforeseeable as their social life.

They often develop feelings of affection or attraction to people without even knowing what hit them, and just like a hit and run, those feelings tend to disappear rather quickly.

A free, adventurous personality makes stability and long-term commitments difficult to achieve for these people, especially since they tend to mistake feelings of friendship for romantic entanglements, making their love life confusing and difficult.

The artistic and imaginative expressiveness of these people lightens the mood around them and brings forth inspiration for others and are usually determined in their work. Their personality tends to be impulsive which in turn might make them rather passionate individuals.

They desire harmony, however if they can’t find a constructive outlet for your stress, they can turn out to be filled with angst. These people detest mundane routines and always strive for adventure and new thrills.

In all scenarios, these individuals ought to be highly adaptable to properly enjoy life and benefit from all the blessings it has, predominantly in romance and finance-related situations and is strongly tied to one’s opinion of themselves and their sense of self-worth.

They are often seen to have strong insight, quickly anticipating and understanding events happening around them and as such taking advantage of the opportunities that pop up.

This can easily be seen in how they constantly change their taste in clothing and aesthetics and how they’re usually seen as the unique individual at a gathering.

While it is advised to listen to this almost clairvoyant sight when it comes to romance and money, on ought to always be on the lookout for facts that would discriminate their yearning for adventure and freedom and should be ready to adapt to unforeseen events.

Their aura serves as a beacon of comfort and fun for people to gather around and enjoy, as such, creating bonds and friendships comes with ease to these people, but might sometimes appear as aloof and detached.

Lies and misleading behavior is something they strongly detest as they will always appreciate a straightforward individual that can appreciate honesty and faithfulness.

Their idea of love has a rather flexible definition. While they are big fans of loyalty and romance, a relationship can be a rather open-minded deal for them, as long as it is truthful and lacks boredom which is part of the reason why they don’t see the use of marriage. If there’s love and excitement, that’s all that’s needed.

To create a long-lasting and flourishing relationship, a suitable partner that mirrors their traits and appreciation for freedom and adventure must be found.

Of course, they also need to have an imaginative mind and innovative personality in the mixture. Long-distance relationships might actually be the thing for them, seeing as how it can provide freedom as well as the opportunity for travel, something they won’t refuse.

Their sex life might often be more than just passionate, turning towards the more kinky and perverted side to avoid routines and boredom.

These are visionaries and artists if nothing else. Their brilliant minds and imaginative spirit aids them in developing and nurturing a career in creativity and art if they so desire.

While fame might be coming their way if they chose such a path, in actuality, more often than not, they’ll choose such endeavors because they wish to express their feelings and share their knowledge and methods with others.

Even so, they can be rather stubborn due to their freedom-loving nature, never bending to another person’s argument. While they are highly adaptable, this trait dies off when it comes to social conflict, never compromising their opinion on the process.

Venus conjunct Uranus Transit

This planetary transition comes with changes of an almost unprecedented, yet fortunate nature, especially in the financial and romantic department.

You’re bound to encounter somebody intriguing and experiences with companions can arouse strange happenings. Weariness with people around you makes you fretful and additionally ready to go out on a limb. Pulled in to particularly delightful things, you look for extraordinary joys.

Communicating and bonding with others will bring forth interesting and unpredictable results. And you don’t mind that. After all, you’re after the thrills of life and those often come with a surprising twist. Your desires extend to social activities that involve crowds.

The yearning for excitement will push you into leaving aside daily routines and going for something different and intense. While fun is required once in a while, you ought to exert caution in completely letting loose and losing all sense of diligence and determination for productivity.

Financially, you’ll be prone to making rash decisions, but your fortune may have it that you’ll benefit from such endeavors. Be careful not to overindulge in spending your savings with gambling, even if it might reap benefits for you, don’t overextend.

Everyday routines, of all sorts, even the romantic ones, are something that you tend to avoid and want to change at all costs.

As such, if things are becoming too repetitive and boring with your partner, you might be prone to doing something that might change things, even if you hope it’ll be better, they will often change for the worse.

It’s better to come up with healthy methods to relieve stress and enjoy life. Try going out more often or experimenting in bed to make things more exciting or kinkier than usual.

For those that aren’t engaged in a relationship, this period holds many a great deal of opportunities for creating romantic bonds, or any kind of bonds. While this is will be something intense and passionate to enjoy, such infatuation will, as the definition of the word states, be short-lived during this transition.

Another way to enjoy life while this transit is taking place is using your finances to indulge in a shopping spree. Your fashion taste has never been as exquisite and fresh and you’ll be having quite an array of cosmetics and accessories to pick from. Although, you should take care.

You might feel the need to spend a tad bit too much which will deal a blow to your investments. This period holds great financial possibilities, which include losing a lot of money, fast.

Your freedom-driven character will influence all of your actions during this transit. Traveling will be your new and possibly permanent and predominant hobby. As long as you’ll have free time and cash, you’re bound to constantly be on the move.

Your partner in romance will most likely be someone with whom you’ll share a lot of similarities, including your love for adventure and freedom as well as your more than kinky tastes in the bedroom. Or outside of it? Who knows?

Marriage is out of the question. That doesn’t mean you can’t commit. No, you’ll probably do that with someone that suits your tastes, someone just like you that will allow you freedom. You just don’t like the whole marriage thing and how it’s supposed to make it official.

Love and happiness are all you need. Your artistic persona will also flourish in your daily activities and even at work. This will help you get leaps and bounds ahead of others and will gain you appreciation, awe, and respect.

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