Moon Trine Neptune Natal and Transit: Being More Sentimental

  • Someone with a natal Moon Neptune trine tends to over-idealize things and may need help from those around to keep their feet on the ground.
  • As the Moon trine Neptune transit takes place, people are more sensitive and attentive to subtleties and many secrets can be revealed.
  • The Moon governs the emotional connections we make to other people, what we feel and how we experience our instincts.
  • When two planets form a trine, it means the two energies are working at unison, each supporting the other ad both areas of life are benefited.
  • The planet Neptune governs the world of dreams, illusions and the mystical, helping us gain insight and be more aware of the world.
  • Celebrities: Prince, Martin Luther, Sean Penn, Angelina Jolie, Giacomo Puccini, Lorde, Winston Churchill, Rudolph Valentino, Mohandas Gandhi.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon trine Neptune Natal

Those having the Moon trine Neptune aspect in their birth chart need to be involved in harmonious relationships to be comfortable. They wouldn’t stay for too long in a harsh environment either, because they’re too sensitive.

While not at all evil, this transit is still influencing them to avoid people with bad intentions and any harmful substance.

These natives need to feel protected from negative energies that could exhaust them. They seem to possess psychic abilities and to dream about what’s going to happen in the future.

More than this, people born during the Moon trine Neptune transit are very interested in subjects like psychology and paranormal activities.

They possess a rich imagination and many artistic talents, not to mention what great musicians they can be.

If Mercury is in good aspects in their natal chart, they can be very talented at writing because they know how to make stories more dramatic, even if they’d sometimes exaggerate when telling a story.

They have this need to do special things, but in the event in which their Saturn, Mercury, and Mars were weak at their birth, they’re only dreamers who can’t get anything done.

These natives tend to over-idealize everything, so they’re masters at fooling themselves. It’s hard for them to accept any limitation and are very sensitive to others’ emotions, even to the point of getting sick when dealing with conflicts.

The men born during the Moon trine Neptune aspect are known to attract only sensitive, graceful and imaginative women. Regardless of their gender, these people are the most effective and energetic when having to help others.

The more they can interact from an emotional point of view, the happier and more fulfilled they’re feeling. For this reason, they’re always fighting for everyone to have the same rights, to help charities and animal shelters.

The Moon trine Neptune aspect in one’s birth chart is indicating they’re very creative and good musicians, actors or dancers.

They could also decide to start a career as psychics and mediums because their intuition is highly developed, not to mention they’re good at offering advice and talented when it comes to reading the stars or the Tarot.

It’s very likely for them to be haunted by creatures and spirits from other worlds when children. Hearing and seeing things could be either the result of their very rich imagination or their psychic abilities.

However, they shouldn’t talk about this to strangers because many may not understand what they’re going through. It’s very likely for them to continue having vivid dreams as adults.

The trine between the Moon and Neptune in their natal chart is sure to be a positive combination of energies coming from two important celestial bodies that can make natives more sensitive and creative, also expressive and honest.

While these people can be a little bit too sensitive for this harsh world, they could develop ways of responding to certain events in a creative manner, especially if they’d try to teach others a thing or two about what subtlety means and how there are more dimensions to life.

Their inner world is truly inspiring, rich and revitalizing. This is the reason why many filmmakers and artists of all kinds are featuring the Moon trine Neptune aspect in their natal chart.

Neptune is known to help people born during its moments of expression to have a heightened perception of what life means.

This is why those who were born during this planet’s trine with the Moon are talented and able to make their fantasies become a reality. If Venus is also somehow involved, they’re more productive than many others. However, in case Saturn, Mercury or Mars are in bad aspects, they may struggle a lot to achieve their goals.

Either way, no one, and no astrological aspect will be able to stop these natives from bringing joy to others through their artistic expressions.

Usually compassionate, kind and having only good intentions, they’re very aware of their social presence and relationships, even if they sometimes insist on creatively expressing themselves and forget how to properly interact because they’re thinking only their imagination can be helpful for the ones they’re connecting with.

People born during the Moon trine Neptune aspect are eager to reveal their potential, but also that of others, so they can invest many of their efforts in encouraging their loved ones to succeed.

However, they can also be selfish from time to time, especially when having a muse who’s helping them be more creative, a moment in which they’ll want to distance themselves from their family and to no longer have any responsibility.

When it comes to romance, they want to be with someone independent and who has his or her interests because they’d hate dating a person who can grow to be dependent on them.

More than this, they’d be more than glad to be with someone who’s as well sensitive and passionate about art because they love going to cultural events and talking about what they’ve seen there.

Their creative spirit gets to be completely fulfilled when they’re working on projects meant to help others and to make the world a better place.

All this means they’re interested in improving society as a whole and in reducing negative influences as much as possible. Their imagination can sometimes be prophetic because they have a strong intuition.

They can guess peoples’ intentions and know what direction to take in life because they’re inspired by art and beauty. However, if they want to be good psychics and to guess what’s going to happen, they need to pay attention to the special abilities they’re possessing.

Moon trine Neptune Transit

During the Moon trine Neptune aspect, people are more emotional and imaginative. They can dream a lot and fantasize about their ideal partner, not to mention many of them can meet their soulmate for as long as this transit is happening.

The relationships started during this time are dominated by soulmate connections. Furthermore, creative pursuits like film making and music composing are favored. Artists may be inspired enough to create their best pieces.

Those who have to speak in public could train themselves in front of the mirror or a camera because Neptune is also the ruler of dreams and images transmitted through technical means.

Because people are more sensitive during the Moon trine Neptune aspect, they can understand any subtlety, so they could go to the movies or the theater to feel good about the way they’ve spent their time.

They’d surely feel everything more intensely, which can bring a lot of joy to their souls. Some artists may get to meet their muse, whereas others could get to experience great things through meditation.

Since all natives will have stronger intuition during this time, they should pay attention to what their psychic abilities are telling them or just ask a Tarot reader to look at their future.

Others may come to them for good advice and support, which won’t bother them in any way because they’d be more sympathetic and willing to help. Furthermore, they could get involved in charity work or volunteer to give a hand in animal shelters as these activities would make them feel truly fulfilled.

The trine formed by the Moon and Neptune is special because it makes everyone go through psychic experiences. People’s minds are more sensitive and open to energies coming from a higher realm of existence.

For this reason, they should pay attention to their dreams and read materials on enlightenment or spiritual awakening because they’d get to enter a higher state of their consciousness, something beyond physicality and everyday expression.

If they’ll keep an open mind and be impartial when judging different people or situations, they’ll manage to understand a lot about themselves. However, for this to happen, they’ll need to be pure and not bothered by the mundane.

Those people who are more pragmatic could just enjoy a picnic or a day in nature with their loved ones, somewhere near water.

They’ll get to feel the influence of Neptune, no matter where they may decide to go, but they’ll at least remember the day of this planet’s trine with the Moon for a lifetime.

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