Venus Sextile Uranus Natal and Transit: Extravagant Attitudes

  • Someone with a natal Venus Uranus sextile is more likely than others to commit to a serious relationship earlier on.
  • Pay attention to the Venus sextile Uranus transit because you might be prone to certain monetary investments that might have a risky feeling to them.
  • Venus in astrology is about style, beauty and romance.
  • When two planets are in a sextile relationship, they bring out the best in each other, focusing positive energies exactly on the places that the native needs them into.
  • Uranus creates chaos and brings sudden and unexpected change.
  • Celebrities: Marlene Dietrich, George Harrison, Mia Farrow, Robin Williams, Leonardo da Vinci, George W Bush, John Edgar Hoover.
  • Transit dates: 15 January 2020, 18 August 2020, 03 March 2021, 13 June 2021, 18 April 2022, 02 August 2022, 08 February 2023, 26 May 2023.

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Venus sextile Uranus Natal

In many ways, people influenced by this transit in their natal charts will shy away from going about things by the book, which will in turn attract others due to the fresh outlook on life that they bring.

Romance and emotional sensitivity come naturally which will leave the opposite sex gasping in awe.

Given their carefree and uncommon view on life and emotional bonds, they have no trouble engaging in and maintaining relations of any kind, especially in their love life.

Their need for a deep bond makes them commit to a long-lasting relationship, marrying quite easily. Venus sextile Uranus have exceedingly unique aesthetic and melodic abilities that frequently includes new types of electronic craftsmanship. Others see that their way of life or appearance is to some degree strange or unpredictable and they’re fully aware of this.

These people are pleasant to be around and have an abundance of imagination and originality that they use to give birth to amazing and innovative inventions. This creative side of theirs spells out the freedom and power of expression which draws people to them.

It also aids them in dwelling into an array of subjects with ease, as such, they’re rather easy to talk to and a joy to be around.

However, this side of theirs makes it so that they easily get tired of people, as such they keep a large circle of friends just in case. This is also reflected in their romantic endeavors as well as their sexual interests.

The bed games with these people are never boring and always outside the norm. They prefer partners that are unlike the rest, their choice lies in the weird ones, the abnormal people of society that can keep it interesting and even then, they would rather keep things quite loose. Relationships for them tend to be open so that they can experience more things in the meantime.

As such, it’s easiest for them to be in relationships that don’t require that much attention. Something from afar that won’t allow them to spend too much time with their partners is a great choice for them.

It’s simply how they are when it comes to relations with people in general. They enjoy their freedom above all else and love deciding how to spend their time without outside influence as such they’ll be at their happiest with someone that enables their love for freedom.

It stands to reason that having multiple flings or commitments is also a possibility because of this trait.

All of this means that finding a lover comes with ease since these people are always the start of the show with how interesting and original, they are.

Their provocative attitude will draw in a great deal of consideration from potential lovers. With such enticement in their sex life, they believe that it is difficult to maintain a long-lasting relationship. In this case, they can feel more than content with exploring their sexual interests and enjoy new thrills with different partners.

They also have an outstanding and rather uncommon sense of fashion which they really don’t mind flaunting.

While they might get some odd looks from time to time until people adopt their style, they really don’t mind all that attention. This can come in handy for a possible career in fashion designing. A buck out of something they love won’t hurt them at all.

Venus sextile Uranus Transit

Their affectionate, erotic nature is often expressed in a rather extravagant manner which is often seen in the way they carry themselves as well as their fashion choices.

This in turn, influences others of the same kind to be attracted to such individuals, creating an interesting and thrilling relation in the process.

During this transit, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to create new bonds, whether they are strictly of friendship or of a romantic or sexual nature, especially the kind of relationship that is strictly oriented towards sexual activities rather than emotional ones, often considered as side flings.

If, however, love ever after is your goal, this is also a possibility as long as you meet someone on the same wavelength as you, with the desire for freedom and space as well as fun and thrills.

More often than not, you will feel inclined to engage in a multitude of social activities in which your unorthodox and original nature will shine and attract people towards you.

Such is your calling, to be thrilled by socializing with those of the same kin as you, to enjoy endeavors that involve communicating with others that have the same interests as you. Your adaptable nature will also serve you well in interacting with people of different kinds and personalities with ease.

While Venus is sextile to Uranus in this transit, you might be prone to certain monetary investments that might have a risky feeling to them, that might in actuality work out in the end, but you ought to keep your eyes peeled for any sort of surprises. This is also high time to let your creativity bloom and indulge yourself in your art.

During this period, your insight will reach an almost clairvoyant, psychic level and you will be able to comprehend where people are coming from with much more ease, enabling you to level with them on the deeper state of understanding. This also extends to sexual interactions.

You’ll find that you will have a tendency to get involved with different people in this transit, more so than you previously did. While this can be intriguing and exciting, you’ll also get bored rather quickly.

However, that is not a problem since you will have a multitude of possible partners to pick from. This time, however, it will be due to the desire to connect on an intellectual level rather than simply keeping it physical.

In this transit, it’s all about shaking the foundations of society with your outside the box way of thinking. People will be left astounded by your unusual nature, innovative methods and strange but attractive behavior.

Because of this, you’ll meet so many new and different people that will bring forth new methods to enjoy your time, you won’t know who to befriend first.

As such, it’s important to get out of the comfort of your home, go outside, have some fun, go crazy. What’s the worst that could happen? Wake up with a hangover? That’s not that bad considering what you’ll get to enjoy.

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