Mars Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit: Working at Your Best Capacity

  • Someone with a natal Mars Neptune conjunction are not big fans of dealing with the consequences of their actions.
  • During the Mars conjunct Neptune transit, people should be more focused on helping those around than on their own gains.
  • In astrology, Mars shows how you assert yourself, how you fight for what you desire and how you control your impulses.
  • The conjunct aspect is a powerful placement that adds new dimension to the two planets in close proximity, in the same zodiac sign, and working together.
  • In astrology, Neptune’s energy rules spiritual enlightenment but also self-destruction through illusions and escapism from reality.
  • Celebrities: Adair Lara, Michael Caine, Brutus de Villeroi, Jacques Chirac, Quincy Jones, Richard Branson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Bill Wyman, Erik Satie, Dane Rudhyar.
  • Transit dates: 13 June 2020, 18 May 2022, 29 April 2024, 13 April 2026, 27 March 2028, 12 March 2030, 25 February 2032.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars conjunct Neptune Natal

The Mars conjunct Neptune aspect in birth charts is giving people more passion, romanticism and a mesmerizing attitude.

They seem to be surrounded by a unique aura that provides them a spiritual presence and can attract the attention of others. These natives’ magnetism can attract others from a physical, intellectual and sexual point of view, anytime.

Their ideals are high, their minds complex, not to mention they have good perceptions and a rich imagination.

Agitated and running after every sensation, these natives can become addicted to drugs, sick from infectious diseases or poisoned with different substances.

More than this, they may be more impractical than others, in a deeper spiritual state of mind, they can fantasize more and do many impractical things, or take the wrong path in life. Everything they’ll do in this case may cause them more and more problems, until disaster becomes inevitable.

Those of them who are not so evolved may end up destroying themselves or obsessive-compulsive. They’ll likely refuse to obey the law, to do all kinds of suspicious things and to keep secrets, some of them to become the victims of which more evolved House in their birth is being deceived.

This is a conjunction that brings about many difficulties, regardless of what their natives are choosing to do, their decision and the direction they may look upon to achieve success. It can also bother them to struggle and to invest all of their efforts into something.

If Neptune is not integrated properly in the conjunction, their will can completely evaporate, which will obviously influence them to no longer have clarity of mind and to make poor decisions.

Besides, they’ll tend to refuse to deal with the consequences of their actions or they can’t accept challenges that are threatening their disposition for success.

They have a lot of faith, therefore, it’s very unlikely for them to ever feel lost and unfortunate.

Natives born during the Mars conjunct Neptune aspect are capable of big dreams and can invest as much hard work as they’re determined to into their projects, but only as long as the calling they’re feeling looks fruitful and it joys their spirit.

They’re meant to experience strange things because they’re expecting life to challenge them. For this reason, many of them can communicate with the spirit world.

Moral and idealistic, they’ll chase their desires, yet this will have them involved in many debates with others. These people need to take good care of their affairs, also to respect the law and not to act dishonorably or defaming. Being great visionaries and imagining unrealistic situations, they need to keep being grounded in reality.

In case not, things may no longer follow the right direction in their life and they can end up being disappointed, some of them even suffering from addictions, especially if their mind is bothered by disillusions.

Any conjunction between planets has various influences, according to other celestial bodies or points covering their birth chart and obviously the fixed stars there. However, the same placements can make have them avoiding taking on any personal responsibility.

They can act on impulse and this way; their first intentions may remain unfulfilled. This problem of theirs concerning making decisions too fast and taking action in whichever direction their instincts are directing them to needs to be addressed.

Therefore, natives born during the Mars conjunct Neptune aspect need to think before taking any action without thinking twice as slowing down and looking at what outcomes they can obtain from their endeavors could be helpful for them. This way of thinking will show them many new opportunities in life, as well it has them less determined to take action.

Since Mars is influencing natives with it in conjunction with Neptune to be actively assertive, they need to consider how they’re impacting others, especially those they love the most.

People born during the Mars conjunct Neptune are aware their negative impulses can have them confused when it comes to making decisions, but they’re having problems in the way they’re presenting themselves to others.

They quite playing with the many masks they’re most of the time projecting and can feel like their subconscious is dictating them what to do. It’s very unlikely for them to allow others to really know them.

This means they can play many more or less dramatic roles, meaning they’re highly creative and good with theater, especially if having to put their imagination to work and to evoke what they’re feeling inside.

