Venus Square Mars Natal and Transit: Accepting Some Compromises

  • In a natal chart, the Venus Mars square means you need to find ways to cope with your emotions and temper your urges.
  • The Venus square Mars transit prompts us to practice our hobbies and relax more, in order to become happier.
  • The planet Venus influences our receptivity to love and attraction, to beauty and possessions.
  • The square astrological placement is considered a hard aspect, as the energies of the two planets conflict and fight for supremacy.
  • The planet Mars is the governor of courage, aggression and determination, showing how you express your enthusiasm and apply your drive.
  • Celebrities: Kevin Kline, Bruce Springsteen, Jodie Foster, Richard Simmons, Sean Penn, Benny Hill, Bruce Willis, The Beatles, Neil Young, Jeremy Irons, Audrey Hepburn.
  • Transit dates: 26 January 2020, 02 June 2020, 04 September 2020, 19 February 2021, 16 September 2022, 04 February 2023, 22 August 2024, 23 July 2025, 29 July 2026, 10 October 2026.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus square Mars Natal

People born during the Venus square Mars are very creative and usually willing to express what goes through their mind. Passionate when it comes to romance as well, they can channel their imagination in this direction.

For instance, if challenged by their partners, they can turn into very good poets, musicians and other types of artists.

The Venus square Mars aspect in birth charts is making people have intense feelings of love and have, especially when it comes to their most intimate relationships.

Having feelings of irritation for their loved ones, they can become angry and throw tantrums when others are least expecting it.

However, these intense emotions they’re having can go into hiding, as soon as they’re no longer feeling pressured.

They’re going through many issues when it comes to love and members of the opposite sex: for example, men can offend the ladies with their swearing and be the perfect lovers, whereas women can be too emotional and therefore, tiring.

Natives born during the Venus square Mars transit are often being used by the members of the opposite sex to feel gratified. They may marry too early because they’re only feeling attracted, which can bring them a lot of suffering.

These people need to use their conscious and control their urges and feelings, or they may experience problems with their generative buildup. Not very close to their family, they’re happy and satisfied as soon as they no longer need to fight with these individuals.

When it comes to the women born during this transit, these may suffer a lot when seeing their father or husband is no longer the person they used to know.

These natives are known to express their feelings openly but can get very hurt when others are no longer responding to their calls. They’re emotional, yet not empathetic. Impulsive, romantic, tolerant, very beautiful and highly sensitive, their cruelty and ruthlessness can overwhelm them if they’re not too evolved.

These natives may lack the refined tastes for traditional conduct, most of the time when Mars is stronger than Venus. In case their Venus is more powerful, they’re more sensitive and can have their feelings hurt easier than others.

They can easily get disappointed when it comes to love, not to mention they can be jealous and resentful.

These natives can expect too much from others when they’re falling short of money, ending up to criticize others for their own mistakes. If infatuated or involved in a love affair, their relationship is the first thing that’s making them wake up in the morning.

These natives are passionate and need romanticism or a strong sexual drive to rule themselves.

No matter how much they’re looking to be involved in passionate affairs, they seem to never have enough time to do what they want, not to mention it can be difficult for them to find a relationship that’s reflecting their powerful desires and dreams.

When young, they can be really awkward and socially skilled, but this can’t be seen in them. However, others will feel it.

Therefore, the Venus square Mars transit is to have self-control and to not pay attention to their insignificant passions.

This needs to be done in a mature way and near their loved ones. Open-minded and sincere with their deepest feelings, they can achieve everything they desire the most, this being stability, harmony, and long-term relationships.

These natives are good at combining the love and hate feelings and for this reason, their relationships can be only like this, just because this is what’s ringing in their head all the time.

There are cases in which abuse can happen, regardless if received or given. While quick-tempered, they’re usually forgetting about it just as fast.

Difficulties when it comes to forming the bridge between affection and resentment can become worse in case they conflicted with their parents when turning into adults.

A warm, tolerant, but not in any way submissive lover would help them turn their aggressiveness into attractiveness and more passion. For this reason, they need to be physically active and relive the tension of the Venus square Mars.

Having a lot of talent when it comes to arts and sculpture, they can as well be competitive in sports. When collaborating with others at small projects, they can become more self-confident and socially active.

Venus square Mars Transit

During the Venus square Mars transit, people are easier to be made happy if they’re paying enough attention to their interests and hobbies. They’re attracting stronger individuals and situations involving passion.

There are times for them when they need to collaborate so that their chances for success can increase.

The harmony and balance in their life will be challenged. When engaging all of their intensity, it’s easy for them to become frustrated and involved in activities more or less superficial.

The day of this transit is beneficial for them to engage in all kinds of activities. People should use it for the emotions resulted from both the things they’re enjoying and the ones they don’t.

In case they’re single, their libido is accentuated by attractiveness. On the other hand, if they happen to be dating, they should keep their standards high and never put themselves at risk, as a result of their impatience and urges.

The affairs happening during this period are very likely to occur, but this doesn’t mean they can last for too long. If in a good relationship, their love is expressed through lovemaking. However, if their affair is more difficult, their hate will accumulate until it turns into frustrations.

This transit is not at all beneficial for natives of all signs because it accentuates the primal needs.

Making compromises will help them avoid hostilities, but agreeing with everything may have them feel regretful. In case they’re dating, they shouldn’t lower their standards or risk too much because they’re too impatient.

During the Venus square Mars, people will feel more tension than usual, which will make them feel more frustrated than usual.

They’ll feel more attracted to their friends, but as well have other people getting under their skin for too much time, not to mention they’ll be considered more annoying than usual.

The Venus square Mars is influencing people to see themselves as tactless because social circumstances can make them feel offended or embarrassed, even if they’re only being their old-self.

Some things they’re perceiving may be just what others are thinking of them. It may be impossible for them to focus on being socially graceful, and there’s nothing wrong with such an attitude, yet some differences in their personality and the one of others will exist. All this will determine how they’re getting along with their loved ones.

The Venus square Mars aspect is one of anger, no self-control, and impulsiveness. Therefore, impatient and violent people should temper themselves when faced with rejection.

These people should safely express their frustrations. Their physical tension could be released most productively, so they can perform in sports and exercise. If of a sexual nature, they could masturbate and enjoy life.

Others could channel their energy by being creative, practicing sculpture and dancing. They could have problems when negotiating business and dealing with members of the opposite sex, which is most likely the result of their subtle sexuality.

This may be the result of their personal interactions, but it can also have something to do with how attracted they may be feeling to others and their inability to express it openly.

They should be extremely careful when acting on these own feelings of theirs because such circumstances won’t help them with their future relationships, especially in the situation in which others are being nosy.

For as long as the Venus square Mars transit is in place, people may blame themselves in a subconscious manner, which can lead to conflicts that are confusing them. Some may find themselves receiving advances from others and be more impatient with others, also to become more mannered.

This transit can influence them to be more creative, as well as impatient when it comes to slow delays and the challenges they’re facing.

This aspect is considered to be evil because it generates conflicts between the Soul and the Senses, which can cause many circumstances to take place.

In case an afflicted Mars is influencing them, they can act without being discrete and out of impulse. All this can make their feelings extreme, whereas their passion can reveal itself and rule them.

Many events that are upsetting their domestic life will have them disappointed and perhaps feeling real pains.

It’s not a beneficial period for financial or social activities, not to mention their biggest cares can have them feeling disgraceful and dishonored because they may be required to do regretful things.

No one can be too discreet for this transit, especially when too many feelings are being involved.

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