Mercury Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit: Staying Open-Minded

  • In a natal chart, the Mercury Uranus conjunction indicates a quick-thinker, someone who is not easily influenced by others.
  • During the Mercury conjunct Uranus transit makes people think faster than usual so the chance of discovering something new increases.
  • Mercury is the messenger of gods, the planet responsible with how we communicate our thoughts and with our conscious reasoning.
  • The conjunct aspect is about the energies of planets that are united in the same zodiac sign, so they act together and influence their own qualities.
  • In astrology, Uranus is an eccentric planet that rules over technology, enlightenment, progressiveness and innovation.
  • Celebrities: Ian McKellen, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Omar Sharif, Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Transit dates: 30 April 2020, 24 April 2021, 18 April 2022, 04 June 2023, 31 May 2024, 24 May 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury conjunct Uranus Natal

Mercury conjunct Uranus aspect present in birth charts is known to give natives mental brilliance and the characteristics of geniuses.

The ideas of these people are widely comprising and coming to them very fast, not to mention they’re always being helped by an eager intuition from which their psychic abilities are starting to develop. They can perceive things very quickly because their intuition is “faster than thunder”.

People born during the Mercury conjunct Uranus aspect don’t like others to interfere in their life, so they should be left alone to do whatever they want.

They’re curious about Astrology, scientific subjects and electronics as well, but they have to be educated if they want to achieve what’s best when it comes to what their mind can do.

Oftentimes, the speed at which they’re thinking can have them jumping to any conclusion, too fast and too easily.

In case their intuition is always on spot, good things can start happening for them, but they need to analyze things in a methodical way if they don’t want to end up assuming incorrectly and change their opinions more often than normally.

When no longer fascinated by any subject, they can get bored and just walk out on people. When it comes to physicality, they should be careful how they’re handling things and pay attention to their reflexes because these are nothing else than their rapid neurons firing up.

When it comes to the aspects that are working in harmony, Uranus and Mercury are all the time functioning very well because they’re both related to intelligence and the power of the mind, at a level at which their qualities are being greatly displayed.

These natives have a fast and wise mind, not to mention they can be very happy when going after things related to life on Earth and human beings, meaning they’re always curious to gain knowledge about the human body.

More than this, they have a good way with words and love reading, not to mention they’re naturally questioning and looking to expand their knowledge, especially when trying to develop a connection between information and holistic models.

Their fast response to what’s happening in the world is one of exploring the mind and not of emotions.

These people are correctly perceiving their surroundings and are fascinated by it, also never able to exhaust their curiosity. For this reason, any theory and interesting fact is helping their minds explore more of the world.

This is why completely new opportunities are always opening up in their path, not to mention how much they want to investigate what seems to be strange, as well the many ways in which they could live on this planet.

People born during the Mercury conjunct Uranus aspect are unique and can show a lot of originality. They’re not only open-minded but as well able to use their brain and reach higher planes of existence.

As a matter of fact, their mind can spin so rapidly and so many times a second that they can no longer find ways to express their simple thoughts, those that seem normal for the rest of the people.

These natives have a very fast pace, also a mind that’s always looking to learn new things, not to mention their insightful thoughts can inspire them in extreme ways. When this is happening, they can envision what’s beyond the realm humans are living in, which is obviously the realm of planet Earth.

People born during the Mercury conjunct Uranus aspect are used to think very fast and to understand what are the imputations and opportunities coming their way even before everybody else has managed to do the same.

They can scare others with how uninterested they are in the past because they’re only concentrating on ensuring a more efficient future for the world.

These natives tend to go only on the same path and never backward, not to mention they believe everyone needs to be independent and can make from this their political campaign.

True democrats, they’re all the time looking to receive the vote of the majority, even if they’re preferring to work all alone and nobody can keep up with them.

It’s very likely they can’t sleep very well or go to bed at strange hours, meaning they don’t need as much sleep as other people do.

It can be challenging to live and think like them, but at the same time, it can be truly rewarding. They prefer to look at the future and to be happy about any new idea, no matter what they’re studying.

For this reason, they need to keep a balance between what they’re preferring and what’s rational. They as well need to be intuitive when approaching life, also between objectivity and subjectivity. Mercury is influencing them to think in a biased way, Uranus is all about intuition and the Universal truths coming from inside.

It’s not about what natives know, but how it’s being put into practice, which is the key to their existence.

For this reason, people born during Mercury conjunct Uranus aspect can be guided by the Universal Mind.

Many of them are using electronic means of communicating with others. They’re not accepting any traditional idea just for the sake of it and can find answers to any problem that hasn’t been yet fixed. When this aspect in their birth chart is being afflicted, they’re starting to be unconventional and less tactful.
They’re good with the Exact Sciences and Astrology or the occult because Mercury rules over the latter, whereas Uranus over what’s new. Having vibrating energies, this aspect can cause nervousness. It’s important for them to meditate when life’s happening too fast for them, especially if they want to avoid being tired and involved in accidents.

Mercury conjunct Uranus Transit

The Mercury conjunct Uranus transit is stimulating the way people are thinking, it brings about excitement to the way many are interacting and their everyday routines.

Having an electric influence on the brain of many, this time is ideal for being creative and performing intellectual activities, which is requiring natives to be original. Those who are being open-minded and intuitive can become more insightful and make many breakthroughs.

When it comes to routines and being focused, they can get disrupted because they’re not focusing.

However, the Mercury conjunct Uranus transit is offering the perfect circumstances for making scientific discoveries when it comes to the Exact Sciences, as well the technical ones, because they’re more focused on understanding than on memorizing.

Many’s loved ones may be forced to keep up with them because they’re thinking much faster than usual.

Others can be tricky in the way they’re thinking and address any subject in the most original way, not to mention they can connect all the dots and keep people on their feet with silly commentaries and too cheerful messages.

Luckily, this transit is bringing about a lot of humor in the week in which is happening, so laughter is sure to be present everywhere.

After it, many natives are going to see where they were standing and notice how some surprising predictions are becoming a reality.

Those who are spending a lot of time in front of their computer should go ahead and do it because they’ll easily interact with the machine and understand its every little detail. They could install software and learn all kinds of new features, not to mention they could buy new technology as well.

Inspiration will come their way during the influence of this transit, so notebooks should be kept in sight because the ideas may no longer seem interesting at a later date. News can arrive unexpectedly, but this doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad or too positive.

People will react rapidly, which is perfect for their dexterity, but at the same time, it can cause many problems. For example, they can jump to any conclusion and their discussions can get interrupted.

Speeches can become harsh and many may just say whatever goes through their mind. Nervousness can be accentuated, some may start biting their nails, have spasms and so on because they’re feeling more adventurous and agitated. It can be very difficult for them to concentrate, so they should plan their days and allow themselves to have fun.

The way they’re communicating can be out of the ordinary and too ambitious because compromises are hard to reach. They’d be moving so fast and become clumsier than usual, meaning they can end up being involved in accidents.

The day in which Mercury is in conjunction with Uranus is perfect for interacting with computers and exploring science.

This time is perfect for being more aware, as well for experimenting, yet not good for planning or having a routine. More than this, there’s the chance for judgment errors to appear, as well as spelling mistakes.

Many should be conscious when driving and using all kinds of machinery because these may not function properly. When it comes to interacting from a personal point of view, chaotic thoughts may emerge and many can discover great things about themselves and their loved ones.

They may meet new friends who are more enthusiastic in their different style. However, all the new friendships will most likely end, no matter how exciting.

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