Sun Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit: Dealing with Unfinished Business

  • If the natal chart contains a Sun Pluto opposition, then you must perfect yourself in time by experiencing as many things as possible.
  • As the Sun opposite Pluto transit takes place, you are more likely to observe the changes that are needed in your life.
  • In astrology, the Sun symbolizes creative impulses, vitality, strength of will and soul purpose.
  • When two planets oppose each other they are directly facing each other in the zodiac, and their energies are working against each other.
  • In astrology, Pluto is full of transformational energy and governs cycles of creation and destruction.
  • Celebrities: Louis XV of France, Lady Bird Johnson, Farrah Fawcett, Marie Curie, Neil Diamond, Friedrich Nietzsche, Farrah Fawcett.
  • Transit dates: 15 July 2020, 17 July 2021, 19 July 2022, 21 July 2023, 24 July 2024, 25 July 2025, 27 July 2026, 29 July 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun opposite Pluto Natal

The Sun opposite Pluto in birth charts impacts the relationships individuals are being involved in.

Those born during this transit seem to have a war going inside of them, which can lead them to conflict with others and self-destruction. As a matter of fact, they can be destructive with other people as well. Pluto is the planet of death and luckily of rebirth as well.

Natives having it in opposition with the Sun in their birth chart may be terrified of both these life aspects, as well as failing.

To perfect themselves, they need to go through many transformations and to express their identity creatively.

As a matter of fact, fate will always surprise them in many ways. In case they’re not feeling very good about themselves or are facing problems with their studies or work, it becomes necessary for them to make some changes.

People born during the Sun opposite Pluto aspect have a strong need for displaying their ego. Strong, willful and secretive about their personal issues, they want to make others believe they’re these perfect creatures, in control of everyone and everything.

Having high demands from themselves and wanting their loved ones to think highly of their actions and behavior, they can’t cope with negativity and may even end up in crises because of this.

Accepting that things aren’t all the time going as planned and seem imperfect, they can overcome the darkness in their life, which can be anything from a domineering and manipulative behavior to stalking others and being jealous. They can have all of these feelings themselves or the people in their life may.

Natives born during the Sun opposite Pluto aspect can also be arrogant, too ambitious and overwhelming.

When rebelling too much, they can put themselves in danger by acting aggressively. It can sometimes be very difficult for them to use their energy positively.

These people are also using their energy out of impulsiveness, especially if they’re looking to make a change in the world. They’re very skilled managers, but only if learning to compromise first.

Possessing tremendous strength and being too straightforward from time to time, they can act too violently when it comes to the bedroom.

For this reason, they should be tempered and moderate when it comes to the connections they’re having with others. It’s hard for them to express themselves because they seem to live all the time in tension and to block some of the important traits of their personality.

It’s very likely for people born during the Sun opposite Pluto transit to be challenged extremely, not to mention they can be important political figures or opinionated social activists.

The opposition between the Sun and Pluto in their birth chart can be wounded when it comes to their sense of self because the solar light reflected by Pluto can incorporate all of Pluto’s dark energies, addressing their relationship with death, rebirth, transformation and sexual urges.

These people can be saddened by a very intricate and even painful connection with their father. All this can be related to the fact that they’re hunted by their shadows of a domineering behavior, and obsession with being in control.

The energy of Pluto is intensely felt by those having this planet in opposition with the Sun, mostly because they’re emotional and can immediately get attached to a person or situation that seems important to them.

When change arrives into their sentimental life, they may have a feeling that death is haunting them, but never without the hope of rebirth.

They’re feeling the influence of destiny very strongly and tend to express themselves in the most profound ways. Some believe in fate, others don’t, but astrologers are advocating it as very important, mysterious, as well as something left to sudden changes.

For this reason, people born during the Sun opposite Pluto transit are often being influenced by forces coming from outside and over which they’re not having any control whatsoever.

This aspect in their birth chart can make them feel overwhelmed with its strength and desires, leading to feelings of frustration and to them having a confrontational behavior.

Wanting to understand the truth in a very profound manner, they’re talented at discovering secrets and investigating other people’s lives by using their psychic abilities among other things.

As a matter of fact, they’re using them for their personal transformations, also for escaping any dark suspicions, violent, self-destructive, addictive behaviors, and their issues when it comes to trusting others.

They may go through one big crisis in life and have to make important changes to improve the situation. This will attract new opportunities for them, but they’ll experience the process over a lifetime, having to work hard and struggle for perfection.

While evolving, they may become so satisfied with themselves and their appearance that they no longer hesitate to express their power.

These people know how to use their energy safely and productively, meaning they can easily obtain a position of authority at work.

Usually impacting others in a very deep way, they’re insightful and capable of understanding the human psyche very well.

The opposition between the Sun and Pluto is often present in the birth charts of those who believe in fate and are becoming more and more conscious of their power.

Sun opposite Pluto Transit

During the Sun opposite Pluto transit, people are more at risk of their car getting broken, being stolen, or their property destroyed by natural disasters. This is a period in which power is expressed from everywhere.

People may contradict each other more, while any new situation will require their undivided attention.

Those who have built up pressure inside of them will have emotional outbursts, whereas the more extreme ones will not be willing to ever make any compromise. By focusing on what they want and being strong, they can go very far when wanting to achieve great things.

This transit is good for acknowledging the forces of the Universe that are making them obsessive. Being so aware would cause profound changes in their life, meaning they’d need to try and be less self-centered, judgmental and reluctant to them while they’re happening.

They may find it very difficult to avoid being like this if they’ve avidly avoided change in the past and caused harm to others. Any sudden plot twist in their life would induce a situation of crisis.

All natives in the zodiac should be considerate of others and not try to work only with radical solutions to their s because they’d only cause themselves harm.

They may get controlled by someone with greater power than theirs, an authoritative figure who can manipulate them into doing something they’d normally refuse.

During this transit, people shouldn’t restrain themselves from physical effort because their body would regenerate more rapidly than usual. Many may have problems controlling their own emotions, but at least only once a month, for a day.

Luckily, this is a period meant to make people more aware of their problems as a result of interacting with others. They can either be the manipulators or the ones being manipulated, more possessive and jealous, all to control other people.

Being aware of what’s happening will help them identify these precise issues they’re having and eliminate them by replacements with genuine and well-thought responses to what life is offering them.

No one should be secretive during this period, because openly expressed emotions are advocated. People may not seem in control of themselves, but at least they’ll learn they don’t need to.

No matter if their ego will get bruised, there are also many chances for positive things to happen for them, especially if they’re ready to accept change. They may be forced to make changes and if they’ll be the ones initiating them, the transit won’t bother them that much anymore.

The purpose would be for them to become better and to evolve from a spiritual point of view that they manage to build a better life for themselves and this way, be more satisfied with their own life.

This will probably happen as a result of a close connection they’re having with one family member or a good friend.

The day of the Sun opposite Pluto aspect will bring to the surface many old problems and some of their very dark terrors.

Many will no longer appreciate the real value of things and be too precise when dealing with some of the people and problems in their life, they’ll be more profound than ever because they’d be ruled by their intuition and emotions.

They may obsess over everything that seems attractive to them, not to mention they won’t want to leave things half-done. In case they’re with someone, they shouldn’t be so intense about it, even more, if with a person new into their life.

When it comes to work, they shouldn’t consume all of their energy on certain projects and concepts.

During the Sun opposite Pluto aspect, people will refuse to take others’ lead because they’ll only want to be lonely and to enjoy their fantasy world.

For this reason, they should let others take control when it comes to many of their important projects. They should try and work alone or they may end up scaring any potential business partners and allies.

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