Moon Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit: Discovering Hidden Truths

  • When in a natal chart, the Moon Pluto sextile indicates someone who is often drawn to the mysterious and hidden.
  • The Moon sextile Pluto transit is known to stimulate the deepest feelings of all natives in the zodiac.
  • The Moon governs our internal reactions to outer experiences through our feelings, our temperament and ability to be compassionate.
  • When two planets sextile their positive qualities are reinforced and made to work together for the benefit of everyone involved.
  • Pluto governs power itself, transformations and changes including struggles between people, and of course, personal power.
  • Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn, Amy Winehouse, Vanessa Redgrave, Mary Shelley, Zac Efron, Hans Christian Andersen, Amal Clooney, Jack Russell.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon sextile Pluto Natal

Natives having the Moon sextile Pluto in their birth chart have very intense emotions. Because they’re so sensitive, their feelings are deeper than others’. They’re the touchiest when matters regarding their family and partner are being involved.

People with the Moon sextile Pluto natal can easily change their emotions and personality because this aspect makes them more resourceful and good at accessing their own very deep emotions and intensity.

It can be said they’re more secure and satisfied when letting go of different old routines and replacing them with completely new ones. They can easily guess other people’s thoughts and feelings, not to mention they can also understand what motivates their interlocutors.

More than this, these natives seem to know what limits them when they need to change their beliefs and to renew their life.

Those born during the Moon sextile Pluto transit are very capable of probing their loved ones’ minds, not to mention they’re very supportive of those who are always expressing their most powerful emotions.

Furthermore, because they can easily understand people, it’s not difficult for them to develop intimate relationships and to support others through the most painful times.

They seem to be attracted to mysteries and what’s hidden from their eyes. It doesn’t matter how safely placed a secret is, they have this magical power of discovering them and can understand any subtlety.

Furthermore, they’re more than happy to help others improve, to empower them and to intuit their needs. Because the Moon sextile Pluto in their birth chart is not in hard aspects, they’ll be able to introspect when having a problem and to solve their issues just as they want to.

When one of their loved ones is feeling depressed, they’re experiencing the exact same feeling, and when surrounded by happy people, they get to enjoy life more as well.

This is how their subconscious works and their emotions are very intense, which means these natives can profoundly influence others.

The same thing seems to be functioning for their subconscious abilities, which means their intuition and instincts are very strong, also their relationships with other members of their family.

While sometimes obsessive-compulsive, this is not a bad thing for them because they can focus on only one issue and find the perfect solutions to their problems without getting distracted. They simply love drama and being involved in all kinds of emotional situations, which means their connections with others are not in any way superficial.

Just like psychologists, these natives can identify the cause of any relationship problem in their life.

Usually using their abilities to do good, they can also do evil things if some hard aspects and fixed stars are being present in their birth chart. This means they can be very manipulative when trying to obtain something.

Many of them who are using such ways are very efficient spies and propagandists. Having the talent of solving any mystery, they could also do research, detective work or be psychics.

Their subconscious would be more at peace if they wouldn’t try to manipulate others into doing what they want. If having to deal with a change in their private life, they’re calm and down-to-earth.

It seems they’re very lucky when it comes to inheriting money from women and they have a desire to just receive money out of the blue. Having a very healthy approach when it comes to finances, they know how to invest and to negotiate so that they’re the ones making more.

This means many of them are enjoying the financial security they’ve created for themselves, not to mention some of these natives are taking care of their friends’ budgets.

When it comes to physical and mental health, they seem to know what to do in order to help others stay sane and fit. Wanting to just merge with their loved ones and to be independent from an emotional and financial point view means they’re intriguing for many of those who get to really know them.

The Moon sextile Pluto transit in a birth chart makes natives with this placement responsible as far as their own debts are going, which means good karma is always coming their way. They seem to be very open about sex and to hate taboos because their energies are not only emotionally intense but very sexual as well.

Being interested in life and death, they’ll study philosophy, psychology, religion and others subjects meant to reveal them the meaning of this world’s existence. Wanting to stay in touch with their spirituality, they’ll study the occult and all kind of rituals with different purposes.

Moon sextile Pluto Transit

The Moon sextile Pluto transit is known to stimulate the deepest feelings of all natives in the zodiac.

During it, many will try and see the true meaning of life and what motivates others to do what they’re doing, which means they’ll also get to increase the level of intimacy in many of their relationships.

This period is not meant for superficiality, but more for noticing any subtlety. People will be attracted to mysteries and dig deeply in order to discover hidden truths. Furthermore, they may come across many opportunities for them to change their daily routines.

During the Moon sextile Pluto transit, natives have better perceptions and can understand more complex matters rapidly because they seem to possess a stronger intuition and a much sharper vision.

This period reveals forceful emotions that can be brought into the light through meaningful one-on-one conversations.

If some people happen to be feeling uncomfortable during this aspect, they’ll be able to rapidly make light into their emotional life and identify the source of why they’re feeling bad.

This is the reason why this transit is beneficial for therapeutic activities, not to mention individuals get to have the ability to look inside themselves and separate negativity from what makes them feel good, allowing self-improvement to take place.

The Moon sextile Pluto transit can reveal some emotions that have been deeply buried. Furthermore, it makes the reasons for why some relationships are existing more obvious.

While some may discover that a few of their friends have negative feelings for them, they’ll be glad to have found out about such issues. Others will notice how their romantic connections are becoming deeper and enjoy it.

This transit is known to bring about rebirth as far as decaying situations are going. This means people can escape many of their bad habits during it because their subconscious is more powerful and they’re able to control their emotions in a more efficient manner.

When planets happen to be in certain aspects, many of their energies are getting released, opening up for new possibilities and relationships.

The day of the Moon sextile Pluto transit is known to be filled with many emotional changes, also to have an impact over connections with mothers or other important female figures in many individuals’ life.

This aspect brings about deeply hidden emotions to the surface and reveals things that have been residing in the subconscious of natives.

People will become aware of some patterns in their behavior and try to determine if these are being done in a conscious or subconscious manner. The calmer they’ll be about life in general, the more able to identify what’s coming their way they’ll become.

Everything happening to them may be an indication of what their psyche wants them to pay more attention to, things that have nothing to do with everyday life.

Some may experience the renewal this aspect is bringing in their own home, which means they’ll want to make changes here, from buying new furniture to cleaning the gutters.

However, the most present influence of this transit will be over how natives are able to probe other people’s minds and to intuit where their own journeys can take them in life.

This period is perfect for those who are running businesses because they’d be more able to guess their associates’ intentions, seriousness, and ability to get a job done.

It wouldn’t matter if they’d be dealing with someone superior to them or one of their employees, they’ll simply have their intuition telling them what these people are intending to do and how they would handle a situation.

It’s like the Moon sextile Pluto aspect is meant for honesty and for fearlessly expressing the most inner thoughts of individuals.

People will get to feel stronger and more focused on emotions or the power coming from inside them. It would be a good idea for everyone to meet with friends or colleagues, to call home and to take care of business because they won’t get to feel so mentally strong again very soon.

As soon as tired, they should just take a break and eliminate the suspense they’re going through by reading or watching a movie.

The Moon sextile Pluto transit helps natives of all signs have sharper minds, which means they should not hesitate and take some action during it, no matter what they may be trying to achieve.

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