Mars conjunct Neptune Transit

During the Mars conjunct Neptune transit, people have lower confidence and feel unmotivated after each failure. They may as well think they don’t have enough energy, whereas their desire to put their affairs in order would be completely missing in them.

It can be difficult for many to express themselves straightforwardly during the Mars conjunct Neptune, so they’ll start manipulating others to take the wrong path in life.

They can also end up being the reason for other people’s deceptions. This period is not beneficial for starting any new business because many are having higher ideals than usually and can decide to take on challenges that seem to bring them a lot of good but are not at all substantial.

Any obstacle can have them feeling like they can no longer go on, not to mention their energy can get consumed very fast, a situation in which they’d no longer be capable to stick to their own projects. They shouldn’t take their feelings too seriously for as long as Mars is in conjunction with Neptune.

Instead, they should focus on fulfilling their personal wishes through charity work and creative tasks. Many should allow themselves to retreat from the world and to contemplate during it.

Having a lot of energy and talent for poetry, speculation, as well as strong instincts, their temperament is determined by the other placements in their birth chart and the sign of their conjunction.

The effects of this transit will be felt into their nature, they’ll dream of many possibilities and have many desires for which they’ll work at their best capacity.

If there are many favorable aspects in their natal chart and the appropriate Houses, it’s very likely for many to become real geniuses in a creative direction, in the artistic and literary field. However, there’s the danger for them to deal with Karmic energies and to have the nature of true sensual creatures, which will not work in the favor of their spiritual development.

This can’t happen that much if Fire and Air signs are being involved. For those of them less evolved, any aspect formed by Mars and Neptune is dangerous. If life seems to be going well for them, they should follow their dreams and achieve all of their goals.

However, the following year of the transit may feel like it’s not in sync with the capabilities they’re feeling like having. Of course, they’ll dream of solutions to their problems in a more forceful, aggressive and violent way.

Their subconscious will push them to be this way, not to mention they can dream a little bit too much as well. Their energy can get consumed if they’re not finding a strong foundation on which they can build.

During the Mars conjunct Neptune, many can be angrier than usual, but they won’t express it openly. It will be inward instead, so they’ll feel depressed and bitter.

Because they aren’t as straightforward when mad about something they can become passive-aggressive and leave their opponents incapable of anything or furious, as well destructive and thinking it’s always best to eliminate rather than to continue after a failure.

They have strong principles and are passionate about their beliefs, meaning they can be easily impressed by leaders and concepts they just came across.

For as long as Mars is in conjunction with Neptune, natives of all signs in the zodiac will be able to channel their energy in an effective direction.

The Mars conjunct Neptune transit is making everyone more romantic and passionate, but as well as paranoid. How they’re handling the energy of this aspect is depending a lot on the aspect of Neptune in their birth chart, as well as other conjunctions between fixed stars.

However, they should check other current transits in their birth chart and follow their evolution closely. Many should focus on the truth and on speaking only what’s right will have them avoiding any disillusion.

They should avoid routine and do whatever is making them feel alright. Their wishes are elusive, especially if they’re expecting their plans to go as they were supposed to.

Contrary to the spread belief, they can get lost when focused on a precise destination. Being more creative and sensitive than usual, they’ll benefit from having an increased knowledge of the nonlinear space and the wish to push themselves to the limits.

It would be good for them to pay a lot of attention to others and to help those in need. In case they’re the sensitive and easy to scare type, they must be more cautious in life.

Those too self-confident and who are thinking of themselves as self-aware and smart enough should take pleasure in any spiritual journey they’re undertaking.

Having a positive attitude and a lot of energy to chase their dreams or spiritual objectives, their romantic relationships will be magical, whereas dating can make them feel more magnetic and charismatic.

People are confident enough to invest their energy in the most important things and can be passionate about giving to charity and protecting human rights.

Having a positive energy, it’s easy for them to recuperate after sickness. Their negative side is a tendency to over idealize their life partners and become involved in many scandals.

During the Mars conjunct Neptune transit, many may take advantage of others and be more generous, meaning they’ll be seen as weaker than usual, so spiritual vampires can attack them all the time.

Being sensitive during this period, they shouldn’t spend their days with violent people or groups that are doing illegal things. This transit is also known to make people more sensitive to medication and other substances, as well as prone to infections. Those who are having sex should use protection.

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