Moon Sextile Mars Natal and Transit: Natural Bravery and Dignity

  • Someone with a natal Moon Mars sextile is very honest in their approach to life and prefers to say tings exactly as they are.
  • During the Moon sextile Mars transit, everyone is more enthusiastic to do just about anything, not to mention competitive people will want to cooperate more.
  • The Moon governs our emotions, our empathy and compassion, how nurturing and attentive we are as individuals.
  • When two planets form a sextile, it means they collaborate well and their respective effects are enhanced by each other.
  • Mars is the Warrior planet, known for triggering courage, passion and pure strength.
  • Celebrities: Antonio Banderas, Shannen Doherty, Justin Timberlake, Billie Holiday, Chuck Berry, Michael Hutchence, Ross Perot.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon sextile Mars Natal

Those who were born during the Moon sextile Mars transit are very good at making things work by being motivated and taking action based on what their instincts are telling them. This aspect is known for bringing about changeable feelings, but in a balanced way as far as emotions and wishes are going.

It would be a good idea for natives having the Moon sextile Mars in their natal chart to express themselves positively most of the time because this way, they’d be more successful at what they’re doing.

The pairing of the Moon and Mars is energetic and makes them sexier as this combination is quite provocative from both an intellectual and physical point of view.

Natives having this transit in their birth chart are charismatic, attractive and smart. They get to experience emotions quite rapidly and to have a very passionate personal life. More than this, they want to express their needs in a healthy and natural manner.

The Moon sextile Mars transit determines what people want and asks for it without reservation, but it also makes them more prone to emotional outbursts of anger and conflicts with others.

This aspect in birth charts is known to make its natives easier to provoke and rushed to respond when being offended.

However, this indicates honesty in relationships, so those born during the Moon sextile Mars transit want their wishes to be made a reality in the spur of a moment, according to their impulses. This is the reason why they’re only doing what brings them immediate results.

If the Moon is in a good aspect with Mars in their birth chart, they can be very passionate about living life to its fullest. While their emotions are strong and quick, they have a channeled and controlled passion.

They’re sexy, but would never give in to passion and become slaves for it. Since their feelings are powerful and invested into constructive activities, they aren’t able to understand how others can make a crime out of passion, act on impulse or be emotionally hyped.

Furthermore, these natives are open, tolerant and ready to express their sexuality in a natural way. They seem to need emotional connections if there’s for them to feel whole, especially from a physical point of view.

Natives having the Moon sextile Mars in their birth chart can be passionate about sports, but the other planetary aspects present when they were born are dictating how motivated and committed they can really be.

When Mars is bringing its energy to the Moon, people who are influenced by this aspect become true fighters for their family’s protection, acting more like guards who are always by their loved ones’ side.

They have a natural desire to fight, but they’re never exaggerating about it. For example, their reasoning always overcomes their emotions, not to mention how decisive and confident about their own intuition they can be.

When having a hunch that something is just as it’s supposed to, no one can stop them from following their instincts. It’s normal for them to sometimes feel blocked and impeded from doing what they want to do, moments in which they’ll start wars that they can easily win because their competitive nature doesn’t allow for things to happen differently.

The Moon sextile Mars transit is like a fire that never stops burning when it comes to the natives having it in their birth chart.

These people want to become successful and to reveal their inner power. Furthermore, they seem to enjoy being challenged because this way, they can use all of their enthusiasm and energy.

The sextile aspect between the Moon and Mars gives them enough occasions to be fighters, most of the time by asking them to protect themselves. It is particularly interesting because it combines the aggressiveness of the planet Mars with the sensitive feelings only the Moon can bring about.

As a matter of fact, those having the sextile aspect between these two celestial bodies at their birth can be very sensitive on the inside and tough on the outside.

They’ll cover their vulnerabilities with acts of bravery and be impulsive whenever the Moon is making them feel insecure because Mars happens to be this way.

Therefore, they can appear fearless and impossible to defeat when in fact, they’d be very scared. The Moon can work on their subconscious and make them unaware of their own fears.

The sextile aspect between this celestial body and Mars is beneficial for new projects, entrepreneurial activities and matters related to the executive. It understands that a boost of energy is required for things to get going, so people having it in their chart will always protect their right to do what they want and enjoy.

If crossed, they can become very emotional and no longer able to control the fire in their hearts. However, they’re not looking to be involved in conflicts like those who are featuring harder aspects of the Moon and Mars in their chart.

Their energy is dynamic, which means they’re gifted as entrepreneurs and that others are responding to their actions in a warm manner. Appreciated for their contagious optimism, these natives are always happy to interact with others, so many appreciate them for being themselves. They want to be independent from an emotional point of view, not to mention taking care of things around their home makes their days brighter.

Everything progressive in the Moon sextile Mars transit can be seen in their bravery, high levels of energy and need to get things done or to start new projects.

Moon sextile Mars Transit

As soon as the Moon sextile Mars transit begins to happen, people become more open to allowing themselves to be passionate. They seem to be more in sync with their instincts and to not hesitate to express what they may be feeling. This is a period in which leadership skills are improving.

Many will be confident and courageous enough to take any initiative without offending others. Both teamwork and solitary efforts will be encouraged as individuals will assert themselves better and in a way in which no one is getting hurt.

The Moon sextile Mars transit is known to bring about more passion for a few hours while it’s happening, making feelings and energies from the Universe to work well together, which means people will be ready to do just about anything and to express themselves openly during it.

Life will be more forceful all through this aspect, so many will feel more alive and passionate than usual.

Men and women will have fruitful collaborations, not to mention all individuals will feel that their mind and body are working in tandem. When feeling too emotional, they’ll be able to fix the problem by exercising or performing some domestic tasks meant to consume some of their energy.

When the Moon sextile Mars transit is happening, everyone is more enthusiastic to do just about anything, not to mention competitive people will want to cooperate more, which means they’ll have better chances at succeeding.

Being more successful and popular will have them attracting many admirers, so those of them interested in finding a soulmate should not hesitate to go out on dates.

During this time, natives with problematic sexual relationships can fix their issues or even find a new partner to satisfy all of their desires.

It’s very likely they’ll find someone new if they’ll be outgoing and forceful, also if they’ll express their independence in groups and assume the leadership role. Many will respect and appreciate them for doing just so and for having courage, initiative, and determination.

Bravery will come naturally for all the natives, so this sextile is a good occasion for those who are fighting for lost causes or who want to protect their family.

The energy levels, including the sexual one, are elevated during the Moon sextile Mars day. Therefore, this is a good occasion for many to work out or to cleanse their minds by having sex.

There will be more closure between then and their partner, while the single individuals should just go out and impress others with their high levels of energy.

Because everything will be full of life, this period is beneficial for both those who are working in groups and those who are doing everything on their own, equally.

Everyone will be on time to meetings and many things will get done, but if some of the natives don’t have anything to do during this day, they could give a try to cleaning their home or office.

Since work without play doesn’t seem to make any sense, the Moon sextile Mars transit is also good for going out and meeting friends. Furthermore, this aspect is favorable for those taking part in sports and physical competitions.

They’ll not only want to win, but also to have fun while doing it. They won’t be fierce about being first, but their confidence and courage will really help them do just that, which means those with such traits will win when competing, without even struggling.

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